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The purpose of this site is to expose the Myth of Addiction.  There is no such thing as drug or alcohol addiction.  All addicts are either liars, or brainwashed by the 12 Step cults.  It is a huge conspiracy promulgated primarily by Alcoholics Anonymous, with the support of the rehab, law enforcement, and entertainment industries.

We believe that by exposing the the myth, and by expressing the true reasons for drug use, we will make the world a better place for everyone.  Hopefully this will end the drug war (which seems to be ending on its own), end the suffering of ‘addicts’ and their ‘loved ones’, and we will no longer waste good money on ‘rehab’.  We also hope to end the cruel practice by AA sponsors of brainwashing new members into excessive drug use and then placing wagers and bounties on their lives for the purpose of increasing the mortality of the cult (which they then tout as scientific proof of their disease via the National Institutes of Drug Abuse).

This site’s goal is to expose the truth. We would like to publish your video testimonial of how you faked an addiction to manipulate others, and of the people who were manipulated by the myth.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact us at info@addictionmyth.com.  If you were an ‘addict’ and now wish to expose ‘Addiction’ to all for what it really is, your voice will make a difference, we want to hear from you!

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  1. You could sum up your ‘About Us’ much more quickly.

    “We are morons who don’t know what we’re talking about”

  2. I am not sure if this was the correct area to comment,i feel it is important to point this out.Never one time,have i heard any mention or disscussion about one particular topic,which is seemingly non exsistent in the substance abuse industry. I find this troubling and wrong.The importance of the one thing you never,do to anybody whom is reaching out for help.Or put another way “when is it ok to lie to a patient”?1st part answer is never lie,it is never ok.2nd part answer is never.Could you help me understand why this is absent in rehabs and 12 step programs?Thank you

  3. Wow man! You need to rewire your own motor neurons to this planet…have you explained your theories to a doctor? Please do… I’m actually researching a paper which does NOT support AA as the primary source of treatment for alcoholism, but I don’t hate them. The very large majority of AAers are nice people who have respectfully decided to tackle the nightmare of addiction. I just happen to believe that placing emphasis on self-empowerment rather than powerlessness is the way forward, but that’s just how I did it, not without medical intervention first though. Alcohol-dependency kills and that is fact; medically, it is critical if the human body has been in state of drink withdrawal for over 48 hours and should be treated as emergency. These are facts. Thousands die of alcohol withdrawal and alcohol-related illnesses each week in the developed world. Do you live in a cave? Or a Nazi spaceship? Even though I don’t believe in the disease-concept of AA, I respect that others do and that it has helped them. Anyone who faces up to addiction has found amazing courage and whatever way is best for you, I say go for it. I know that there are people who abuse AA, it’s sad, but it’s a minority. Yes, AA Worldwide should be doing more about it, they should, but you can’t judge the overwhelming majority who went to be helped and stayed to help others. Your rants are strange and scandalous, but so insane as to be laughable. Do you not see that? No-one’s trying to censor you – what’s the point in censoring insane nonsense? Your bizarre beliefs are factually wrong all over the place, but it is also obvious that you are incapable of understanding why your arguments make no sense in the real world (ever heard of it?). When you ignore or deny facts, your fantasy is rendered delusional and full of bitterness (but why?) – and you come across as a complete fool.

  4. Don’t see your name listed anywhere.

    License to be ugly, hiding behind this little moniker.

    And yeah, I think there’s a lot to the idea that addiction is a myth. You however are a legend in your own mind.

  5. love the site, aa is just another part of the Nwo predictive programming machine. Alcoholism is just selfishness and since.

  6. I’ve been sober for a little over 3 months. I wouldn’t have made it this far without AA. When I first got sober I felt great. After a little while all I felt was anger and loneliness. Now I don’t feel anything good or bad. Everything is gray; Its like I can’t even feel music or a nice breeze and warm sin on my skin anymore. I feel disconnected from people. I’m unable to connect with others even at meetings. I’ve thought about switching off but I don’t blame AA for that. I’ve thought of that well before I was ever introduced to AA. I don’t know what’s going to happen. For the time being I think I’m fucked. All I can do is keep pushing forward one day at a time and wait for the light to reappear. I don’t know why I’m putting this here but I am. What else can I say other than fuck all of you and have a nice day lol. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. Obviously you were drinking to cover your anger and loneliness. That’s very common. The cult (AA) knows this and their goal is to bully you to suicide. That’s not hard, once you know the buttons to push. Therefore I suggest you leave the cult and find another group of people who are more supportive. Reach out and make connections. Get professional help, as long as they don’t recommend 12 Steps. Also you can have a drink if you want, it won’t kill you. I don’t know what else to say other than fuck you too and have a nice day. 🙂

      1. It would be helpful to have some context as to why you personally feel this way and, well who you are. Anonymous bomb-lobbing, I’m not sure who that helps. There are probably reasons why you feel this way, but I suspect they are very personal beliefs based on terrible personal experience.

        AA is such a varied experience and such a widely varying group, depending on where you are in what kind of groups you choose to attend. I don’t disagree that people in AA Ido a lot of destruction

    2. Whatever you do, do not say any of what you are feeling out loud in AA. “Asking for help” there is giving them a license to shove “stepwork” down your throat…and who can blame them? That’s their job, to shove stepwork down the throat of anyone fool enough to complain to the Room about their life. You’ll never get out from under them if you do that.

      I do know this feeling. I never felt it as intensely as when I was sentenced to AA. I’ll take a guess for you, based on how I feel, which is all I can do…maybe some of it applies, and some of it doesn’t.

      When you first got sober, it felt great because your drug use was starting to feel like a prison. So you got out of that prison, and you were free to feel whatever you liked about everything. It was great, being out from under that yoke. AA appeared to deliver you from that burden, so you should be grateful to them and listen to what they have to say because they know what they are doing…right? I mean, after all they got you sober which you could not have done on your own (or so they and you have convinced yourself).

      But now you are starting to see: AA isn’t freedom…it’s another yoke. They delivered you from the tyranny of your drug habit, and delivered you into the tyranny of their “sobriety”. Since they were the ones who saved you, they own your life. This makes you feel two things: on one hand, you feel wrong telling AA to go fuck themselves because it would be ungrateful, and against your honor as a good person to spit in the face of your saviors. On the other hand is another feeling with multiple parts:

      a) Maybe…AA is describing the true nature of sobriety. If this were true, it feels depressing and alienating. The thought of living a lie for the rest of your life, of sacrificing your natural joys to maintain discipline against your own monstrous, self-destructive unconscious mind in a constant struggle ending only in your own death…is existentially crushing. Very much.

      b) Maybe…AA is not describing the true nature of sobriety, but they really think they are. If this were true, this is also very, very sad. Having compassion, you couldn’t help but feel pity for all of the innocent, well-meaning people who have been roped into this grand charade, more so because you know firsthand exactly how they were roped in. This hurts as well, but in a less existential way. It hurts because no one wants to see innocent people suffer, and if AA is bullshit (it is) then all of the innocent people in the rooms are suffering, and what can you do? Helplessness and sadness…but a glimmer of hope that at least a) is NOT TRUE.

      c) AA is not describing the true nature of sobriety, and they know they are not. This is AddictionMyth’s official position. If this is true, then AA is the monster living in society’s unconscious mind. This position is feelings of paranoia and anger. What human being wouldn’t feel anger and rage at such a large-scale mind control cult operating right under our noses? It should be destroyed, burned to the ground, and the earth of their fields salted. They are an affront to everything that is good and true about life, and the most satisfying way to kill them (to kill any enemy, really) is to fuck them with their own sword, to purge them from existence with the same zeal that they apply to their enemy of “addiction”. Of course…having this reaction to AA is ostensibly proof that you need AA, making it not only fruitless to openly defy them, but possibly dangerous (especially if one is legally coerced). So the feeling of c) is a barely repressed paranoia and rage that never really goes away, but kind of helps you power through a) and b).

      But you don’t know if a), b), or c) is even true. Any of them could be true. Your days are then spent with a strange feeling of obligation and gratitude, and a confusing mix of the above-described three feelings. And you see no end in sight, and so of course you think you are fucked. Do I get it? Is that close?

      Anyway, AM is right. Life really isn’t like that, and the best antidote for that feeling is to find real people to be with. Make real friends, and no, a drink won’t kill you. Life is not as they describe it in the Rooms, and it is a blasphemy against morals and ethics that people are sent there. The light reappears when you leave the Room.

      1. Thank you for this analysis. When I first started I assumed that “c” was correct – they knew it was all lies. But I quickly realized that they didn’t – total denial. However it is an open question whether Bill Wilson knew, and others, and whether there are some who know today. Yes I am baffled by it. But I think we will know the answers soon enough.

        This might help to explain my position:


    3. Now, almost 2 years later, I wonder how you’re doing? This “addiction myth” dude is seriously tweaked out about AA.
      I wonder who pays him to write the crap he does?

      1. I’m still breathing! Wow I haven’t been on here in almost two years; just got a email. Man..reading my old comment really brought me back. All AA debate bullshit aside..when I’m not drinking vodka everyday my life is pretty sweet now! I’ll elaborate tomorrow if I remember.

  7. Ok – so the first time I happened across this site I was looking for online pharmacies and thought you might have some good ads on here. . . but nothing.

    The 2nd time I was trying to find where I could drive locally and buy some smack…again no help here.

    Today I was actually looking for rehab centers thinking they would drug me up good and alas – – – not single ad on your whole darn blog,

    So, this begs the questions 1) Why the hell do you even do this 2) why the hell don’t you get some advertisements on here and make some green!

  8. Addiction myth-
    I’ve been reading your site to try and figure out how or why. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is all rather funny. Your views are from the other side of things. Somethings you say are rather offensive, but with any humor some people will get offended. To attack AA as a whole is a little……crazy. Some of us are a little unstabale when under personal attack if we are caught at a dry moment.
    Some of your views about old timers and brainwashing I find funny. In a way everyone in this world is brainwashed by TV, newspapers, internet, politics, etc. Our brains are programed to be brainwashed. We either believe something or we don’t. I’ll say the brainwashing I don’t find offensive, in AA its definded as Spiritual Awakening. Which is out lined in the BB. I do find your talk about suicide rather offensive. Thats a subject that reachs far beyond the rooms of AA. AA has saved millions, AA does not claim lives. There count less other who would be dead without the benefit of the program. People that are suicidal are very sick. Sometimes are far beyond the help of AA and probably should not go to a meeting cause the chance of getting offended or misunderstood are there. I’ve dealt with suicides in my life and they are not pretty. Up close and personal!!! I worked for the St. Louis medical examiners office at one point in my life. I’ve seen it all and will say that no one makes someone kill themself. That would be called homicide. Suicide is a solo effort. No one can make you kill yourself. Those who are suicidal need medical treatments that are often beyond the help of AA.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. The main take-away is that AA is a suicide cult. So sorry if you are offended. However, you’ll be happy to know that I definitely have some agreement with AA. For example, take what you need and leave the rest and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    2. Nice try, but this guy ain’t gonna get it Nate… Hence his reply. Don’t try to clutter his narrative with facts or any personal experience that runs contrary to his myth… not that he doesn’t have a point or two, but it’s so crowded with loathing that I agree it’s more comical and sad then expressive of any real alternative.

  9. This is one FUNNY website! The fact that some AAers don’t
    get the humor saddens me. Folks, this is obviously a sarcastic,
    humorous blog.
    NOBODY could be this stupid!

  10. When a person spends countless hrs each day trolling every board imaginable abd leaving the same comments and attacks and wont even say who they are on their site, one has to see undeerneath the process. The call to find a rehab on the site and the discount and request for personal info is downsright scary. There are mental illnesses where this type of commentary and behavior is a known symptom. The delusional spects are sad to see. I hope he or she gets psychiatric help. I imafgine tis post wont get posted. I hope you get help. and get a life.

  11. all I can say as I’ve been going to AA for nearly 30 years and sober 30 years in june, I’m not about to stop going…..I think it’s very important to develop individual ideas of your own and start living a life of complete wholeness and love…. somehow I am an oddball in AA and even though I have nearly 30 years I am shunned in many ways, especially since I become oldtimer status I am virtually ignored by those long-term sobriety…maybe your theory is right but I’m not willing to experiment with the insanity that drinking and drugging brought to my life..

  12. So I was reading through all these comments and everything I gotta say, I never considered myself an ‘addict’. I choose to drink. This last year has gotten completely out of control, it’s not a choice anymore. I’m only 28 and I’ve lived harder and faster than most other people I know with a similar education and family background. I achieved enormous success for myself, and I did it myself, all while increasing my habit. Had a family, house, two kids, and my own business that grossed over 200k a year, and I did it with a GED. I didn’t realize I had an addiction until I wanted to stop. Just to prove I didn’t have an addiction to alcohol. It’s a scary thing to wake up shaking, heart pounding, numb legs, and all you can think of is one little quick drink to stop all this so I can function. It’s scary as shit and it’s real. I’ve been contemplating AA but the stigma is almost as bad as the addiction itself, at least that’s what I tell myself. I’ve lost my wife, my cars, the house, and am about to lose my company I worked so hard for but it still hasn’t stopped me from drinking. I choose to drink, that’s how it used to be. It’s not a choice anymore. I’m just afraid to tell people I can’t control myself. Most of the people that really give a shit about me already know that anyway though. I just don’t know about AA. I’d like to attend a meeting but having to openly admit I’m an alcoholic. At least here I can hide as an anonymous blogger.

      1. If there was a solution besides abstaining I’m all for it. I like the idea of drinking in moderation, so how do you drink moderately after crossing the threshold? I used to take benzodiazepines and they helped, but they made my mind think fucked up shit, like I read people and they’re intentions at first glance. Like my eyes could just burn right into their soul. Like I could see all people as selfish with their own agenda at heart. So I see this site refutes addiction as a disease and okay I can understand that. I’ve been through the ‘system’ a time or two. They really do mandate classes regardless of the charges. What amazed me, was how liberal it all was. Like a class for the liberal agenda. They taught nothing, except that it’s societies fault, and it’s the schools fault, it’s everyone else’s fault. I’d like to know what you did to moderate yourself. rather than a hateful response, how about your own insight on what worked for you? You got something helpful or this just a hate site?

      2. The inability to moderate is a lie. Please, stop lying. Please, admit the real reason you’re drinking. Maybe you felt trapped in your marriage and it was your only escape? Maybe your business was going down the drain and you prefer to blame it on your ‘addiction’ than your lack of business acumen? I don’t know your case but I know that blaming it on a disease is simply a lie.

        Or maybe you drink because you can’t stand that everyone is selfish just like you are. Well gosh I’d probably drink ‘at the world’ too if I felt that way.

    1. You don’t have to admit anything. You don’t have to talk. You can walk in and sit in the back of an “open AA meeting” and listen and decide for yourself if you identify with the alcoholics speaking. Try different meetings. Identify don’t compare. Eventually you will hear somebody say something that you can relate to and also hear a way to recover permanently. After you get server you won’t have to go every day to a meeting. Just until you get on your feet and the need for alcohol disappears and your strength is recovered. I hated 8 AM for many years. Eventually I had a minute I was powerless over alcohol and I listened. In AA the steps are simple and it’s a simple program for complicated people. AAA is an equal opportunity program, you can get as sober as you want and do as much or as little as you want. Sincerely Noel xxx@mac.com

    2. Not knowing ur area. What started as Quad atheist agnostic alcoholic anonymous A Has spread far and wide. No censorship .Forget war stories ,vicious personal attacks and the fellowship of predators. Best case scenario . I made a few friends. I pick and choose any truth or knowledge and throw the rest away.

    3. Your story is very familar go online and AA has meeting there also look for a Big Book read pages 1-164. You are not alone I came in at 55 had control until I didn’t I was high functioning too but its a progressive disease and would of ended up dead at sixty like my alcoholic father
      The great news I feel so much better physically and found a spiritual path Ive been seeking my entire life I am grateful that I was born, its physiology or biology with the disease so I could find AA. Its a program of attraction not promotion thats why I found this blog so silly.

  13. Ah, the old AA conspiracy to trap you into their cult. Be afraid, be very very afraid. Once they got their hooks into you, it will be impossible to not let that door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  14. I have observed your comments for some time now. I’m amused. I was wary of AA when I started attending meetings 4 years ago, but decided to give it a try. I met some knuckleheads, but most of the people I met had sound and simple messages. I was never ordered to do anything. I was coming to the realization that I could not stop drinking without a support group. The people of AA watched me struggle, and when I was ready, they helped me stop by sharing their own struggles with me and explaining what they did to stay sober. AA has never required me to follow a particular belief system, nor required me to do step work: although I personally chose to do so and found it extremely helpful. Having attended thousands of meetings now, and reviewing your claims, I am under the impression that you’re angry and in denial. I get the impression that you’re sitting at your computer stewing in your juices with frustration that this AA thing couldn’t help you. AA never claims to be the only solution. AA never has been professional. We are a fellowship of a bunch of drunks who meet with each other to provide encouragement, strength and love. I have given and received much from the fellowship. As you probably know, AA eschews controversy, which makes it an easy target for disgruntled and failed teetotalers. I can only assume from your obsessive blog that you have struggled with some form of addiction. If not, other readers would be advised to take this into account. Real addicts and alcoholics know the simple reality of the pain and alienation we suffer, but you seem to deny such things exist. I’ve met a number of people like you, and it usually ends badly when the disease progresses to mental and physical deterioration. Non-alkies would not waste their precious time tilting at windmills like you do. The anger, fear and frustration seems to palpably ooze from your words. One of many wise things taught in AA is: To thine own self be true. Not Biblical. Since you know so much, you know who wrote that phrase, eh? I encourage you to follow that tidbit, and to remember the meaning of life according to the Dalai Lama (I’m Christian but I just like the guy): The meaning of life is happiness. He wrote a book about it. Try doing something positive with your life instead of trying to tear down an institution that helps so many people? If you don’t like AA, try fundraising for the American Cancer Society or the Special Olympics or the Make A Wish Foundation. You’re sad, angry and negative. I think it’s amusing that other AAs who have bothered to comment on this all say they will pray for you. That’s how sick, evil and twisted we are: I wish you well, I pray that you have the same blessings I have, and like Mr. Spock said, “Live long and prosper.” I pray that you find your path to eacape the obvious negativity that clouds your life.

      1. Thanks for proving that you have nothing. You’re making crystal ball predictions. Sad frustrated and in total denial. Good luck with that.

      2. Hey. Just for fun let me explain a real basic concept. Ad hominem attacks are just shooting in the dark. I’m not sponsoring anyone right now. Just another lie based on your lack of knowledge and bitterness. Your crystal ball is cracked. Stephen Hawking quote: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge. “

      3. You don’t like discussion, do you? You keep harping on brainwashing, powerlessness and suicide. Your personal definition of “brainwashing seems to be anything you personally disagree with. Do you pay taxes? Then Uncle Sam brainwashed you. You pontificate from a position below ignorance, truly, as others commenters have observed, a trollish and obstinate refusal to reason. I’d like to know your history. You mentioned a psychiatric doctor. I never visited one. You have a lot of fear and anger. I pray that YOU stop spreading your negativity to vulnerable people seeking honesty and understanding. Powerlessness? Over alcohol, yes. Everything else? No. You scratch the surface of recovery and pretend to be an authority. You ARE the type of person whose B.S. drives people to despair. Yes, as you criticize AA you show the truth unintentionally: You massive ego won’t permit you to consider another way. What is YOUR theory on recovery? AA focuses on a solution. You seem to focus on the problem, and attempts at discussion are countered with snarky one-liners. Hitler advocated repeating lies until it was believed to be the truth. What’s your solution?

      4. You don’t believe you brainwash people into powerlessness and watch them die? Just post your drunkalog and see for yourself. Wow you sure can talk and talk. Time to put up or shut up.

      5. That’s cute. YOU whining, moaning and criticizing, telling me to put up or shut up. I just took someone to the hospital yesterday. I repeat: WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? Your thin nerves are showing. Are you still in high school?

      6. To your readers: i hope my exchange with this guy was enlightening, or perhaps entertaining. No solution to be found in his world, just criticism. Remember that it’s easy to tell lies. I don’t know why he grinds his axe so hard. I read this blog before going to AA. I was very cautious about joining. I’m a skeptic. What I found in AA was hope. That was 4 years ago. I drank heavily for 30 years and was horrified to find I could not stop of my own volition. AA is not the only way. It’s not a cult. You have nothing to lose but your slavery to alcohol. Don’t buy into the troll’s lies. To the troll: Let’s see if you have the stones to leave our unedited exchange up here. If you delete it, most people won’t notice, but you and I will know, won’t we? God forgive you for trying to mislead people who need help.

      7. Wow I’m amazed you’re even admitting that you’re a member. Most deny it by this time and run away. Thanks for not posting your drunkalog as it would make my job too easy.

      1. Thanks Clint. My stop-by to see if he left it up. He (or she? Not admitted) can’t even accurately quote the first step. Yeah, a real expert on recovery with a solution –?? Not seeing it here. Sounds to me like some of us might see this person one day, if brain, liver and kidney damage doesn’t take him or her down. It’s pretty obsessive. At least it gives me a forum to get the real message out. AM probably went to a couple of meetings and got pissed off at the oldtimers who didn’t let him take over and spout b.s. That NEVER happens, right?

  15. Another blog that proves you can’t believe evening you read on the Internet. What a load of political BS you’re shoveling. You my friend are not even worth the effort or energy to throw under the bus. I will pray for you. I have found my peace through AA. Do you have peace? “To thine own self be true.”

    1. Aa saved my life. I have serenity and believe in myself today. The 12 steps lead me to sanity. Today I can help others with no regrets. These are my brothers and sisters. We are all there for each other . Can u say that about your family? Think about it . Waupaca wi

  16. This is one of the most hilarious blogs in human history. Every 3 – 5 minutes an alcoholic or drug addict dies in this country and you are not doing one thing to help. Fortunately, this sophomoric approach is a failure and it is funny someone could even think comments such as those found here could ever rise above the good created to date by recovery. Have a drink, we will save you a seat.

  17. Hello, my name is Monsieur —–, and I am… “an alcoholic.” That rolls off the tongue easy today, thanks to a solid program of recovery. My program of recovery involves going to a meeting a day, and rehabilitating myself into a better person than the self-absorbed anxiety-ridden arrogant pathetic lush that I had become. There is something about going to a meeting on a daily basis that makes the desire to drink and socialize in a drinking context just so much immaterial. I hear accounts of people who have pulled their lives together from what had been truly fearful circumstances, I empathize, I identify, and I am grateful.

    …..at the same time, I do get pissed and think, “what the fuck am I doing here?” Some of these people are completely nuts! Also, there is a force in these rooms that is dark, pervasive, and insipid. It is called the UAB. The Unsollicited Advice Brigade. It is comprised of a range of idiots and asses, from the well-intended who don’t know when to shut the fuck up with their @&$#damn “suggestions” to the overt malcontents who project their sorry loser narcissistic bullshit onto others with ease and with glee. My home group is filled with these, my soon-to-be fired sponsor is definitely one, and I can say I understand most certainly and clearly when one states that exposure to these types can readily drive one back to the bar.

    However, it is thanks in part to reading sites like this one, the Orange Papers, and going to AA non-prayer meetings where “Live and Let Live” is more than another pithy slogan – that I can keep a sane and truly balanced perspective. Am I truly an “alcoholic?” I don’t know. I know that I drank “near beer” on many occasions in my first year and stopped at one (twice I had as many as three in a party setting – *gasp*…Mon Dieu!) whereas the meetings tell me that I’ll go through 18 in one sitting easily before I decide to just have a Bud. The “trace amounts” of alcohol in the fancy German versions of O’Douls that I preferred did not trigger an “uncontrollable” craving once they entered into my body – however the hops, bitter taste and sudsiness had a remarkable effect on quenching the habitual desire for a beer and in helping to wean me off of it. Admit that at a traditional AA meeting and thus admit that you’re a delusional idiot playing Russian Roulette who has not “let go absolutely.” And while I don’t like Listerine, I don’t think gargling the shit will make me “go back out.”

    What I do know – I feel more like me now that I no longer drink. I take the program with a grain of salt while I work it. It presently helps to ground me in some basic solid principles of life, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people who sincerely just want to improve their lives and be better people, all the UAB dreck aside. One day at a time, peace and hair grease and maybe in a couple years I’ll be a moderate wine sipping aficionado of yoga classes. Or the UAB’s staunchest defender. Who knows?

    Keep writing. Adieu.
    (I’m not actually French,btw)

  18. I have never seen such a tremendous effort by a troll. I meditated for 20 minutes and sent you a lot of love. Made me feel good at least.

    1. … if all your meditation did was to feel good for you, there’s another m….ation word for it….

      should your meditation not contribute to the whole ONE?

    1. Thanks! Just please don’t introduce yourself as ‘alcoholic’. Something like “I drink too much” is fine. I once introduced myself as a ‘kinda like a dry drunk’ and that went over fine. Once you introduce yourself as alcoholic (and believe it) then the brainwashing sets in.

  19. im david b.im looking foward to the last of my court ordered aa meetings,wish i could find some non smoking ones.it looks really good for the town ,all the smokers outside the church.got picked up from meeting last weekend and my mother in law said who are those freaks.oh those are members ,she said WOW.its all about the money, the courts and aa dont give a rats ass about anyone but themselves.

    1. TY to the sender of the previous note. I am sad and scared for the new addicts that read this and see what they want. Whoever is the “initiator” of this site has clearly NOT seen the damage done -GENERATIONALLY- to both addicts and their loved ones.
      The last blogger was right… don’t feed the troll. I did have to speak up as a health teacher and lover of humanity.

  20. Withdrawal is a real symptom. I hate to break it to you, pal. Where, exactly, did you get the information that speaks about it being “easy under medical supervision.”?

    1. WIthdrawals are EASY for both alcohol and opiates, both reported here by both patients and doctors. You’ve been watching too much Dr Drew. He likes to make his patients suffer (better ratings). Name one expert (other than Dr Drew) who claims otherwise! (And there are no withdrawals from coke and meth, other than maybe a week or two of fatigue and depression.)

      1. Or watch Lock Up Raw – recently saw an episode where a female heroin user was saying how she was going to have to go through withdrawal in jail (I think it was Maricopa). She didn’t puke, shiver, tremble, clutch a blanket around her like she was freezing or even hunch over like someone with stomach distress. From watching her, the main symptom of withdrawal appears to have been whining.

        (She’s not the only example I’ve seen on Lock Up, Lock UP Raw, etc – just the most recent, as the episode aired last weekend)

      2. There’s a huge jail/heroin culture in the south:

        “My experience with human heroin addiction stems from 1953 to 1955…. I transferred to the USPHS Narcotic Hospital at Lexington Kentucky….. During withdrawal the patients largely stayed in bed. On rounds they had a litany of physical complaints but nothing very major. When withdrawal was complete they were transferred to the Lexington Hospital,which was a medium security federal penitentiary…. In the two years that I was there , there were no suicides. You understand this was well before the use of antidepressants…. The women were almost entirely prostitutes which actually anteceded their addiction. Prior to the prostitution career they had been sexually very active and popular with high self-esteem. The story that I heard repeatedly was that some friend would point out to them that they were sitting on a gold mine. What they were giving away for free could really bring them close to the big money. Otherwise the potential economic career was dismal…. The entry into addiction occurred sometime after the entry into prostitution and was often supported by the pimp and their colleagues. This was often the happiest time and was referred to as the honeymoon…. That they stayed addicts for fear of withdrawal did not seem the case, at least then. There was no trouble volunteering for Lexington or Fort Worth and undergoing methadone withdrawal which most said was no worse than a mild flu.”

        Dr. Donald F. Klein, D.Sc.
        Posted: Jan 22, 2014 10:05 PM

        (In the ‘comments’ section.)

      3. Addiction Myth-
        I would like to hear your take on the allergy of the body and the mental obsession of the mind?

  21. The revelations on this site are amazing, you have bestowed a great service on humanity, I am sure the masses will thank you for your sound intellect, thoughtfulness and concern for the welfare of others. The pursuit of truth and honesty here has reach staggering levels. Good on ya, go get um and use your time and life well.

      1. So many conspiracies, paranoid schizophrenics would be impressed. The other half of this coveted knowledge must be earth shattering. And you seem to be the only one that possesses it. I think everyone will get a good chuckle and move on. Nothing more of interest to see here…

    1. I so agree with this comment. Staggering levels of truth, objectivity, instruction, and wisdom, I have never seen anything like it.
      And it is on the Internet.
      There is nothing like it.
      Why did I not find this site earlier, ….

      so nice to see something creative done by another dope smoker 😀

  22. Your actions seem to be in direct contradiction to your goal of exposing any truth. There is a lot of vitriol, anger and accusations about how bad AA is, but I don’t see anything about why you believe addiction is a lie and how you can help people and families of those that are dealing with substance abuse. I’ve read through your posts and it’s mostly just AA sucks, I’m right and if you disagree, you’re brainwashed. I don’t really get it… What are you doing to help people find the truth?

    1. Your comment seems to be in direct contradiction with your goal of trying to figure out how addiction is a lie. You say you’ve read through my posts and you don’t see anything that says that addiction is a lie. That is a lie! Almost every post is about the lie! Please, name a post in which I don’t give specific examples of how addiction is a lie!

      Of course, you are just lying and never read a single post. And then accuse me of doing nothing to help people find the truth! Hypocrisy so typical of AA. Despicable!

      1. This “about” post is one example. It has no language about how or why addiction is a lie. It only states that it is. If you are trying to sell an idea (like whatever anonymous does), you are doing a poor job of it. I actually agree with some of your viewpoints, but believe the execution to be poor, at best. But, gathering from your venom filled response and baseless assumptions to a simple question I asked – diplomacy does not appear to be your strongest area.

      2. This article gives the example of sponsors brainwashing their victims into excessive drug use and self-destruction. Obviously reading comprehension is not your strongest area.

        How many victims have you brainwashed? Oh, you are not in AA. That’s fine. All of you will all deny her.

        More on Brainwashing.

      3. I have to agree with AddictionMyth. The whole website is about the addiction lie. For example, the article “AA’s Satanic Roots” explains that addiction is a satanic religion of “Do what thou wilt”. Now that may sound pretty crazy. But if he thinks it’s true then you can’t really accuse him of doing nothing to help people ‘find the truth’. As for whether or not it’s crazy, I will withhold judgment, lest I end up in the dreaded ‘Red Face Club’.

        Of course, he may sound a bit hysterical at times, but I think most of his articles are quite measured and anyway there are clearly lapses in diplomacy on both sides. Including your claim of ‘a lot of vitriol, anger and accusations’, which was not my experience in reading the articles (with some arguably justifiable exceptions). I don’t think that’s really relevant for getting at the truth, and I look forward to your diplomatic response.

      4. Thank you! I think he just pooped his pants!

        What you have to understand about these guys is they have no interest in the truth. They just want to go round and round with the same old lies to seem smart and ‘serene’ and defend their cherished cult. For example, this guy will now admit that all my articles are indeed about the lie (and may even discover that I call it the “Craving Lie” – cravinglie.com) but that they are not ‘diplomatic’ so therefore invalid. He will seek any excuse to discredit the theory other than the merits of the theory itself. And will resort to calling it ‘vitriol, arrogance’ etc, which is just 12-Step speak for “I disagree”.

        Just watch. Actually I’ll be amazed if he even responds! They usually run away by now crying for mommy. Silly pagans.

  23. One thing that disturbs me is that so many who claim to oppose the war on drugs say we should go from a law enforcement model to a treatment model. Hello? Anyone remember how the USSR would put political dissidents in psychiatric hospitals to “cure” their rebellion?

    The opposite of the law enforcement model is not treating a fake disease with fake medical care.

    We have the right under the First Amendment, to hold and disseminate any weird ideas we want. Why should it matter whether a citizen gets a weird idea from reading bronze age mythology or by swallowing a pill?

    1. By “treatment” they mean “drug court” which requires that the participant abstain from drugs and alcohol regardless of their crimes. If you drink you go to jail. ISIS is studying it as a model for the Caliphate.

      1. And these days, even people whose crimes were unrelated to drugs or alcohol are often sentenced to alcohol abstinence as part of probation or parole. It’s sort of a default art of probation in a lot of this country.

  24. As always AA has nothing but contempt and ill wishes for people that express a different opinion. I for one agree with either side. I have seen drug addiction and I have been in AA.

    AA is old school in all the worst ways and rejects people on a regular basis for coming back. “Keep comin’ back.”

    Your page on the other hand is head in the sand stuff. People die from not having their substance of choice. Some more readily than others.

    So as far as I’m concerned you’re both bad for people that need to quit drugging.

    1. Withdrawals are universally reported as ‘easy’ under medical supervision. People don’t die from it. That’s a lie they teach you at AA. Get your head out of the sand yourself!

      Of course you will say you never said that or that I twisted your words. It’s the old AA strategy: Lie and deny, then change the subject.

      1. I’m not an alcoholic. I did see a man die going through DT. It’s an accepted medical fact, even though it’s rare in modern medicine as there are drugs to treat it. Same with a rattlesnake bite, rarely fatal with appropriate medical intervention. Someone as concerned with science and research as you should know that. Also it’s rarely “easy” for the patient until they lose consciousness, even with modern drugs.

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