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  1. Thats why I like your site you disagree. My opinion is just that not the truth. I also like how you said disagree instead of saying I am wrong. Why people cant handle someone not agreeing with them baffles me. I love hearing people who have a different point view. Even if they dont change my mind completely they open my brain to new ideas I never considered. I am wondering why you disagree with my statement. Just by diagreeing Im thinking of why. Is it cause they’re keeping sober by believing a lie or is it because you don’t think it has the capacity to achieve long term sobriety. Maybe because living in fear death can have psychological problem. Whatever you’re reason im glad it made me think critically as to why.

  2. Theres no evil or good just how we utilize the worlds resources and our own values that create the parameters for what is good or evil. Its subjective without a definitive answer. If a blog says AA is evil they are entitled to create that valuation. What I find most evil is people trying to censor a blogger. Anyone that cant just disagree but has to censor dissent is a tyrannical in their ideals and a slave to protecting their valuations. Is AA evil sure to some people as an alcohol uc sober 6 years and patron of AA meetings there was a time when I was drinking AA seemed like hell on earth to me. But as critcal thinker I changed my valuation because AA helped me and I owe a lot to the program but I dont owe AA me abandonding that this guy has every right to his contrainion point of view even if I disagree with him I would rather protect his point of view then censor him or take him to court. The fact that sober people could be so blindly abandon their ideals about free speech to protect AA isnt just stupid it validates his opinion that it is a cult because people put AA before freedom of speech shows how AA made them forget this is America and he has every right to have and voice his opinion. The people who abandon their ideals on free speech because AA to protect an institution that is sacred to them are brainwashed and a slave to AA thereby providing proof for some people AA is a cult because they can’t think like an American they are thinking like a slave who would rather give up their freedoms to protect their sacred instution are alcholics first and citizens of America 2nd at best. I like this blog yet totally disagree with a lot of it. At least this blogger is exercising free speech while you’re trying to censor it. By doing this you proved AA does brainwash people and is a cult. This guy is smarter than you cause I have a feeling he knew people would censor him to protect AA and would validate his arguements. What he did was truely impressive and brilliant because he can think critically and gauge the audience reaponse to validate his claims. You guy were to busy not thinking for yourself but protecting AA you showed how AA is a cult for some people and it brainwashes people into protecting an instution above your rights as a citizen. I am truely impressed with the authors ability to think outside the box and then let the comment boards validate his claims is brilliant and I respect him for knowing the response will lead to validation of what at first glance seems propestorus and makes it true by knowing the response will show the validity of his claims. Unless it was an accident he is genus. Youre dopey reaction proved it conmentators who want to censor or suit this blogger.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your words may kill the still suffering alcoholic. LOL but seriously. Each post here represents a new and unexpected discovery. Very incremental. I didn’t know all this from the beginning. I’m no genius. Just an extra helping of ignorance and arrogance. I noticed a loose thread and kept pulling and pulling and pulling. I can’t believe it myself lol.

      1. Don’t sell yourself short on you’re intelligence, people who think outside of the box are critical thinkers. Most ideas that challenge heuristic thinking are initially viewed as insane and then later praised. There are so many rules to AA some of them are great pieces advice that helped me. However the one piece of advice that made me completely realize that AA is cultish is the idea that you have get rid of old people places and things. My drinking is my fucking problem, not my friends problem. As a matter of fact my friends had less problems dealing with my drunk ass when I quit and were so supportive. Plus who doesnt love a designated driver. I always went to the bar every Sunday for football games to slowly condition myself to go out and not drink. I was 26 alcohol is a part of socializing and you can’t hide from it or it controls you. Im not going to give alcohol the power to determine where I can and can’t go. I am powerless to alcohol once I start drinking not powerless to its existence. I like AA for helping me in the beginning I went 90 in 90 (90 meetings in 90 days) the whole time not following their laws to the letter. I still go when I am stressed or take someone who asks for help. I just think are biggest problem people have is they want answers on how to live their lives sober and AA offers that. But it also offers the loss of independent thought and makes questioning the status quo or thinking outside the box. I look back now and view not drinking as the easiest thing I got the most credit and compliments for and still get them especially from strangers as I drink club soda at bars. I say its easier to not drink than drink. Alcohol is expensive and it takes effort to go to a liquor store and buy it. I save money and gas not going to the liquor store. Its always easier to not do something than do something. I love going out to a bar and knowing I don’t need some drink to give me courage to socialize. Its empowering to be myself when others can’t. When I tell new people I meet I dont drink at bars they cant believe I am able to not drink, or I would never be able to do it. I respond Alcohol controlled my life when I drank, now that I am sober I will never let it control me again especially where I can and can’t go. Is my way the right way to get sober and not relapse? Yes it worked for me, but I would never say it would work for anyone else because every problem has millions of different solutions. What works for some may not for others. AA gave me a lot of help but said the only way to stop drinking is by doing everything they tell you. That’s a fallacy, people quit without ever going to AA. Anything that says it has all the answers to you’re problem without knowing anything except you’re propensity to drink views all people as the same. We are not we have one problem in common drinking, many people have other problems that need addressing and AA isn’t going to help those.

      2. I think it’s fine to attend AA as long as you are aware of the brainwashing. You can quit or moderate, either way is fine. Another dangerous belief is “To drink is to die.” If you believe that having one drink will start you on a deadly bender then that is nothing to be proud of. And of course, you are responsible for your behavior whether sober, drunk or high. Sorry.

      3. I dont know what would happen if I drank I just know im happy without it. Thats what AA says. I know nothing is certain but death and taxes. The other reason I don’t want to drink is I save money. I like the idea of what you’re doing. You’re challenging something that is viewed as sacred. Things that are sacred are never really scrutinized and without people investigating subject to lots of bad behavior I.e the catholic church. Im a Catholic a true catholic I go on Christmas and break all their bullshit rules. Thats the average Catholic now a days. Keep ruffling feathers these people need to be investigated. 13 stepping is alive and well. I don’t date women who are in AA or had alcohol problems and recovered because im not looking for someone like me because im not a narcissist and I love going out to bars and acting stupid like dancing sober yelling at the tv bbecause the atmosphere allows it. I don’t not drink out of fear if I did I would die. I don’t drink because I love knowing I am confident to party and have fun without whwn so many can’t. I never judge people for drinking. Who am I to tell anyone if they have a problem. I know nothing about them. If you black out act stupid there might be a reason to for that person to do it. Its our responsibility to recognize how different we all are and we can’t think our way of life is the most right path for everyone is so different. If the idea keeps a person sober and works I have no issue. Like if I have one drink I will die keeps that person sober then great for them.

    2. What the hell are you talking about ? Have you gone through the comments , hes the one you need to look at wow ! Your about the right to speech when this in fact may be of great danger to someone trying to get sober . Not only does he speculate about a way of life that has saved countless lives he does so in a degrading manner . I’m so tired of this bullshit about freedom of speech at the cost of marginalizing people now its the christians and any form of fellowship that promotes healing and literal life saving measures for most . Many abuse their freedom of speech at the cost of human lives and this is okay with you ? I doubt this is what our founding fathers had in mind . This guy has no alternative to what has saved millions of lives other than ridicule and degrading what works for them . Why does he mock and insult their freedom of speech ?

  3. Dear Mr AddictionMyth,

    SPLC regrets to inform you that we cannot accept unsolicited applications for inclusion into our “Hate Groups” database. However we conduct regular reviews for extremist groups and if we determine that your site is a “4realz haters-gonna-hate” hate group meeting our exacting standards of bigotry and intolerance, you will be the first to know, I promise.

    Warm regards,
    Morris Dees, SPLC

  4. You are messing with other people’s livelihoods and if you do not remove it I will have you arrested for fraud. That is a federal offense.

  5. Dear Mr ‘AddictionMyth’,

    My ‘award’ actually says ‘Certifiably **IN**sane’, which you can see if you examine it closely. (And it is definitely NOT an award.) I’ve spent my career trying to discredit crackpots like you, so it’s not like I would suddenly turn this ship around. I demand you retract this obvious fraud or upgrade to my ‘deluxe’ package immediately.

    Love and please just go away,
    Stanton Peele, MD PhD, JD BS – $44.99/month – First 2 days FREE!!

    PS – Stay tuned for Part 3 of my series “How to Talk to Crazy People” !!

  6. Dear ‘AddictionMyth’,

    ABAM is a well respected physician group employing evidence-based medical practices. We do not support or certify web sites and certainly not yours. Please remove this obvious satire immediately or we will be forced to take legal action against you.

    Of course, we don’t doubt that you are certifiable.

    Kevin B. Kunz, M.D., M.P.H.
    Executive Vice President Executive Office
    American Board of Addiction Medicine

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