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Do you need a vacation?  A little extra cash in your pocket?

How about both?

With the AddictionMyth Rehab-Finder addiction treatment search tool you can find a great treatment program for your drug, alcohol, donut or any other kind of  addiction.  Our multi-week programs will provide you with much needed time away from home and the screaming kids.  Air transportation to the addiction center is complimentary in many cases.  Please contact the center for details.

Plus, if you act now, AddictionMyth will rebate you 10% of our commission for the rehab stay.  This is a value up to $850 for a one-month stay! * (Insurance and pre-pay patients only.)

Just fill out the form to get started.  If you don’t currently have an addiction, don’t worry you can still participate.  Just select any option that looks interesting and then watch the movie “Requiem for a Dream” and the Family Guy episode where Brian goes to rehab.   They will show you how to act like a drug addict and what to do when you get to rehab.  If you prefer to be a sex addict, that is fine too.  Just describe your actual computer porn habits, and mention that it keeps you up late sometimes, even when you have an important meeting at work the next day. Our unique treatment selection tool will help you by screening out the most appropriate alcohol and drug addiction, sex addiction, or gambling addiction facilities based on a few simple questions. The search uses all 13,000 addiction treatment facilities (Rehabs) in the United States and uses evidence from research to allow for better randomized matching of clients to rehab services.

Please fill out the form below. We understand the sensitive nature of some of the questions, so feel free to skip questions that make you uncomfortable or horny. However, please know that the more information we have, the more awesome your treatment recommendations will be.

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General Information

1.Is the treatment sought for caller or someone else?
Self  Other
2.Client’s zip code
3.What is the client’s ethnicity/race? (Check all that apply)
 White  Black/African American  American Indian/Alaskan Native
 Asian  Spanish/Hispanic/Lation  Pacific Islander/Hawaiian
 Spanish is primary language
4.Client’s gender
 Male  Female
5.Client’s Age
6.Does the client observe any religions? (select all)
 None Catholic Anglican  Protestant  Mormon  Jewish  Muslim Other – Specify 
7.Where are you living at the moment?

Your house or condo (own)

Your house or apartment (rent)

Renting a room in someone else’s house, condo or apartment

Temporarily staying or sleeping on couch in someone else’s house, condo or apartment

A hotel

A shelter or welfare boarding house

A rooming or boarding house

On the streets abandoned building, vacant lot, park, abandoned car, etc.)


8.Is the client currently employed?
 Full-time  Part-time  Unemployed
9.Client’s sexual orientation:
 Straight  Gay  Bi-sexual
10.Is this search related to an ongoing criminal offense or a recent conviction?
 Yes  No


11.Health insurance?
 Yes  No  Information on Access to Recovery Voucher program
12.Maximum monetary personal contribution to treatment per month
(Amounts lower than $5000 will give preference to publicly-funded treatment that includes payment assistance while amounts greater than $5000 give preference to private treatment providers).

Addiction Specific

13.What is the specific addiction that requires treatment? (Check all that apply)
 Alcohol  Drugs  Sex
 Gambling  Food
14.If the respondent is currently using, which drugs?
Check all that apply. Indicate frequency, quantity (dollars spent per month, or equivalent street value), days of use in the past 30 days, and # of months of heavy use for all applicable drugs.
Substance Frequency Quantity/
Days use
past 30
Months of daily or
near daily use
 Alcohol  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Heroin/Other opiates  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Cocaine/crack  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Amphetamines/Meth  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Marijuana  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Hallucinogens  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Inhalants  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
 Prescription meds  Daily  Several times/week Weekly  Monthly
15.Ever injected drugs?
 Yes  No
16.How many times has the client tried addiction treatment before?

Mental Health

17.Does the client suffer from any other mental health issues?
 Yes  No
Acceptance of Terms :  I have read, understand and accept’s Terms of use

6 thoughts on “Rehab Search”

  1. This area is one I’ve researched and studied extensively.
    My fiance now has advanced liver disease in addition to other serious medical problems. Despite being brilliant, a free thinker and someone who usually sees through fraud and false social
    belief systems he participated in this dangerous abusive cult for
    years. He’s now in a 12 step based rehab and I’m very worried about his emotional and physical safety (this cult is worse than nothing and causes dangerous binge drinking .) The abstainance mandate is proven to be a lie by real clinical data about alcohol but any consumption for him could kill him (the
    vast majority of people who drink too much won’t die, that’s a lie as is the progressive disease thing which was bullied and conned into the US health care system, legal system and society by a wealthy cult member named Marty Mann.) He’s now in Conn. where his daughter lives. He lives in Cliffside Park Bergen Co. NJ. I was unable to find non 12 step based programs in either area. Recovery is a false construct and alcoholism is not a medical term. The roots of temperance and prohibition are religious and political not medical or moral even though they are presented in that context. Keep up the great work and thank you. My # is 917-588-xxxx.


    Deborah McGrath

  2. I found the CURE for addiction and I have proof for this claim. Click on my name and winstes Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have winstesed over 100 addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for my addiction, but have never found so much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  3. Thank you for referring people to our Rehab-Finder. And by the way, we take no referral fee whatsoever from providers. But any links to it across the web are appreciated, so thanks!

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