A Conversation with Drug Policy Expert Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken is a professor at Pepperdine U and a drug policy expert.  She is author of the book Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know.  AddictionMyth recently sat down with the raging loon for an intimate conversation by email:

Angela Hawken:  You have a blog post “written” by me.  Except that I did not write it.  I want it removed from your site or attributed to the correct author.

AddictionMyth:  Of course.  Please make a complete list of your demands so that I need make only one trip to the trash can.

AH:  I never wrote the words you attribute to me on your website.  I find it offensive that someone would post something under my name that I did not author.  Please let me know if you plan to remove the post.  If not, I will have to refer the case to the university lawyers.

AM:  Just try it.  I’ll have my Jews on you so fast you’ll think you’re an Asian girl!




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