AA’s Satanic Roots

Alastair Crowley chafed at the long and oppressive list of ‘Thou shalt nots’ in the bible, as well as the hypocrisy he saw in the church in which he followed his father who was a traveling preacher.  So he dreamed up a new religion whose only law was “Do what thou wilt.”  He named it Thelema and spent the rest of his life trying to justify it through a grand unified theory of science, magic, occult and drug use.  He founded two churches in which to practice this religion: OTO (Order of Oriental Templars) and  A∴A∴ (Argentium Astrum – Silver Star).  

The primary purpose of the religion was of course to convince women to sleep with him or engage in various depraved activities and to not complain about it afterwards.  Unfortunately he never achieved much success and died poor and alone, and highly reviled.  

Bill Wilson also dabbled in the occult (and séances and LSD), and although he didn’t know Crowley personally, he was familiar with his work, primarily through their mutual friend Aldous Huxley.  Wilson’s friend Dr Bob, co-founder of AA, was a member of a new charismatic organization called the Oxford Group, in which people found God and spiritual fulfillment by sharing their sins publicly and then making restitution and then recruiting new members.  The group was founded by Frank Buchman, who later became infamous as a Nazi sympathizer: “I thank heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism.”  Buchman was also believed to have sexually exploited the young men in his groups.  Whether the Oxford Group can be described as “Christian” is open to debate, although AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) members insist it is, and therefore that AA is based on Christianity even if most Christian-specific language was later stripped out, and even if Buchman himself was not a respectable individual if not a total hypocrite.  After all, no one is perfect.





Wilson realized that Crowley’s dream of repealing the laws of sin was probably futile, despite (or because of) his own experience with the occult.  In a flash of genius, Bill W envisioned another option: sin could be committed freely and then paid for later by uniting excessive drinking with the Oxford Group ‘programme’.  In a frenzy of inspiration, he created the 12 Steps and the organization that practiced it: Alcoholics Anonymous.  He gave Thelema to the drinker of alcohol:

    • Thelema: Do what thou wilt is the whole of law
    • AA: The alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot (Big Book p. 62)

The alcoholic commits sins freely while under the influence of an irresistible craving for alcohol, and then makes amends for them by late-middle age.  The process of achieving ‘sobriety’ takes many years and is fraught with a cycle of bingeing and abstinence known as ‘relapsing’ during most of one’s adulthood.  The group held immediate appeal for many people for many reasons.  It was an acceptable form of occultism and satanism with an veneer of legitimacy, and its meetings were even welcome in Church basements.  The group quickly infiltrated the alcohol industry, medicine, and government to transform a pagan religion into a new disease which they called ‘alcoholism’.

Wilson spent the last 30 years of his life “13th Stepping” the newcomers, and though his behavior at meetings had to be monitored due to complaints, he certainly came closer than Crowley to fulfilling the dream.

Satan Gets Mainstreamed

Of course, most AA members deny that AA is satanic (although some do not).  Certainly, it is pagan in its requirement that the new member choose a Higher Power that can be anything, such as a coffee pot, or the group itself, as compared to the First Commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  The job of the HP is to remove the character defects like greed, jealousy and pride that create the resentments that power the cravings that lead to the drinking that ends in sin (or attempt thereof).  Some claim that AA is “spiritual not religious” because you can choose your own HP.  But that just makes it pagan.  One must believe in their chosen HP: “Faith has to work twenty-four hours a day in and through us or we perish.” (Big Book p. 16)  Some members claim that AA is Christian due to the recital of the “Lord’s Prayer” at the end of each meeting.  However, I have been to hundreds of meetings and never once heard a Christian prayer.  Of course, one can choose Jesus Christ as their Higher Power.  But that is extremely rare,  even if most member say, “I’m not Christian but most members in my group are.”  The claim of Christianity is typically used by younger members as an avoidance strategy: “I wanted to stop drinking, but AA felt too Christian and moralistic.  It triggered the same feelings that drove me to drink in the first place!”  And then they’ll go out for a few drinks.

Most members willing to name the god of their understanding choose various Eastern religions and philosophies that purport to eliminate earthly cravings.  Buddhism and Taoism are popular, along with various deities of Greek and Nordic mythology.  Of all the research on alcoholism, none indicates what percent of members have chosen Satan himself as their HP, although many members are quick to assert that such a choice is perfectly fine as long as it helps you stop drinking.  However, the claim that AA is evil because it’s satanic is met with a furious spewage of insults and abuse characterized by atrocious spelling and grammar as demonstrated in the comments below.

Of course, our country is founded on Freedom of Religion, and people are free to believe whatever they want.  Thank God!  The purpose of this article is not to claim that one religion is superior to another, even if many of the comments here blame Christianity for various atrocities and genocide, not to mention drinking itself.  The purpose here is simply to show that alcoholism is a religion with Satanic roots, and its church is AA.

In this way, AA transformed the religion of ‘drink, sin, amend’ into a disease called ‘alcoholism’.  Of course, compulsive and excessive drinking and drug use existed before AA, and the cause of this behavior was often mysterious to the casual observer, especially since the drinker would not openly admit the real reason, even if they didn’t claim not to have one.  AA gave credence to the Craving Lie:

I wanted to stop drinking but couldn’t no matter how hard I tried.

This is the cult’s central teaching.  They claim their substance abuse was a battle against their own willpower, neglecting to mention the mischief while drunk (often with the claim of ‘blackout’).  The same lie is used by drug addicts to justify an endless parade of reprehensible behavior under cover of a ‘disease’.  In reality, the drug use is only to provide cover for the sin and mischief, and the user can stop any time (withdrawal from all substances, under medical supervision, is universally reported as ‘comfortable’).  They drink because they want to, even though they claim otherwise.  When a AA member says they ‘get it’, this means not that they have been cured of alcoholism (they are likely to relapse many times), but that they learned how to explain away their sins by calling it a ‘disease’.  Often this is followed by the claim: “AA worked for me and it’s the only thing that ever worked.  I was going to die before I discovered AA.”  Anyone who says this simple but powerful lie likely has a few sponsees who they’ve inducted into the religion, and more than a few stories of sponsee abuse and exploitation, like their hero Bill Wilson.  And we are relieved that at least there is a treatment for such unfortunates, having fallen for the Craving Lie ourselves: Why does it matter if AA is religious, as long as it helps them stop drinking?

Step One: “We admitted we were powerless to alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.”  Alcohol is simply a god/demon idolized by the alcoholic during their drinking career.  The 12 Step program essentially is a process of exorcism: replacing one god/demon for another less destructive.  Despite the craving lie, most alcoholics claim they didn’t realize how destructive their drinking was, or that their lives had gotten ‘out of control’.  Thus it was not so much a matter of willpower as of realization and honesty, as most members are quick to admit.  Cravings are rarely mentioned at AA meetings.  Go to your local meeting and see for yourself!

Addiction Fiction

Each AA member has his own pet theory of the neurological basis of addiction, generally positing a rube-goldberg contraption consisting of: dopamine, seratonin, mesolimbic neocortex, amygdala, and ‘hypocampus’.  They claim that drug use ‘rewires neural pathways’ to mess up the ‘reward center’ in the brain, which they back up with various Wikipedia articles whose footnotes reference each other, and anyone who challenges this ‘proven scientific fact’ is displaying ‘ignorance’.  Government researchers produce completely bogus fiction about addiction which they pass off as ‘science’; the rehab industry promotes sham ‘evidence based’ treatments; and public policy experts repeat the same old canards about ‘the unimaginable suffering of the addict and their loved ones’ while complaining that the lack of good science about addiction justifies maintenance of the status quo: addiction is a disease not a crime although we should continue to punish people for drug use and refer people who got in trouble while drinking/drugging to AA because it’s free and the only treatment available in most places anyway.  And they refuse even to consider the possibility that treatment actually creates addicts.

AA propaganda is continually imposed on us from Hollywood as well.  For example, in a recent episode of the sci-fi series Extant, grandfather Quinn ‘relapses’ with a shot of whiskey and then immediately makes a double-or-nothing bet on the bar game skills of his robot grandson.  Of course, the wager didn’t turn out well.  If he had taken a moment to ask his HP to remove his ‘greed’, he might have been able to resist the unbearable craving to drink, and walked out while he was ahead.  Portrayals like this inextricably connect drinking with sin, while deferring the penalty.

But the simple and obvious truth is that we are sinners who enjoy sinning, and the religion of alcoholism can provide a convenient cover for those so inclined.  As long as you are willing to tell the Craving Lie and make amends at some future date (typically 40’s / 50’s).

Unfortunately the same principles are used as brainwashing techniques against vulnerable newcomers, often sent by the courts or in search of companionship, who must first confess powerlessness to alcohol (i.e. admit they have a deadly disease) and then to cure it, must confess their sins and insecurities with “rigorous honesty”.  The newcomer is instructed not to date in the first year and is subjected to sexual and financial exploitation.  The lucky ones will eventually escape the group with unexplained bitterness and paranoia.  The less fortunate will be among the thousands each year who succumb to their learned powerlessness in a time of crisis, and thereby contribute to the statistic that testifies to the deadly power of the satanic religion that is considered by most to be a medical disease despite its striking resemblance to old-fashioned demon possession.

Darren Aronofsky: Satan’s Propagandist

As a child, Darren Aronofsky was deeply troubled by the story of Noah, in which God destroyed the wicked in a great flood.  What if God considered him to be among the wicked?  Would he be destroyed too?  He addresses his lifelong despair in his movie Noah (2014), a parody of the bible story.  In Aronofsky’s version, God destroys the world as punishment for man destroying the world.  Noah, who is described as ‘righteous’ in the bible, is represented as angry and capricious in the movie: he chastises his son for plucking a flower then kills a man for killing an animal for meat and calls it ‘justice’.  In the bible story he is instructed directly by God to build an ark.  In the movie, he has vague dreams and frightening visions and questions God’s purpose for him, visiting his grandfather Methusaleh played by Anthony Hopkins who suggests that he should surmise God’s will ‘as best you can understand it’.  He later threatens to kill his grandchildren because he incorrectly infers that God’s will for him is to ensure the extinction of mankind after the flood. The message of the movie is that it’s not safe to trust your will to God. (Even though the Christian God expects you to use your own willpower — only in AA must you entrust it to a higher power.  But if you find yourself at AA, evidently God is not a safe bet – perhaps that was Grampa Quinn’s mistake.)

It never occurred to the young Darren that he simply didn’t have to be wicked.  Though it didn’t help that he was no doubt troubled by Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden for the innocent sin of eating the forbidden fruit.  After all, God created them with strong desire.  What right had he to punish them for experiencing it, especially as it was manipulated by Satan, another of God’s creations?  He should have created a will that could overcome temptation.  But as a result of this ‘design flaw’, man was punished: expelled from paradise and condemned to a lifetime of work and suffering.  Aronofsky explores the injustice of this ‘mistake’ in his movie Requiem for a Dream (2000), which contains the iconic scene in which a drug addict tearfully unplugs the TV while his mother is watching it, for the purpose of selling it for drugs, apologizing for his behavior and his unbearable cravings but unable to resist.  His will is useless against his desires, just like with Adam and Eve.  This scene, which was completely absurd before it was created, and never actually happened ever in the history of drug abuse, is now acted out on a daily basis by drug users around the world, to the astonishment of their parents who insist that if it’s not real addiction then their child deserves an Oscar for their performance.  (Of course, every parent thinks their child is very talented, especially if they have no TV with which to view the competition.)

Aronofsky seems to follow a Gnostic philosophy, in which God is actually an evil demiurge (aka “The Creator”) who created the material world, which is evil and painful and full of temptations and restrictions and rules and punishments.  And then there is a higher god of the universe, whose only law is “Do what thou wilt,” sometimes represented by Satan for that reason.  Perhaps his movies are an offering to that higher god, in the hopes of being rescued from his brutal subsistence of dating models and toiling on movie sets in exotic locales.

Indulging in sin consciously or otherwise is one thing.  But convincing others to indulge in it too?  Or to teach sin isn’t sin?  That’s just evil.  Though I try not to worry too much about man’s wickedness, even if I haven’t seen any rainbows lately.  Unless you count the movie’s circular rainbows.  But for some reason they provide little consolation.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the movie.

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583 thoughts on “AA’s Satanic Roots”

  1. AA is more New Age than anything. It could be described as Masonic as well due to the “higher power” which can be anything. Scottish rite Masons worship Lucifer but only consider him 1 of many dieties.
    There was easily enough evidence in their own literature for us to ban them from all of our churches. It is part of our churches bylaws not to alow members of secret organizations join our church or use our facilities.
    On many occasions we have been asked by AA members if they can use our fellowship hall and they usually offer to pay $25 a month. The answer will always be no.
    They fail to realize whether they call their god Buddha, spirit of the universe, great architect of the universe, or higher power, that still equates to Satan to us.

    1. I see a lot of bashing of “Addiction Myth” but what he is saying is factual. AA was formed out of The Oxford Group, who no longer exist, and in fact wanted Bill Wilson to leave the group, which he did and started AA sometime down the line. But even though he didn’t belong to The Oxford Group anymore he used their ideals in the Twelve Steps. The only real step that Bill came up with on his own is the first step. The rest are from The Oxford Group and are brainwashing techniques and cult recruitment tools. Read up on cults and brainwashing and you will see AA’s system is designed to beat you down make you compliant and serve AA. Sure they don’t ask you to give up all your possessions and move into a compound, but their methods are no less cult like than any other cult such as Heavens Gate, The Moonies, Jim Jones or the Church of Scientology or any other, and I think this is what “Addiction Myth” is trying to get across. Just like anything else, everyone needs to research both sides of any situation and make an informed decision from there. Study it and you will see AA is based on cult practices, and many people in AA know this and continue to attend anyway.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA!! BAHAHA HA… hahaha..he he..hehehee…he…ehhh eh.. Ahhhhhh. Eh.he. Oh my, your pullin my leg right? Your not serious! LOL…seriously..tool funnny! No one actualy beleives this do they??? BAHAHA, ROTFLMAO! AA an occult?!? Well, whatever sells your books right? …wooohoo! He he. #notsomuch

    1. Believe in any god you want… Even if it’s a group of human beings. This is a worldly pagan concept and at its core occult Susan. I’m happy you have found relief from your alcoholism but is it true relief if you fear you will drink again if you leave? It would be wise to open your eyes a bit more instead of squeezing them tighter in laughter.

  3. Interesting. May I ask, if it is the spirituality of this program in queation, I mean of course motive of its creaters come to bare clearly, but the basis is, as youve stated, of an occult nature. With inferrence to its origins having been born more of a satanic rather than a Godly mind set? Now, if indeed Im clear here then I guess I just have 1 more question. With all due respect, may I know please, Did you seek the source thouroghly and completely before forming these summations and writing this ‘report’? Are your opinions founded, but more importantly, have you validated them? Did you seek the one and only knower of truth, the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE ANSWER HERE, DID YOU ASK GOD IF THIS PROGRAM OF AA IS OF HIM???? my advice… If ya wanna know…..ask the ONE who knows. ….just sayin.

    1. How can you ask a fictional being anything and expect an answer? Of course I don’t believe in Satan either. All that is needed to convince anyone to become an Athiest is, “Read The Bible”. There is one book that is complete nonsense.

      1. Everyone worships something Jack. So what is it for you? Money? Sex? Whatever you spend most of your time thinking about is what you worship. So that is your god.

    2. I did, the program is not of his making. It may look like His but it’s not. He has his own book. He request that one does not make additions or modifications. And if you read his first 10 rule having other God’s is a big no no. Just sayin.

  4. 100 % true aand its based one number one relying on man once again instead of jesus aka god
    and number two picking a god of your understanding aka reaching out to elemtal spiritual forces which are powerfull and real which is why people see results and things take place in there life . satan rules the spirit world and has cuaght many people through mans hollow and deceptive philosophy.

    Jesus is the true healer if you are to pray to god direct it to jesus aka the god in the bible otherwise demons and satan will attach onto your words and mind…

  5. AA is not part of any other group. It started in Akron Ohio when Bill Wilson realized the only thing that was going to stop him from stepping into the Mayflower hotel bar was to find another problem drinker to talk with and share common experience, strength and hope. Both had tried many other ways, but one drunk sharing with another creates a common bond and a spiritual connection. AA is open to people of all backgrounds and religions, just like the USA, people who don’t like either are free to leave…..God bless America and AA forever.

    1. Thank you for stepping up to defend what has worked for so many, for many years. AA is a simple program for complicated people and simple does not mean easy.

    2. Interesting…After I got out of rehab for opiate use, I realized that I would need something to do with my time, or I was going to go insane doing nothing without drugs (I was actually going insane doing nothing with drugs, it’s doing nothing that makes people insane), so I took up Magic: The Gathering as a hobby. Look it up, if you don’t know what it is…it’s a very nerdy card game that is kind of a cross between chess and poker.

      Twice a week, I went down to my local cardshop and learned how to play Magic. I started making friends there, friends with whom I could frankly discuss some of the issues I was having adapting to a life without opiates. They aren’t addicts. They didn’t have to be. They are just good, open-minded people who could listen and offer advice without being afraid of what I was dealing with. Through playing Magic twice a week, I slowly started learning how to live without my life revolving around drugs, or talking about drugs all the time, or constantly relating to myself as an addict, and I also got a lot sharper at playing the game. It’s been two years since I started, and my life has improved significantly thanks to the magical power…of Magic.

      The point here is: there is no unique spiritual benefit to one addict talking to another. No more unique than the spiritual benefit of making and having friends who genuinely care about you. Bill Wilson *thought* that the only way he could do that was with another hopeless drunk, like he believed he was, and now it’s some kind of sacred, untouchable gospel truth that ONLY a drunk can help another drunk.

      Well, I’ve got some heretical truth to drop on you: ANYONE CAN HELP ANYONE. The Rooms do not have a monopoly on friendship. You could have gotten your “sobriety” from anywhere; there is no need to alienate people based on their drug history to create a subculture. If the people in the Rooms are truly your friends, then enjoy. But if that scene doesn’t work for anyone reading this: you can make friends anywhere. Don’t believe The Rooms. Start a hobby that you always wanted to learn, and if anyone asks why you took it up, tell them point blank that you used to have a heavy drug/alcohol habit and you’re doing something new with your life. I guarantee you, people will be OK with that.

    3. AA may not be part of any other group, But the 12 steps and most of the other rhetoric Bill Wilson preached are straight from the Oxford Group, a cult religion of the early 20th century that was of Christian origin. Wilson or Dr. Bob did not write the 12 steps and admit in their writings.

  6. If you notice all the lengthy rants are from delusional ill informed nut cases. Anyone who knows simply had to say it works and their lives are better because of it. One of the sayings is” Live and let live”. So carry on dipshit.

    1. Hah, hah, hah!!! My thoughts exactly. I almost feel bad for this lunatic. Through over 20 years of “dabbling” in AA and knowing that the key to escaping my horrible addiction was in the rooms of AA, I justified my insanity and resistance to the truth with crazy theories of my own.
      Some of my excuses:
      -those meetings make me want to drink more!
      -it’s a cult!
      -I can do it better on my own!
      -Most of those people are really taking other drugs like pot and coke!
      -Most of those people are just religious nuts who didn’t really have a booze problem!
      -I’m different! That program doesn’t work for me!

      The real problem was that I just didn’t want to stop badly enough (though I was screwing up everything in my life and living in hell). The only real conspiracy going on was in my skull.
      I strongly suspect the same thing is going on with this poor soul.
      I will say a prayer for him tonight at the end of our Saturday night meeting when I join hands with my AA brothers and sisters at the Episcopal church while we recite the Lord’s Prayer together!

      1. PS….I forgot to mention I have finally been able to stay sober for over 5 years by turning my will over to my HP, who happens to be the Christian God.

    2. The perfect A.A.er response. I’m right, (A.A. said so) and your a dipshit. How many years did you attend A.A. to get such wisdom? Your keen insight and proper judgement of others could only come from many, many years of study in the A.A. tradition.

  7. AA is the most pleasant way of abstaining from alcohol. I definately tried all the easier softer ways to stay stopped and it didnt work.Stay away from the first drink and you wont get drunk only a genius could have thought of that,and by doing that I am 26 years sober.
    AA as worked for millions and it also worked for me.
    It works keep co ing

  8. Can’t you see this guy is so lonely’ insecure and pathetic that he baits people into this dialogue in a perverse way in which to feed his twisted EGO ! He gets off on baiting the whole argument the protests , of people defending what has saved them , while quietly getting a sick kick out of it . He could care less about finding any truth or respecting that countless lives have been saved . Just a lonely guy who feels powerless needing to incite a riot of words to give him a false sense of power and a sick way to connect with others all the while siting in cowardly anonymity . Sad you need to examine your motives , you need help , many many ism’s .

    1. I am confused by you A.A.er IF you have no opinion on out side issuse what does this or that persons opinion have to do with you?
      And you opinion of this person is from a place of attempting to have power over them. IF that’s A.A. I don’t need or want it. It’s childish.

  9. I would like to start off by saying I was a member of AA for over 20 years. I was involved in Area level service , had worked the steps, and sponsored others.
    About every 8 months I would start feeling terrible and had been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar 2. I would have terrible nightmares and had to waer a C-Papa machine because i would choke when I slept.I tried taking no medication but I got way too insane to continue on without. I was told I wasn’t doing AA right constantly until one day I was the oldtimer in the group. Then I was not questioned.
    Over a year ago a man came to the meeting and asked me if I would like to attend his church, I reluctantly agreed. I went for 3 weeks in a row just standing there during worship confused. My PTSD got so bad I decided to go to a counsler. She just happened to be a Christian. I admitted to her something that I was a afraid to say to anyone in AA. I could both see the thing that was choking me at night and see spirits in AA meetings manifest when people voiced that they were alcoholics. I thought I was crazy until my wife described the thing to me to a tee.
    I was soon baptized and thought it would fix my problem. It didn’t. I was then directed to a man who I was told was going to give me a spiritual tune up. I did not realize he was a deliverance minister or even know what that was.
    He had me write down what I thought was similar to a 4th step but it had different questions. It made me list if I had practiced divination, used a oujia board, gone to a fortune teller and a multitude of sins listed in the Bible.
    When I presented it to him he didn’t even read it, he just burned it. He had my wife, a member of AA, my counselor, and one other minister join us at his office. We read from the Bible and then he began to pray and ask Jesus to send Holy angels to come to our aid.
    He began to call to different spirits, which he only called by their sin in the Bible, not actual names, to come out of me.
    I want everyone to know that for one I didn’t know that we were going to perform an exorcism and secondly I didn’t believe in spirits. I thought what me and my wife had been seeing was a delusion.
    One of them stomped across the roof when it came out. It sounded like it had 4 feet when it ran across the roof and must have weighed about 500 pounds. Some of them ripped my stomach and torn at me as they left and I began coughing up blood. They made the most terrible noises you could possibly imagine. I was injured so bad we had to stop because they were trying to stop my heart.
    I came back 2 days later and he removed the familiar spirit from reading the Big Book which was written through the familiar spirits that Bill Wilson contacted and it was the worst of all. It had the most evil laugh I have ever heard .
    I felt terrible for about 15 days after that until I began using the name of Jesus to fight back. When I took authority all of the spirits stopped tormenting me.
    In the last couple months I have helped deliver 3 people from this same spirit that commonly infects Masons, Scientologists, and AA members.
    If you had told me that the “spiritual malady” to which AA refers is actual given legal grounds to manifest based on their teachings I would have laughed at you.
    What this man has stated in this blog is completely true. The teachings of AA are not “divinely inspired” or Christian as people in AA would have you believe. They are completely demonic and are not much different from the teaching of the Masons. They were written to keep men in everlasting bondage to Satan.
    To those that say they are Christians, the question I would ask you is would you go to worship at a satanic church? Because you already are.
    Please, in the name of Jesus please consider what you are doing.
    I would also like to add that I am a well known personality in my area. I own several very successful businesses and to the average person that knows me they will tell you that I am a very loving and stable person.
    All AA taught me was to hide my troubles. Although I admit it kept me from drinking I know now at what cost that came.
    I will never set foot back in one of those rooms and i prayer that you come to realize that you are speaking these demons into existence. Find Jesus, please.

    1. Do you really expect people to believe this? What a bunch of nonsense. You should be a horror movie writer because this sounds like the exorcist to me. Great movie plot but over the top theatrics

  10. I knew your artical was garbage right off the bat with your incorrect history I was interested in your findings tell this point… “Wilson’s friend Dr. Bob, co-founder of AA, was a member of a new charismatic organization called the Oxford Group.”
    The correct friend of Bill Wilson was Rowland Hazard who came to him in hopes of helping another alcoholic . So this leaves me to believe your an individual who likes to stay in your room, play video games and shoot up movie theaters…. Keep Coming Back! Lol

    1. Swill Bill and Lois, Dr slob, and God knows who else were holding seances etc as far back as 1935 according to their own letters to each other. Look into it. AA also keeps a lot of it’s documents sealed, secret, hidden.

  11. The difference between a cult and A.A A cult demands for you too give up your family, money and everything eles you own .
    A.A. knows you don’t have shit but that ok just take a seat.

  12. It sounds to me that you have found a way to blame everyone else for your problems except yourself. Most of choose to blame x-wife’s or husband’s ,jobs,parents etc. You have managed to blame people you have never even met and organizations that could care less about your opinions. I do not believe Oxford groups even exist any more so let’s blame them even though we do not know anyone you has ever even been to one of those meetings.

    1. The Oxford groups do exist under new names. It’s not that hard to do the work to find this out. But it’s not what you believe so no reason to find the truth.

  13. AA brainwashed me but it needed to be washed, I promise! To whoever wrote this , I feel sorry for you!

  14. You are a terrible writer and insane. I am disgusted with your blogs. Why don’t you get a real job? Sure, you can say anything you want but you are an embarrassment to yourself.

      1. This is the correct answer for anyone who has any problems with anything you are saying here at all, ever.

  15. None of this is grounded in truth. Wow! AA is for people who are desperate to stop drinking,and cannot. I would imagine the person who wrote such a predudicial article is either NOT a real alcoholic or someone who decided to try another way (an easier way 🙂 If you are not done drinking, or you have other options, PLEASE!! Feel free to drink, or go use your options. AA does NOT recruit members! It is for people who want to be there and have usually tried every other way to stay sober and cannot.This program of recovery has saved millions of lives from a death of alcoholism. People should think for themselves and do what they think is right for them. AA has no opinion on what each person should do with their lives, GOD, drinking, lack of GOD, or any other personal issues. The writer of this article is entitled to their opinion too. I have been a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 19 years, and as a result I am happy, healthy, and a useful member of society, who otherwise wouldn’t have been. There was nothing on this planet that could keep me sober prior to walking in to the doors of AA. It saved my life and I will be forever grateful!!!!!!!

    1. None of your comment is grounded in truth. AA is a brainwashing cult that makes you confess that you have a disease that will surely kill you and the solution is to ask GOD (Group of Drunks) to remove your ‘character defects’ and then deny you do exactly that even though anyone can see for themselves by going to any meeting across the country and if you don’t see it happening right in front of your face then next time bring a mirror.

      1. Your delusional dude. I actually feel bad for you. The twelve steps have saved my life. 2 years ago, I was shooting dope with toilet water, and sleeping in parking garages and stealing food. I have died 3 times from this mental, physical and spiritual deficiency. Today I have my own house, people who’s lives I’ve had a hand in saving from this deadly disease, I own my own business, something you may not know anything about, I don’t live in my mommys basement like you, I know I’m speculating but hey can you blame me your a fucking loser dude, and spend your days in front of a computer running your mouth about shit you have no fucking clue about. I’ll pray for you because I’m sure it’s a nightmare being you. You poor scared little boy.

    2. I’m not quite sure Resing y’all are weak I’m a strong minded individual I haven’t talked a holic I do not need all the spiritual bullshit if y’all at the house is there anything else that you can give me now up to you all there is. Man you want it he comes down to a question of will power and willpower is the only thing search for reasons hundred fold but you know what freaking simple man And I’m not from the a stupid ass bullshit itself doesn’t really matter so you’re grasping at straws

    3. Really millions of lives (saved) from a death of alcoholism. Really millions, can you prove that? or is that just an other lie from, guess who, satan.

  16. ROFLMAO Charlie Sheen provided all the research material. I have had a good laugh at this persons expense but it is time to get back to what matters. Peace all Recovery works.
    Still Dan

      1. You obviously have never been to an AA meeting. The Lord’s prayer is said at a lot of meetings. Also, the prayer of St. Francis and plenty of other Christian prayers. I agree that AA may be a cult of some kind but certainly not a satanic one. While satanism encourages indulgence the AA philosophy encourages abstinence. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about it and I just hate it when some dumbass can create a bullshit blog without knowing their facts.

    1. Well good luck to you. None of this nonsense is true but you have the right to do whatever you wish to do. We in AA won’y mourn your leaving and we will tip our hats to you if either you have found something that works for your recovery or you have found the cure to be able to drink normally. Either way, good luck. Blessed be

  17. This is pretty laughable as well as insane! I’ve been to several AA meetings and not once have I heard that it’s ok to make Satan your “HP”. Most, if not all, AA’s with long-term sobriety, hell even most with short-term, are happy and helpful people. In no way do the vast majority of meetings exploit anyone financially, unless you consider donating a dollar to drink all the coffee and eat all the cookies you want, as well as have A PLACE TO MEET, financial exploitation. Likewise, the vast majority of members don’t “13th step”. Perhaps these things happen at some meetings, but I’ve NEVER seen it and I’ve been to many! This guy is ridiculous. AA is by no means a cult and anyone who thinks it is really should research cult criteria. Straight up blown away at the ignorant rant found here!

    1. Great post blownaway. I too have been to many meetings and while I have found people who prey on others, it doesn’t happen as much as AM wants people to think. And for the record when I see it happening I try to put a stop to it immediately. AA is not a place for that. It is not a dating service either.

  18. It’s been a long time since I read anything so poorly researched as this half-baked ignorant twaddle.

    1. Ah satan has AM been receiving guidance from you as of late? He/she pretty much stated so.

  19. Ah now AM’s true colors show themselves. For he/she is the true satan worhiper. I mean how would you know that satan has requested this?

  20. This is literally the most incoherent blog I’ve ever read. It sounds like it’s coming from a half drunk, half court ordered to go to AA, half crazy right wing Christian person with huge resentment. You should seriously stop spending your time writing and maybe consider a psyche eval.

      1. Thanks but Satan says he already tried to remove my ‘ignorance and arrogance’ and didn’t get very far. He suggests maybe try Toto or Richard Simmons. He also kindly requests that you can stop bothering him now.

    1. There it is dis agree with an A.A.er it must be a resentment.
      The best reason I have to never go to another A.A. meeting is you and your half baked truth or in otherwords lies.

      1. I am reading ALL the pros/cons about A.A.- with just this to say, after close to 40 years ..living in an addictive HELL.. The 12 steps ( GOD) was my answer and way out of that pit I think ALL 12 step programs are a TRUE WAY OUT for all people .. because the answers never seem to be with human will power but rather Spiritual ( GOD) answers..and just for the record and the folks reading my answer ..YES I BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS GOD …and MY SALVATION..thank you all for your time. Blessings always

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