And the Lesson Today is HOW TO DIE!

Simon Astaire has his personal imprint on many high profile calamities.

Elliot Rodger and his six victims

Astaire is the family’s close personal adviser and main link to the outside world.  “So many people are asking what could have led this young man to take the lives of 6 innocent people and injure 13 others.  So yesterday I spoke with close family friend and author Simon Astaire who knew Elliot Rodger since he was a little boy and witnessed his parents’ struggle to raise him first hand.”

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How did Simon Astaire kill Peaches Geldof?

Peaches Geldof had a long history of drug abuse and petty crimes.  She married (for the second time) at the young age of 22 and was soon raising 2 children.  She died of a heroin overdose at age 25, on April 7, 2014.

The following month, on May 23, Elliot Rodger went on a rampage in Santa Barbara and killed 6 people.  There are some strange parallels:   Continue reading How did Simon Astaire kill Peaches Geldof?

How I Learned to Let Go and Accept the Abuse

Tim’s father drank after work then went out carousing with his friends and then came home and beat his wife and kids.  Tim was often beaten to a pulp and he thought that was normal.  His mother was a weak woman and usually ‘out of commission’.  Now Tim can see the dysfunction for what it was — he has since recovered from his own drinking problems.  He has risen the ranks of the West Hollywood AA, and now with 20 years sobriety, is the Secretary of the Old Timers’ meeting.  He quickly quieted the room which was filled with friends, who beamed with pride and affection for the tall, handsome man in his early 50’s, as he began his tale.  Continue reading How I Learned to Let Go and Accept the Abuse

Abstinence vs Recovery

Abby is in her 50’s and small in stature, but her confidence and insouciance quickly captivated the lively crowd at today’s Old Timer’s meeting in West Hollywood.  She first got sober at 22 after years of heavy drinking, during which her cravings were so strong that she had to take drugs just to remain conscious enough to consume enough alcohol to satisfy them.  But still it wasn’t enough.   Continue reading Abstinence vs Recovery