The Devil Made Me Do It

Most people go through life completely unaware of a small blind spot in their field of vision.  Here is a web site that helps you ‘see’ it.   The blind spot corresponds to the part of the retina where the optical nerve passes.  (Move closer to the screen if you don’t see it.)

devilSimilarly, the human mind is equipped with a moral blind spot.  We are sometimes completely unaware of the real reasons we behave and feel the way we do.  Perhaps there’s a good reason for that, even if it gets us into trouble sometimes.  It’s pretty funny when you think about it.

Latest Demon Drug Craze Everybody Panic!

Angel Dust from the 80’s was highly addictive and drove people to crime and insanity while imparting superhuman strength, making it especially demonic and a threat to civilization as we knew it.  The media was full of stories of people crashing through glass windows while high on PCP or flipping over cars and requiring 10 people to hold them down. (No I am not confusing these stories with “The Hulk”, which was a TV series from the 70’s, though it may have inspired such portrayals.) Continue reading Latest Demon Drug Craze Everybody Panic!