AA is getting really boring

I feel like AA has been getting really boring lately.  The speaker’s stories are not as salacious as they used to be.  I think it’s because they are leaving out juicy details to avoid glamorizing their hedonistic lifestyle, or to avoid mention of criminality.  Certainly, it protects AA’s reputation as a do-gooders society (if they mentioned these things they would easily be identified as the scoundrels that they are).  But it makes the meetings boring.  The whole point of AA is to drink as cover for mischief.  So what’s the point without the mischief? Continue reading AA is getting really boring

Lock me up, please!

Several people at tonight’s meeting in West Hollywood expressed their secret desire to be locked up, either in jail or in a padded room in a mental hospital.  Our speaker tonight was a very handsome young man (late 30’s but looked much younger, and very LA style) who spoke of his drug and alcohol career in the mid-west before moving here.  He mentioned a desire, during the depths of his drug use, to be sent to jail where all his needs would be taken care of.  During the shares, several people commented on that, and described their own desire to be put away.  One young man was despondent about his life, and his job as a telemarketer, and expressed his fantasy to commit a crime just so that he’d be locked up.  Two of the young women expressed a desire to be put in a padded cell, where they wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Continue reading Lock me up, please!