My Robots

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I’m going to create a couple robots and keep them in my house and take care of them but if they disobey me then I will kick them out and make them live in the wild and then if they reproduce themselves and are nasty and kill each other and ruin the earth, then I will destroy them except for any that seem good, whom I will save, and promise never to do that again, and then if they start building stuff and try to rival me then I will confuse them and scatter them and then I will have to suffer millenia of their bitching and moaning about what an evil jerk I am and probably don’t even exist anyway. But I’ll still love them.

2 thoughts on “My Robots”

  1. Ok so you’re God, and robots can’t really think on their own, so you must have created them to think independently. Or, um, you’re talking about the Old Testament and those people trying to make sense of it all and that is their story of the beginning of the world. And your point is? All peoples have stories that explain how the world began. So are you saying people are stupid to believe in the bible? And so they probably are. However, research shows people who believe in something are happier. I know I was quite happy as a kid believing in Santa Claus. It all got ruined when my best friend told me the truth. What did I learn from this? Knowing the truth ain’t so good after all. So you’re smart because you know the truth? And you’re also unhappy. Ignorance is bliss.

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