Please, Stop Lying

We’re used to the extensive whopping lies of AA cult members such as: “the addict’s brain is different from a normal brain”, “I almost died from my addiction”, and “AA has saved the lives of millions.”  In fact, there is absolutely no evidence of any neurological, chemical, functional or physiological difference between the brain of an addict and a ‘normie’, and they never ‘almost died’ even if they try to convince the newcomer they surely will.  Due to the tenacious work of the AAntis, 12 Step cult members have been forced to back off such claims.  Humorously, they’ve started to say “AA has saved the lives of thousands”, and they’ve actually been forced to defend their cult against accusations of bullying into suicide by the millions.

Of course, this is not surprising given that AA is really just a drinking club (and NA is a drugging club) and mischief cult and most members start their drunkalog with “I was a born liar and/or master manipulator.” Even if it’s a bit baffling as to how they got away with it for so long.   (Don’t believe it?  Go to your local AA meeting and see for yourself!)

stop-lyingNo serious professional will defend AA and even Dr Drew has backed off (ironically of course, blaming others who “mis-apply the ‘Program'”).  But what is surprising is that even the ‘friendly’ addiction experts persist in many of the same lies that are propagated at meetings.  They claim to be helping the ‘addict’ but in reality they are only creating more instances of the fake disease, off of whose victims’s misery they can profit (even as they criticize others for doing exactly that).  These people are not doing the anti-AA group any favors, and their lies must be exposed.

Dr. Edward Paul – “Experienced Addiction Psychiatrist”

For every person at an NA meeting who says, “I kicked on my own,” there are nine who are dead that can’t share their side of the story. I Don’t Believe in Denial – The Fix

This is proven false.  Most people moderate naturally on their own.  UNLESS they get caught in the 12 Step binge-abstinence cycle that teaches they will become ‘powerless’ to their ‘cravings’ for every drug in the house after receiving a nasty post on facebook.  (The claim that their overdose is unintentional is easily disproven by the fact that there are obvious signs of suicide in most cases, such as multiple drug intoxication – and the fact that often they had just left an AA meeting or rehab.)  Of course, you can argue that Dr Paul is just ignorant.  Well maybe, but then this “experienced addiction psychiatrist” shouldn’t be writing as an ‘expert’ on The Fix.  Anyway, the problem with this lie is that it is used to scare people into ‘treatment’, which only ends up killing them.

Patricia Rosen – Publisher of The Sober World

Many petty thefts are also drug related, as their need for drugs causes them to take desperate measures in order to have the ability to buy their drugs. – Sober World News

Rosen’s son died of an overdose after 7 straight months of rehab.  Nevertheless, she sees her son as a victim of ‘addiction’ not as a victim of the 12 Step cults, and in fact is now peddling 12 Step inpatient rehab treatment to others, believing that her son only needed more and he would still be alive.  (Is that not the oldest scam in the book?)  This is an oft-repeated lie and particularly ironic and sad to see this poor mother carrying water for the cult that killed her son.  In fact, AA members are quite clear that their history of mischief well preceded their first sip or snort.  It’s ridiculous to think that they then ‘went straight’ and then ‘relapsed’ into a dark underworld of anonymous sex and petty theft only after innocently tasting drugs or alcohol.  Of course, you can believe that if you want.  But then you might be a danger to yourself and I’m scared for you.  (And I have some spectacular beachfront property to show you.)

Maia Szalavitz – Leading neuroscience and addiction journalist

She has done great work in exposing the abuse and exploitation of 12 Step programs, but she still spouts the old canards about robbing drug stores for smack and performing sex for crack.  This is particularly hypocritical, because even though she calls herself an ‘addict’ she repeatedly denies ever crossing her own moral boundaries for drugs.  In fact, she admits she did them only to please her boyfriend and didn’t stop only because her boyfriend’s cousins convinced her she would have to go through an abusive ‘tough-love’ treatment program — the idea of which to her was worse than death (and then one day decided to stop and did exactly that).  Her defense of ‘addiction’ as a ‘learning disorder’ or anything other than a lie (or brainwashing) is truly baffling.  She certainly knows better.  Perhaps she thinks she’s doing a favor for the ‘still suffering addict’ not realizing that there is no such thing.  But she’s a smart cookie.  So again, it’s truly baffling.  (Also she was co-writer with Carl Hart on High Price – a true masterpiece of modern science biography.)

Stanton Peele – Anti-AA hero

Addiction is real….  That image is an example of a mindfulness exercise or meditation through which you translate your thinking into a concrete image that you can identify with your addiction and manipulate mindfully….  The practice of mindfulness is itself a mitzvah. – Out With Your Old “Addict” Identity, and In With Something Better

Peele’s recommendation of mindfulness training for teenagers is truly disastrous, even if his friends at NIDA also recommend it.  Why he would lie about the benefits of such a program is truly baffling and dangerous.

He regurgitates 12 Step cult doctrine in the same article:

Knowing that being addicted isn’t a life sentence or a badge of identity is a liberating experience, one that everyone can—and should—strive for.  Losing your addict identity is a liberating experience—a blessing, a mitzvah.

This is simply a repackaging of the Big Book claim: “As we look back, we feel we had gone on drinking many years beyond the point where we could quit on our will power.” (P. 34)  The claim that people are ‘trapped’ inside their addiction is a very useful lie for AA (the Craving Lie), and Peele only reinforces and validates it.  “Maybe Johnny will stop smoking meth if he understands that mindfulness is a mitzvah.”  Of course, such a strategy will only increase drug use among young people.

Peele also knows that AA is a Pagan/Satanic cult.  And yet he insists:

The 12 steps, whose roots are nineteenth century Protestantism’s confession and redemption paradigm, fits into what today we call a “shame-based” theology.

This is a blatant multi-layered lie and it’s hard to know why he’s pushing it other than the fact that 12 Step members often claim, “I’m not Christian but most members are.”  But Peele knows better than to trust a word out of their mouths, and often says so, and he is familiar enough with the cult and Bill Wilson’s history to know the true nature of its roots.  Perhaps he thinks he can get traction by being anti-Christian.  But it is truly hypocritical for him to criticize AA for being religious (and Protestantism for being ‘shame-based’) while promoting ‘mindfulness’ solely on the basis of his own religion.  If there’s one thing worse than lying it’s hypocrisy, and if there’s one thing worse than hypocrisy it’s religious hypocrisy.  Not to mention, he made a living off cult deprogramming, and admittedly so.

Here’s an interview with Peele and Juliet Abrams on Monica Richardson’s Safe Recovery.  He badgers Juliet to confess that AA drunkalogs are ‘shame-based’, and she repeatedly balks.  He is not their friend, and soon enough they will realize it.

Adi Jaffe – World Renowned Addictions Expert

How can you tell if Dr Jaffe is lying?  Because his mouth is moving.  You could write an article about all his lies.  In fact, I did.  Two.  Here’s a sample:

I feel sorry that your only way to explain the world is by seeing everyone as a liar. I hope someone is able to prove to you one day that it is not so. I used to feel the way you do, and it sucks.

(I’m only surprised he didn’t add, “Enjoy your gloom.”)  Now he promotes biofeedback for treating addiction and calls it ‘science based’.  He is truly a monument to self-deception, even deleting comments that fail to acknowledge the full extent of his ‘brilliance’.  Of course, he also blogs for

Clancy Martin – Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, U Kansas

It’s hard to know where to start with this guy, but he’s an alcoholic and self-professed expert on lying and even touts the benefits of hypocrisy.  Nevertheless, I appreciate his verve and creativity.  He doesn’t pretend not to be a liar and a hypocrite.  For what it’s worth.

The web site shut down a few weeks ago and was eulogized as a bastion of anti-AA resistance.  But in fact it propagated many of the lies and misinformation about addiction that really just kept people sick.  Its demise was a good thing, even if Soros’ Open Society Foundation lost a mouthpiece in its faux-battle with Sembler’s Vivitrol-peddling The Fix (DPA will continue to score major victories). is next to crumble under the weight of its own lies.  The site is full of bald-faced propagandists and liars including: Mark Kleiman (bloviating liar), Keith Humphreys (grandiose liar), Tom Horvath (perfidious liar), Anne Fletcher (plagiarist & liar), Peg O’Connor (bullying  liar), Kevin Sabet (bloodthirsty liar), Frederick Rotgers (psychotic liar), Sean X Luo (fantasist  & liar), Mark Willenbring (government paid liar), and Myles Schlam (lawyer).

Dodes & Anderson seem cool to me, though Dodes could have been more assertive in calling Nowinski out on his lies, and honestly I worry about Anderson’s ‘planned drinking’ sprees.  (Not sure about Roger Roffman.)

Then The Fix will crumble.  I kinda feel bad about that because they’ve given me free reign to post my libelous, psychotic ramblings (after banning me for 2 years).  Then again, they promote coerced Vivitrol.  So I’m not exactly gonna cry about it.

Then everyone will avoid AA and starve it of new blood and it will crumble soon enough.  Then the most persuasive apostles of addiction theology will be silenced, and the drug war will end, and NIDA and NIAAA will be quietly defunded, and people will wonder, “What ever happened to that ‘addiction’ thing everyone was so worried about?”  Or then again it could be more like a 10.0 earthquake.  We shall find out soon enough.  Sooner, if you people would JUST PLEASE STOP LYING!

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  1. AA…. A voodoo “solution” for the weak minded….. Doesn’t do anything that actually addresses the problem, goes against modern evidence, and blames the victim. Go ahead and drink your koolaid….

  2. “And yes I also wonder how AA has hoodwinked millions (billions?) for 80 years. I’ve studied the issue extensively and I plan to get to the bottom of it.”

    Where do you get your “research” material, High Times magazine? Your so called research is nothing but lies and you know it. The research that has really been done was done by the CDC, SAMHSA, the APA et al…They use acredited scientists and scientific research that proves you to be the liar that you are. I can’t understand that, with all the real research out there and the backing of those enteties mentioned above plus many more, that you continue to spew your nonsense. You must be in that state of delusion that the Big Book talks about.

  3. My story (which includes my drunkalog) is told only at closed meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are an alcoholic you are welcome to attend my group’s Tuesday night speaker meeting and you might hear it then. Oh, I forgot, you don’t believe in addiction, so you’re not an alcoholic. Instead, why not tell all of us why you are so interested in our drunkalogs when you don’t even believe we’re drunks?

      1. Nobody said you have to confess anything except religion. The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking. No confessions no commitments. It is that simple.

      2. You’re right. Nah, nothing “culty” at all about AA, although its recent critics (since the internet blossomed) desperately try to find something.

        There are several definitions of the word “cult” but perhaps the most common is ” A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.”

        Let’s look at AA: AA is not a religion, although it has adopted ideas from several sources, including the psychologist William James, Frank Buchman’s evangelical Christian movement of the 1930s known as the Oxford Group, and Carl Jung’s ideas on alcoholism . One of the reasons the alcoholics separated from the groupers was that it was too religious.

        New York AA was founded almost entirely by agnostics and atheists, and it was their insistence that although AA might use principles found in some religions, it would eschew the use of the word God unless followed by “as we understood him.” This concept was first introduced to Bill Wilson, then an atheist, by his friend Ebby Thacher, when Ebby suggested that Bill choose his own concept of God.

        The most commonly used expression of God in AA is “Higher Power” and this can mean almost anything, from the group itself to the universe itself.

        There is nothing extremist about AA; its principles are time-worn Golden Rule ideas not tied to any single religion or theology. The host of this website considers it all to be false, but never in the history of cults has one risen to such heights in membership, prestige and influence, and lasted so long. AA is 80 years old and is still growing briskly.

        AA’s adherents do not live in an unconventional manner, but are about as mainstream, middle class, neighborhood-and-family types as you’ll find anywhere. And they come from everywhere , every adult and near-adult age group, occupation and profession, educational and income level, from high to low. There are PhDs and laborers, governors of states, famous athletes, sophisticates, movie stars, rock singers and balladeers, famous authors, intellectuals, doctors, judges, priests and preachers. Hardly the makeup of the sheeplike cult this website and others like it suggest.

        And there is no charismatic leader. Bob Smith, a co-founder, died in 1950 and Bill Wilson stepped down from an active leadership role in 1955. Although their work is still talked about and the books Bill wrote that are the cornerstone of the fellowship, they are regarded today as being very much like the membership of today, flawed and often wrong, but dedicated to helping drunks. “We are not saints,” says the Big Book.

        AA is unique in that it has no national or local “president” or other kind of leader, and all leadership roles at the local level are rotating ones, usually for periods of six months to a year in duration, and the “trusted servants” are elected by the local group memberships. So there is no magnetic figure to manipulate the group as is so frequently found in cults.

        As for the negative spin given by this website to the quasi-religious nature of AA, it has been found in several scholarly studies (including one by the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital) that the spiritual aspect of AA is a robust enhancement to recovery, and especially among atheists and agnostics.

        (One wonders why so many of AA critics ridicule AA’s spiritual approach and the talk of God. The Gallup Polling organization conducts periodic studies of the belief systems of Americans, and its most recent one shows little change from previous surveys: 94% of all Americans believe in God, a Spirit of the Universe, or a Higher Power. It would seem that AA is quite in step with mainstream America and seemingly offends only the 6% who are on the outside of belief),

        So if the charge of cultism is utterly without foundation, so is the notion that AA is coercive, “bullying” members to “confess” to their powerlessness against their will and otherwise dictating their progress through the steps. It must be remembered that AA groups are generally very open, friendly places; places where newcomers feel safe and accepted. The idea of coercion of any kind, let alone “bullying” is simply not found in AA. While sponsors adopt different methods of leading their sponsees through the steps, no one is forced to do anything, and any member can change sponsors at a moment’s notice. No one ever gets dismissed from AA — you are a member if you say you are.

        A word here about “powerlessness.” This is a favorite target of this website and other anti-AA sites. It is poorly understood even within AA that restoring power to the alcoholic is the main purpose of the AA program. AA’s are told early in the program “Lack of power. That was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a power greater than ourselves.” Where do we find this power? The book goes on to say “Well, that’s the very purpose of this book.”

        So the whole program is devoted to giving back power to the powerless alcoholic. The power of course refers to the HIgher Power, however the AA member perceives that power. More than that, the Big Book assures the member that that power is found deep within himself — and it is only there that it may be found. AAs are among the most powerful people you will ever meet, and their lives demonstrate it.

        So the idea of AA somehow deliberately keeping its members in a state of helplessness is utter nonsense. First of all, since there is no hierarchy in AA, no profit motive, no political motive, who is it that is trying to control the AA member? And to what purpose? To brainwash him? Why?

        It has been alleged on this website that AA “bullying” actually drives new members to binge drinking and suicide, using as proof a study showing the morbidity rate among AAs to be higher than the non-AA drinking population.
        But it must be remembered that the people who are most in need of AA are those who are most heavily addicted to alcohol and the furthest along the road to collapse, ergo, they are the most vulnerable to suicide. Many AA members have had one or more suicide attempts before finding the program.

        They are also the most likely to come from lower income levels where insurance to cover treatment is not available and where illness aggravated by alcoholism may already exist when they arrive at AA’s door. In short, the morbidity rate has nothing to do with the AA program, but with the pre-existing condition of the sufferer before coming to AA.

        Finally, I would suggest to visitors to this website, which is primarily devoted to discrediting and destroying Alcoholics Anonymous, for reasons which are difficult to fathom, to think one thing through. If AA were all of the terrible things that are alleged here, how could it possibly have survived for 80 years, and grown from 100 members in 1938 to 2.4 million members in the United States alone by 2013? How could there possibly be more than 115,000 AA groups around the world today?

        To think that a fellowship that has no central authority, no president, no charismatic leader, no national governance, no punitive powers, no real power of any kind, could have hoodwinked millions upon millions of people for four generations is simply unthinkable. And of course it is impossible.

      3. AA is blatantly religious, has been ruled so legally many times from courts at all levels, and the 7th Step is “I pray to my higher power to remove the character defects that cause me to sin” and half the comments in support of AA on this site openly admit AA is religious in fact many have offered to help me ‘find Christ’ lol. But wow you lie very confidently and expansively. I wonder if you actually believe your own billshit. I’m starting to think you do.

      4. And yes I also wonder how AA has hoodwinked millions (billions?) for 80 years. I’ve studied the issue extensively and I plan to get to the bottom of it.

    1. The answer is so they can get a rise out of we who have recovered. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Without egnorance we could not have wisdom so thank the egnorance for letting us shine. A man could no sooner diminish the glory of God by refusing to worship him then a lunatic could put out the sun by scribbling darkness on the walls of his cell.

  4. To my fellow AAs who have posted here. I understand your anger that has been provoked by the calculated goading of the nameless host of this blog. That’s precisely what he wishes. You must simply consider the source.

    He claims there is no such thing as addiction, yet he is so powerfully addicted to his rage and his overwhelming need to discredit and destroy a great, altruistic American institution that he is consumed by it. He is clearly very ill. Our literature tells us that when we encounter someone like this we must say to ourselves “This is a sick person. Save me from being angry.”

    So, pity him; he is living in a kind of self-inflicted nightmare of resentment and hatred. He cannot find real happiness so long as he clings to this obsession, only the sick satisfaction of provoking others to anger.

    But I understand your feelings. They well up within me too sometimes when I read his vicious attacks on a fellowship that has not only saved us from alcoholic destruction but has given us the opportunity and the desire to help others. That’s the AA spirit and our credo.

    And remember: We are 2.4 million strong in this country alone. We have seen our fellowship grow from 106,000 groups worldwide in 2006 to 115,000 by 2011. AA is alive and well and is growing by leaps and bounds. This he hates more than anything. Just keep carrying the message of experience, strength and hope.

      1. I really don’t get the meaning of this little remark, but know that you have used it before, closing with the little Tweety Bird “sowwy.” Could you please explain? Meetings a little sparse? What does that mean?

        We do have 22 meetings a week at our group, so perhaps sparse might be a bit inappropriate. I go to four or five, and today I also ran into an AA friend and we had lunch together.

        I also attend a once-a-month meeting of the 30 Plus Group where we cultists with more than 30 years of delusional “sobriety” get together to plot new strategies to lure newcomers into our suicidal web. Heh-heh-heh. . .(witch’s cackle).

      2. Your cult has already suffered great losses, which is why you are posting here with increasing desperation. Thanks for demonstrating the cult tactic of calling your detractors ‘angry’ and ‘hateful’, which in your cult theology means certain death (‘resentments are a deathly business for us’). What you don’t realize is that such proclamations only prove my point and steel my resolve. So thank you and please continue:

      3. Are you really going to keep using this childish inane line AM? CWWJ gave you a compliment that is dispelled with such childishness that you exhibit.

    1. Another great post. I will take your advice to heart. I do indeed pity those whose arrogance is outshined only by their willful ignorance of fact. Like my first sponsor always told me, pray for those who you dislike or disagree with as they are sick and need your prayers more than your condemnation. Thanks again CWWJ.

  5. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the day AM. You are delusional and full of hate yourself. You use junk science to “prove” your point. You go agains the grain of tested and true science that debunks all the nonsense you spew. You personify the very essence of insanity.

    1. “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is lilke adminstering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine. Addictionmyth is this person who has renounced the use of reason.

    2. I don’t know how my “cult” is faring, since I don’t belong to one, but if you are referring to AA, it is alive and well, and now found in 178 countries around the world, with 60 autonomous General Service Offices. and outreach programs of every kind.

      AA’s 115,000 groups as of last year is up from 106,000 in 2006, a growth of 1,125 new groups per year, and there are thousands more groups that are not registered with a GSO but meet regularly in homes and elsewhere. The “great losses” that you say we have “suffered” can only be figments of your imagination.

      And the fellowship is doing what it has always done: carrying the message of experience, strength and hope to alcoholics everywhere, and practicing the principles of love and service to others as we go about our daily affairs.

      On the web, AA now reaches millions of members and newcomers with hundreds of online meetings weekly, expanding the message of hope to those who can’t get to meetings easily.

      I have no idea why you think we have any reason to be “desperate” about anything. Quite the contrary; we are happy folks, confident in the value of our program, and delighted with the results, which we see unfold before our eyes each day, as newcomers from age 20 to 80 pick up desire chips and join our way of life.

      And as I have pointed out to my fellow AAs who have stumbled across your website (as I did just the other day), it must be infuriating to you to know that AA continues to be the alcoholic’s best hope not just for sobriety, but for a rewarding, selfless, and happy way of life.

      I honestly wish you could spend a week sitting, anonymously, on the back row of our meeting room and watching and listening. I’ll give you directions.

      1. I’ve attended many meetings as documented in the meetings blog. That’s how I know it’s a drinking and mischief club and brainwashing suicide cult of powerlessness. And if you don’t believe it just listen to your own drunkalog as you recite it.

      2. If you have indeed, as you say, attended many meetings, then you know that your accusations of AA as a “drinking and mischief club” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and a “suicide cult” are utterly false. No reasonable person could attend an AA meeting, or even know someone in AA or something about AA, and draw such bizarre conclusions.

        Honest criticism of AA — and there is room for criticism — might merit consideration, even when the critic is an “AA hater,” but when the accusations are simply outlandish and ludicrous they have the net effect of discrediting the accuser, not the object.

        Thus it is with your comments: They are so transparently untrue that it makes you look foolish, or what is worse, unbalanced — just another internet weirdo.

        You are obviously intelligent, albeit in a warped sort of way, with a nice vocabulary, fair writing skills, and if you created your own website, you have some talent in that area. But you squander it all with this Don Quixote sally at AA. It’s like going after the Rock of Gibraltar with a pea-shooter.

        Try something else. You’re wasting your time.

  6. What is really “interesting” is that addictionmyth uses junk science to backup a libelous claim. There is research galour out there to prove that addictionmyth is a liar aobut addiction. Addictionmyth would have us believe that there is no such thing as addiction and yet the APA, CDC, SAMHSA and many other acredited organizations tell a different tale. But alas, one cannot fix ignorance.

  7. It is ALL lies, the entire point for “addicts” is to assume a pose and pretend to be what they are not.

  8. Mnookin lies:

    Sometimes, Hari’s unquestioning acceptance of what these researchers say is unintentionally comical: At one point, he quotes Alexander explaining that drug addicts don’t get clean because they would rather spend their time doing “exciting things like rob stores and hang around with hookers.”

    (What’s so funny, Seth Mnookin? Just post your drunkalog and yuck it up.)

    1. You people are so full of shit. You would know real sober person if you ran into one fucking assholes

  9. How much do you drink in a day and how many days a week? Also what drugs are you on? Legally prescribed or not? I’m trying to figure out what fuels your ignorance and idiocracy. Did you find aa in jail and get gang raped by people and relate aa to that? We’re you 13th stepped and had your heart broken? (People do that sort of thing outside of aa more than in aa by the way) also how does my love of christ equate me to being a Muslim extremist? Are you stuck writing this blog in your mother’s basement eating cheetos naked in a bean bag chair every night or stuck in a similar situation? Do you have no friends? What is it that makes you such an ignorant piece of demoralized shit with seemingly no conscience or empathy? was one of your parents an abusive alcoholic? Was one of them the neighborhood crack head who pawned the TV your favorite show was airing? Please tell me what’s wrong with you

  10. You’re an idiot. Sorry the program did not work for you. Overdoses are accidents sometimes and my addiction almost did kill me. Here is how it can be an accident in a hypothetical situation. One day you go to a heroin dealer to purchase 3 bags of heroin for iv use. You do this every day, and that’s how you get high. The next day you go to the same guy and buy 3 bags. Only this day the heroin he has, came from a different source. This heroin is stronger and more potent that what you normally do but you don’t know that so you inject 3 bags just like you did the day before. next thing you know you’re being woken up with a narcan needle in your chest to counteract the drugs wondering what the fuck just happened. But that was a suicide attempt according to you not an accidental overdose.

    And people who are actively drinking or using drugs at aa or na meetings are strongly urged to get to treatment or at least detox and to come back clean. In no way is drinking or drug use encouraged at any meeting by any member I have ever been to or heard of.

    You are a fucking idiot. I hope God smites you to save the lives of people who would read this bull shit and not get help

    1. What a liar you are. As proven by your claim: “I hope God smites you.” This also shows you are a satan worshipper (despite your repeated denials – you will all deny her) and are a member of ISIS or are seriously considering it.

      1. Me hoping for you to die does not make me worship satan. You have fucked a fucked up way of thinking to make that connection. I believe that if the death of one person (you)saves the lives of many (people who read and believe your bull shit) then that death was necessary and righteous. When you die and get to hell for all of your lies and hipocracy ask satan if I worshipped him. He should tell you no as I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior.

        P.S. You’re a fucking idiot

      2. Also I am firm on my hatred of isis and pray that God wipes them off the planet before he wipes you off the planet because even though you’re an asshole. They’re worse

      3. I can’t decide whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. Either way, thank you for those revealing glimpses into what really motivates Islamic extremists.

      4. What, exactly, is the point of this intellectual anti-AA diatribe? Where is anyone “dying” and commiting suicide because of AA? Who is getting rich off of AA? How can you begrudge a method, both figurative and literal, that is helping many people lead healthier, more productive lives? What is your ulterior motive? To defend individualism and rationalism, a USA tradition? R

    2. Hey John,
      I agree! Going to NA and AA has been an awesome experience for me. I originally attended to support a friend that had recently been released from rehab. It became a real source of realease for me! The open discussing and loving, caring group memebers created a sense of saftey for me that I had never found before! It helped me help others, and put life’s challenges in perspective! I’m not religious, but the 12 steps aren’t about religion! They are about a basic moral guideline that everyone should live by! It not only helps you to be a better person, but it gives you the chance to do better for others!!

      1. Please, stop lying. AA is blatantly religious. You must choose a ‘higher power’ to remove your ‘character defects’ that power your cravings or you will surely die. Of course they say, ‘spiritual not religious’ to make it more palatable to the newcomer but this is basic cult strategy 101. Also what this guy didn’t tell you is that his friend just got out of jail not rehab and the roomz are full of criminals and ‘dual-diagnosis’ psychopaths and if you don’t feel safe well there’s a good reason! Stay away from AA and fake plastic smile liars like this guy!

      2. Hey just for today I am glad that you have found the rooms of the 12-step programs. AM is full of shit and has no idea who you are or who your friend is. AM please take your head out of your ass for a change would you? You don’t knowthe first thing about what JFT’s friend has gone through. You have no idea where that friend has been. This is just one more attack by you on people who are trying to change their lives for the better. Another bullying tactic you use. You would see everyone that attends 12-step meetings die wouldn’t you? I mean after all you deny the verasity of a scientificically noted disease that will kill people without your help.

      3. No you’re full of shit trying to bully people and make them confess they have a disease and then denying you do exactly that. But thank you for demonstrating it for all to see. I would see that people don’t attend AA and nasty people like you who say ‘Blessed be’ before insulting and belittling newcomers and then abusing and exploiting them. And if you don’t believe you do this just read your own comments here. The funny thing is you don’t realize that you are destroying your cult in your aggressive attempts to defend it.

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