The Myth of Antisemitism

So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek…. And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands were heavy…. The Lord will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation. – Exodus 17:10

Antisemitism is an irrational fear and hatred of Jews.  It lies dormant in every population until something comes along and ignites it, at which point it spreads like a wildfire, or a cancer, or a virus.  It quickly infects the entire population, which then turns against the Jews to kill any who cannot escape.  Such an impulse exists only against the Jews and no other ethnic group.  A few ‘rational’ explanations may be offered.  For example, ‘race mania’ and ‘insane jealousy’.  Regardless, the Jews are completely blameless.  Any suggestion to the contrary is actually a sign of antisemitism.

Brigstocke, Thomas; Moses fighting Amalek with His Arms Supported by Aaron and Hur

Antisemitism can be triggered in a population by displaying a swastika or by shouting an epithet against the Jews.  An article in a newspaper that besmirches the reputation of a well respected Jew is a potent stimulus.  These can result in a pogrom or even another Holocaust.  Thus they must be stamped out immediately and thoroughly and no expense can be spared.  Every society must remain eternally vigilant against signs of antisemitism lest it metastasize out of control and result again in the annihilation of innocent, vulnerable, G_d-fearing Jews.

Antisemitism is raging in the Labour Party in the UK under its leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Corbyn has a long history of criticizing Israel and standing up for the rights of the Palestinians.  However he does this not because he is a social justice warrior who defends all minorities against oppression, but because he is a wicked, unrepentant antisemite.  This is proven by the fact that he refuses to beg forgiveness from the Zionists for speaking to Palestinian leadership.  The Labour Party must expel Corbyn and any other MP who has shown similar symptoms of antisemitism.  Once expelled and stripped of power, they will be unable to spread their vicious Jew hatred to others who might be similarly susceptible.  However if even a single antisemitic MP is left in the party, then it is irredeemably corrupt and the entire party must be banned outright.  In this case the government must be extremely thorough so as not to repeat the mistakes of Germany which once banned the Nazis, only to find that a minor faction later rose to power to cause the Holocaust.

Another form of antisemitism is when a Jew is criticized in the media.  The public will view the criticism and then blame all the Jews.  Thus, we must prevent any negative portrayals of Jews in the media.  For example, we should allow no criticism of Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves.  First of all, these men did nothing wrong, and certainly are no worse than gentiles.  Secondly, the general public is incredibly stupid, and if they see this, they will think that all Jews are evil and will then try to kill all of them.  We must therefore restrict freedom of the press and freedom of speech to prevent this.

Genocide against the Jews often starts with the toppling of a gravestone in a Jewish cemetery.  This is true even if the cemetery has long been neglected and is under the care of the local parish priest.  This is like killing a Jew twice.  If a gravestone is toppled, we must panic and demand that whoever committed this horrendous act be brought to justice and dealt with harshly.  No punishment is too great.  Of course, if it turns out to be a Jewish kid then this is mental illness, for which we have very effective treatments these days.  Israel is in fact a pioneer in mental health.

Temple Mount activists are the heroes of the Jews and are only trying to protect us by reclaiming the temple so that we may pray freely in our holy places as we have dreamed about for centuries.  This is the well known ambition of all Jews across the world, and any Jew who disagrees is a self-hater and deserves the ensuing harassment and death threats.  When Palestinian terrorists target Temple Mount activists, this is an attack on ALL Jews.  These terrorists are motivated not by encroachment on their land and mosques, but by antisemitism.  This is a vicious hatred of all Jews and it is simply a primal circuit in their brain.  We have no choice but to kill them and destroy their family’s homes.  Any Palestinian who questions the Jewish right to self-determination on social media must be immediately arrested for ‘incitement’ and jailed for several years.  This is the only known effective way to reduce Jew hatred.

Ultra-orthodox Jews are doing the holy work of studying our Torah and learning the wisdom of the ages and repopulating our race.  Because they are focused on such noble pursuits instead of working, we must give them welfare and ensure all their medical needs are met.  If the gentiles express any resentment at having to subsidize their lifestyle, this is a sure sign of antisemitism.  If we allow it to fester then the gentiles will kill the ultra-orthodox and then kill any other Jews, as we have learned from history.  However if the ultra-orthodox protest in the street against getting drafted into the army to kill Palestinian kids, then any action taken against them is fully justified even if it seems violent.  This is not antisemitism.  If the bulk of the ultra-orthodox seem to protest Zionism then this is actually just a conspiracy by small cult called Naturei Carta and can be safely ignored.  If they issue a joint letter of support for Corbyn, this is a hoax perpetrated by a secretive antisemitic cabal within Labour.

The German society militarized to fight the spread of communism from Russia.  Though communism had many outspoken Jewish leaders, who formed the Bund and the Warsaw Ghetto as bulwarks of socialism, that was not the reason that Germany hated the Jews.  They hated us because of antisemitism.  There could be no other reason to resent us so much, other than an irrational, primal hate.

Donald Trump may be white supremacist, racist, misogynist and xenophobic, but he is certainly not antisemitic.  This is proven by the fact that his son in law is Jewish as are many of his advisers and supporters.  If he seems unwilling to criticize Nazis and shows affinity for antisemitic leaders like Duterte and Orban, this is only because he wants to shake things up in Washington.  Thus antisemitism is the primal hate in all people except Trump.  For this reason, Jews should not bother to ally with other minorities such as blacks and Muslims.  Everyone is our enemy.  (Except Trump.)

Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way, when ye were come forth out of Egypt; How he met thee by the way, and smote the hindmost of thee, even all that were feeble behind thee, when thou wast faint and weary…. Thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget it. – Deuteronomy 25:17

3 thoughts on “The Myth of Antisemitism”

  1. I’m not surprised people threaten you because you’re a grave danger to the community. I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents are embarrassed of you. Do they support you living in their basement while you talk shit about the faith they steadily believed in? You have no respect. You don’t ensure freedom and Jewish survival. Instead, you make shitty claims how Anti-Semitism. You obviously have an agenda since you’re anti-Zionist. Also I question your credibility since you’re a drug addict who is unintelligent and has fried brain cells. You’re just a nasty stupid piece of shit.

  2. I don’t know if this method of pointing out the stupidity of someone’s argument by being reductive with the facts (because while I agree with your post, not all of the hate towards Jews is for “rational” reasons like helping the communists) is all that useful.

  3. I was recently threatened with getting stuffed into a cattle car. Not by a Nazi or a Muslim, but by a fellow Jew. Also when Jews protest against Zionism, other Jews yell at them, “The Nazis will kill you like they killed your grandparents!” #wehavemettheenemy

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