AA Threatens AddictionMyth on The Fix!

The Best Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder Your Addiction Counselor Isn’t Telling You

Your RELIGION teaches that drinking causes crimes, thus one must be punished for drinking. That is a RELIGIOUS belief. Again, just punish for the crimes. And yes the laws are precisely what is at issue here. J has a problem that JUDGES are sentencing people to AA. And I’d agree that’s just wrong. But you are so blinded by your fanaticism for your religion that you cannot see it.

Sorry, but my religion and my drinking coexist very amicably. I guess some people aren’t as fortunate. I wish you the best. Be careful. There are either problems, or there’s not! After multiple problems, the picture should become more clear. You’ll figure it out!

Sorry but your religion is idolatry of King Alcohol. “This bottle of vodka made me drive drunk.” “This cup of whiskey made me beat my wife and rape my kids.”

That is YOUR religion. Are you proud? Are you still going to defend it? Honestly it makes me wonder what “multiple problems” alcohol caused for you!

I haven’t had multiple problems….. but to those who have, the picture should be clear. My association with AA is not related to either alcohol or drugs.

So you deny being a member of AA! You are like rats jumping off a sinking ship. I don’t blame you. It’s going down. 🙂

I am a supporter. How are you going to sink her? She has a pretty tough crew…………. crusty lads!

I will get each one to deny her. One at a time if that’s what it takes. 🙂

I know those old salty dogs……. they’ll die first!

They are powerless to AddictionMyth!! 🙂

They have the Power of God!………… Now be nice!

‘Group Of Drunks.’ They don’t scare me. 🙂

Good night…….. I’m outta here!

Buh bye


11 thoughts on “AA Threatens AddictionMyth on The Fix!”

  1. Addictionmyth you call AA a blood cult but do you realize that your very own Christian church is one of the biggest blood cults of all time? Think the crusades and the inquisition. I take it you are ok with the mass murder of innocents as long as it is done by the Christians. No wonder the world is turning away from people like you in drives. No wonder people no longer believe in your god. You have nothing good to say. If your god is so loving and caring and kind then perhaps you should take a look at the new testament admonishment to love thy neighbor. Talk about a brainwashing.

  2. Dear addictionmyth, thank you for so kindly sharing your personal story with your viewers. It’s about time we get some answers into why you come off as such a miserable and idiotic human being.. Keep Coming, it will work if you work it hunnnie!

    1. Excellent post. Addictionmyth you show your true colors. You said just as satan did that you will get every AA member to deny AA. Hmmmm….seems to me that you are the all idolater.

  3. Opinions Everywhere:
    Setting all the opinions aside, stepping back and looking at the issue from a practical standpoint. There is solid evidence of the before and after picture that many people have experienced.

    The Before:
    A total drag on society, sitting on a bar stool, driving drunk, endangering others, making very little to no contribution, terrible parents, terrible sons and daughters, physical problems, mental problems, emotional problems, financial problems, of no use to anyone.

    What is done:
    Following a set of simple instructions as best as one can, that your are free to follow or not:
    Looking at personal defects, cleaning up the wreckage of the past, learning to meditate, finding mental and emotional stability, and then help others as best you can, pursue virtue instead of non-virtue, moving out of a state of ignorance of your own nature and begin to have some understanding what leads to happiness and what leads to suffering, finding your own truth and evidence from your own experience.

    The After:
    Light returns to the eyes, mental, physical and emotional healing occurs, happiness is experienced, peace of mind is experienced, relationships are restored, becoming a giver instead of a taker, society is greatly benefited, able to walk through difficult life experiences and grow stronger from them. A life that has meaning and is well lived.

    That doesn’t seem to be a bad trade off to me. If your 400lbs its probably a good idea to start going to the gym and eating right. If you are suffering from fear and resentments that drinking seems to solve but it is no longer working, then probably not a bad idea to begin a workout program for that. If you can find some other way then AA, good, great, good for you. If you can’t, it might be worth a shot, or keep living how your living.

    1. The Before:

      I can’t stand my wife and family. I’ll just have a drink, pick a fight with my wife, get her to kick me out, then go to the bars downtown with my buddies.

      What is done:

      I’ll go to AA to get her off my back. Declare my powerlessness to alcohol. Have a relapse and get really drunk and sneak into the bedroom with my daughter for a ‘cuddle’. Go back to AA and get into a fight with my sponsor. Say “AA is too Christian and moralistic for me.” Go back out and keep drinking.

      The After:

      After 2 decades of drinking and neglecting my family, and after even the cows lumber away when I enter the room, I decide to go back to AA for the hundredth time. This time I ‘get it’: just pick an Eastern deity that represents ‘serenity’, apologize to the family that I abandoned and abused, and repeat the Craving Lie: “I couldn’t stop drinking no matter how hard I tried. AA worked for me and it’s the only thing that ever worked!” And the best part: I can now exploit the kids who are sent here by the courts. Just convince them they are powerless and then I have my way with them!

      And I’ll go online and defend my cherished blood cult with sanctimonious zeal. Call myself “Christian” and then threaten anyone who challenges me with a “Power of G.O.D” attack from the “salty dogs” and “crusty lads” of AA!

      (“G.O.D” = Group of Drunks)

      From the Big Book of Lies:

      “As we look back, we feel we had gone on drinking many years beyond the point where we could quit on our will power.”

      “Some of us sought out sordid places, hoping to find understanding companionship and approval. Unhappy drinkers who read this page will understand!”

      “The alcoholic is an extreme example of self will run riot.”

      1. Addictionmyth why is it that you are so damned angry? What happened to you that you feel the need to lie to people about things you have no understanding about? Do you meet with minister Jeremiah Wright often or only when you run out of your own vitriol to spew?

  4. I don’t quite understand the angle…. You speak out against recovery programs yet provide a link to rehab facilities. You rail against 12 step programs, yet cry out for someone to speak out about their son (see DeSouza blog post). It seems counter-intuitive. What’s your angle?

    1. I don’t understand your angle. Here I am being threatened with violence by an AA member and in the DeSouza post I beg his father to speak out against AA brainwashing of his own son which also caused the death of his other son and 7 innocent people. And all you can do is defend AA and question my motivation?? It seems psychotic!

      Of course I understand your angle perfectly. You are an AA member who will defend the blood cult of mischief to the bitter end. Of course you will deny it. Ah, you have already run away. Run pagan, run.

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