NA Thug Johnny Panic Threatens to Shoot AddictionMyth!

NA thug Johnny Panic was furious at AddictionMyth for exposing the truth about his butt buddy Dan Genis.  So he ‘followed’ AddictionMyth on twitter and changed his photo to a ‘Gun & Skull’ as a threat to the blogger.  He then tweeted:  Just watched “how to get away with murder” it could easily become my favorite new show.



Dan Genis commented: “The man was always very gentle with me.  Even though we’re not in prison anymore, I still have great fondness for him.  So I won’t speak out.  Plus I wouldn’t want to be another one of his victims.”




Speedballing Dan Genis explains the politics of prison sex:

Dan Genis is a blogger for The Fix.

29 thoughts on “NA Thug Johnny Panic Threatens to Shoot AddictionMyth!”

  1. I am reporting you to Twitter and your service provider for this:

    Dan Genis commented: “The man was always very gentle with me. Even though we’re not in prison anymore, I still have great fondness for him. So I won’t speak out. Plus I wouldn’t want to be another one of his victims.”

    I did not say that. I will check with my lawyer; I would like to have you criminally prosecuted for impersonating me, as well as for libel. Another instance of libel is your two episodes of slander, when you say that I am going back to prison.

    1. LOL. Heading back to prison would be just about the best thing that could happen to you at this point. For your own sake. Seriously I am scared for you. If your lawyer responds with anything other than “Please deposit another quarter to continue” then I would be shocked.

      PS Thanks for the referral traffic.

      Love, AM xox 🙂

  2. someone with a drawing of a gun on their twitter page follows you back and you take that as a direct threat on your life? Ok we get it… addiction is a myth but your mental illness is real.

    1. It’s obviously a threat. He never admits to any reason for following me, or why he followed me right after Dan’s story, and in fact he makes fun of how few followers I have, so why would he follow me? I never followed him therefore he’s lying if he claims he is ‘following back’ (though I don’t think he claims that). Plus he’s still following me! And if you have any evidence that I ever followed him then please present it otherwise save your accusations of mental illness for your meetings that you claim not to attend or be a member of.

      1. No kidding that’s what you usually say. You seem to say it without any real rhyme or reason at all. I doubt you know what that phrase means sometimes.

      2. Doubt is normal. Don’t worry you will come to understand what it means. It’s a lot to take in all at once. Next time though you might want to think more carefully before accusing the victim of a death threat of being mental ill.

      3. I know what it means just fine. You’re the one who misuses the term all the time not me. And look at you playing the powerless victim now. Should we pity you like the powerless victims at the meetings you claim not to attend or be a member of? thank you for proving my point.

      4. I am a victim of a death threat. But I am certainly not powerless. Quite the opposite. I can show how people like you bully vulnerable people at meetings into believing that they are paranoid and powerless. Thanks for the demonstration by the way. As Kurt Cobain said “Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you.”

      5. You are not the victim of a death threat. If you don’t believe me go to you local police station and tell them your story. Watch how they laugh right in your psychotic face.

      6. I am the victim of a death threat. I am well aware of the legal issues and have taken the necessary precautions. No one has laughed other than you. If you don’t believe it then go back to your meetings and notice how they are much more empty than usual and your sponsees seem unwilling to ‘take suggestions’ from you. Then come back online and find other victims of death threats and call them ‘psychotic’ and see how well that works for you.

      7. LOL. You are a fucking nut job! Go do some heroin for a couple weeks and tell me addiction is a myth.

      8. LOL. I’m the nutjob? Or the guy who does heroin for a few weeks and then runs to mommy crying “Help me I’m adddiiiiiiccccteddddddd!!!!” (Even though most Vietnam vets kicked yearlong habits on the plane ride home.)

    2. According to you following someone on twitter is tantamount to making a death threat. That’s how we all know you obviously have a mental disease or defect.

  3. you’ll be there, awesome but won’t you be afraid someone might have a JPEG of a gun?
    Not sure where the occult comes into it all but awesome

  4. Ha ha ha
    Truth : I do follow back all followers, it’s a proveable fact, I am actively and vocally opposed to 12step cults, you do have a very low number of followers and facts, and your tinfoil hat conspiracies are the subject.

    Your not really good at this are you

      1. Following you with a gun? wTF? Paranoia is a problem you should really see someone about

      2. Well now it’s your problem. No one will go to your “Devil’s Night” party now that they know it’s Halloween for you 365 days a year. And if anyone makes fun of your kiddy satanic rituals you follow them with a gun!

      3. Ok wtf are you talking about, I’ve had success with parties for over a decade in part because halloween is 365
        Also not sure what rituals, first it was Dan Genis, now satanic rituals,
        You need help

      1. 12 Step strategy in 4 steps: Lie, Deny, Insult, Change the subject

        Lie: “I followed you, and 100s of others, that was when my FB was suspended over the name verification”
        Lie: “Johnny Panic ‏followersback all followers”

        Deny: “I am actively and vocally opposed to the entire 12 step cult. Probably how I came into contact with you in the first place”

        Insult: “wow, wtf is this site, 17 followers and 0 facts” (one of which is YOU)

        Change the subject: “Yours appear to be based on tin foil hat conspiracy theories so far fetched Alex Jones would be wondering what the actual fuck”

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