The Problem of the Jews: a Lesson in Brainwashing Propaganda

The Nazis were masterful with propaganda.  If you would question a well-intentioned German citizen on his political beliefs and Nazi policy, he might respond: “Perhaps some of your criticisms are valid.  But vat else can ve do about ze problem of ze Jews?  If you have no solution, zen you are just part of ze problem.”

Of course, there was no problem.  Thus, no “solution” is necessary.  Nevertheless, they succeeded in framing the issue in these terms through effective propaganda.  It was obvious that the Jews were the problem, and anyone who might question this article of faith was a traitor.  Millions of innocent people were killed, and we’re still trying to understand how it happened.

Alcoholics Anonymous has done the same thing with its propaganda machine, which kicked into gear around the same time.  They have succeeded in convincing this country that there is a “problem with alcoholism”: the insatiable craving for alcohol is a real disease or disorder and real people suffer from it.  And anyone who criticizes AA or questions alcoholism must be an angry resentful person, possibly in denial of his own addiction.  The members of AA themselves, who should know best whether or not alcoholism exists, think this is beyond question.  If you criticize AA without offering a better solution to alcoholism and addiction, then you are just making things worse for the poor victims of the disease.  The brainwashing is so deep that even prominent experts such as Dr Drew and Dr Carl Hart, who are intimately familiar with alcoholism and addiction, and readily admit the typical addict has a history of lying and crimes preceding the onset of their ‘disease’, will defend AA even while they offer tempered criticism.  Millions are spent yearly to study the ‘Science of Addiction’.

But alcoholism doesn’t exist.  It is a completely fake disorder/disease/pathology.  It is simply a lie: a modern delusion created by AA, nor did it exist before AA. But we all believe it.  Well, most of us.

(Yes there were chronic excessive drinkers before AA, but they didn’t claim ignorance as to the reasons they drank, even if they didn’t openly admit them.  Furthermore, medically supervised detox is usually reported as being a ‘surprisingly comfortable’ experience.)

The fact is, AA is a drinking club for some and brainwashing cult of powerlessness for others.  None is a true alcoholic (or addict).  But as I’ve shown, some men use alcohol or drugs as cover for their mischief (sex, crime, etc), and then try to brainwash vulnerable people to kill themselves to “prove” their powerlessness to the same substances.  The victims effectively vindicate the cult by dying for the sins of its members.

The Newcomers

The rooms of AA receive a steady flow of impressionable and vulnerable people ripe for brainwashing.  Mostly they have discovered that alcohol and drugs have become ineffective in treating the pain of loneliness (or any of life’s persistent disappointments), and have come to the rooms in search of companionship.  Some arrive at the behest a friend or family member who sees that their loved one is suffering, but doesn’t know what else to do.  Some are referred by professional counselors or are required to attend by their rehab discharge plan.  And some are ordered to attend by the court in response to a DUI, in the mistaken belief that this experience is more effective in preventing substance abuse than community service, a fine or jail time.  Many of these people are really struggling with various mental and emotional problems, as most of us do at various times in our lives.  Unfortunately, they are easily abused by the cult.

The primary goal of the cult is to brainwash the victim into self-destruction, and it’s not hard to exploit the newcomer’s mental state to achieve this goal.  A hundred middle age women destroy themselves daily with painkillers, and it is no coincidence that most of them were introduced to AA/NA during their youth and young adulthood, either because of a family history of involvement, or through friends, or even through school programs.

Newcomers are encouraged to choose a sponsor from the group.  It should be “someone who has what you want”.  These would be charismatic people who seem to have the answers to life’s questions.  The sponsor may use the following lines to brainwash the new victim:

  • You are a danger to yourself and I am scared for you.  You don’t know what you are capable of.
  • You must be an alcoholic.  Otherwise what are you doing here?
  • You are obviously in denial.  I was once, too.
  • You seem angry, ignorant, and hateful.  I feel sorry for you.
  • Look at how well your own program is working.
  • If you don’t like the program then go home and drink and keep blaming the world for your problems.
  • You think you are your own Higher Power — this is the height of pride and narcissism.  No wonder you are miserable.
  • Alcoholism if left untreated always results in ‘jails, institutions, or death.’
  • You are too smart for your own good.  (Turn off your brain.)
  • You are too much ‘in your own head’.  (Turn off your brain.)
  • Keep coming back.  It works if you work it.  (This is recited in unison while holding hands at the end of each meeting.)

Newcomers may also be exploited for sex using these tactics (13th Step).  The rooms of AA are rife with such stories, and many web sites are dedicated to exposing the truth.  However, even those sites don’t acknowledge that the addiction was created by AA, and that they too have fallen for a modern delusion.  They still insist that addiction is a real phenomena — just that AA is not an effective treatment for it.  Most likely they prefer to think of themselves as an addict instead of a lonely person.  The solution is not to destigmatize addiction: it is to destigmatize loneliness.

The Powerlessness Trap

The steps are designed to make the victim believe he has a disease to which he is powerless, and which will kill him (as it almost did his sponsor).  To be rescued, he must undertake the steps vigorously:

  1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

After taking the first step, the newly self-proclaimed alcoholic is in a precarious position.  His willpower is insufficient to resist the cravings, and yet he has no other means to defend himself from them.  We’ve all experienced a failure in willpower and we can relate to the struggle.  These people are sometimes encouraged to experiment with ‘controlled drinking’ to demonstrate their helplessness (and not to return until they are certain).  See:  Candy Addiction and the Power of Suggestion.

AA demands ‘rigorous honesty’, and if you are not willing to provide this, then come back when you are.  Ready now?  OK admit your deepest faults, sins and insecurities.  These are the ‘keys to the kingdom’.  For example, if they feel lonely, abandoned, or mistreated the sponsor will say, “You feel lonely/abandoned/mistreated because you have not fully admitted powerlessness to your disease and/or you think you’re your own HP and/or you are too smart for your own good.” At this point they will turn off their brain and believe whatever the sponsor tells them and do whatever he says. Even if they are not at the point where they are ready to choose a HP (which normally doesn’t happen until middle age).

At this point there are 3 basic paths: Trouble makers will use these years to indulge their powerlessness and collect stories for their future AA careers, dropping in periodically to collect chips. Young people may get sexually exploited by the older men in the club. Depressives will sometimes kill themselves, believing that they had no choice in the matter.

Mischief and Demon Possession

The mischief-maker’s story goes as follows: “I drank, I got drunk, I got high, I had sex/homosex/killed someone, and yet I wasn’t satisfied”.  Rinse/repeat through middle age.  He may report attempting the steps but being insufficiently honest with himself and others.  Or he may have attended AA and thought it was for losers. Or that it seemed too “Christian” and judgmental.  But then suddenly in late/middle age he realizes he prefers ‘peace and serenity’ to ‘mischief and debauchery’ (as if he had a better option), and ‘realizes’ that he was powerless to alcohol all along.  It was as if he was possessed in his youth by the demon spirit of alcohol, and now he’s ready for an exorcism.  He then performs the steps with new-found vigor, sometimes reuniting with abandoned family members (not all of whom appreciate the miracle).  These are the typical AA speakers and subsequent ‘old-timers’, who are AA’s most persuasive apostles, having had years to refine their drunkalogs for maximum impact.  As with any good cult, its members are required to recruit new ones: they fulfill the Twelfth Step’s requirement to carry the message to ‘the alcoholic who is still suffering’.

The old-timers are also the main promulgators of the Craving Lie foisted upon the general public: “I needed alcohol to live.  I was unable to resist the temptation no matter how hard I tried, and I tried everything.  AA was the only thing that ever worked for me.  Now I am happy, joyous, and free.™”  Interestingly, ‘craving’ is never mentioned as an issue during a 12 Step meeting, nor do people ever talk about struggling with it, resisting it, or giving in to it.  This explanation is offered only for public consumption.  Attend your local AA meeting and see for yourself!

Nevertheless, the Craving Lie is the drinking club’s great innovation and the linchpin of its success, because it efficiently deflects the ‘willpower/moral failing’ argument:  “You think that it’s just a matter of willpower?  Well I was almost killed by my own cravings.  Go preach to the people who died!”  But unfortunately, only the good die young.  The members of this group invariably escape their close calls with the grim reaper, living to tell their stories in merry drunkalogs.  Don’t be surprised to find them enjoying a glass of wine with dinner.

For women this stage generally ends by the early 20’s, when they decide to stop drinking at mom for perceived neglect.  At least, until mom stops giving in to it.  But they may continue going to meetings to hold the family hostage to their ‘disease’: “Cosign my car loan or I’ll drink and get drunk and have sex with another alcoholic and have a baby and you’ll have to raise it while I’m out partying.”

AA defenders universally refuse to post their drunkalogs, the same ones they recite at meetings, knowing they would immediately demonstrate these simple dynamics.  But don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with mischief and fun.  It makes the world go round.  The problem is first of all they exploit the Christian sensibility of forgiveness and redemption to protect and propagate the cult (AA is a Pagan Cult), and innocent people are sacrificed to justify their ‘sins’.  Most of us are sinners, but we don’t blame alcohol, and we don’t demand that innocent people die for us.  We may be embarrassed or feel guilty, but we’ll get over it.

Human Sacrifice

The lonely and vulnerable, enjoying a sense of identity and belonging that they may not have experienced in some time, are happy to proselytize for the cult.  However, the brainwashing propaganda of the steps may result in abuse, exploitation, overdose, and sometimes death.  Essentially, they are asked to ‘prove’ that they really are powerless, at risk of rejection by the group.  They may tolerate the abuse for some time — sometimes for years, and the lucky ones will eventually leave in anger, without fully understanding why.  (Their ‘resentment’ towards the group is used against them as further proof of their disease.)  The remainder contribute only to the morbid statistic that is exhibited as testimony to the severity of their disease.  See: You Are So Brainwashed It’s Funny.  Big Book dogma dismisses the fresh victims as ‘constitutionally incapable of being honest’, and the fellowship shakes its collective head in self-righteous pity.  But this is interesting: even though alcoholism is a disease, their death resulted from a moral failing.  Of course, AA dogma is rife with such hypocrisy, and thus the need to suppress critical thinking and other brain-based shenanigans.

Members may defend AA’s cultish environment: “AA helped me learn to become a responsible adult.  If there is brainwashing, well my mind was dirty and needed a good washing.”  What they don’t realize is that they are now ticking time bombs.

Actors like Cory Monteith and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are good examples of this strategy.  Though not ‘lonely and vulnerable’ in the typical sense, they are actors who love drama and are trained to believe the part.  If they have performed a role as a drug addict, and have 12 Step experience (as both did), then they are likely to really believe that they can be powerless.  They are convinced their ‘disease’ can and will kill them, but they are not yet ready to accept a Higher Power that would be their only hope of rescue.  They may then realize AA’s self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.

AA touts itself as a solution for millions of people with a dire affliction.  In reality, it has killed millions: like a reverse Christianity in which the innocent die for the sins of the group.  It is also a haven for criminalsplayground for abusers, and a nursery for psychopaths.  The comparison to Nazi Germany is apt (most members are well-intentioned but misguided), and years from now we will struggle to understand how we legitimized and medicalized garden variety demon possession.


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214 thoughts on “The Problem of the Jews: a Lesson in Brainwashing Propaganda”

  1. I am a proud member of AA. Thank you for expressing your views. We are all entitled to our opinions. Wishing you the best in life.

  2. I admit I am not convinced aa or na or any rehab facility will work for me.I believe most people quit because they get sick and tired or bored with that way of life.But regarding your Jewish statements.I can’t tell whether you are jewish or you have strong support for the jews or you simply use them as examples.I will say this,many jews are good people.But out of all the races of men,they also contribute the most diabolical of any race.For their number,they have an inordinate amount of atheists and a huge number of either amoral or immoral people among them.It is odd how they move into countries and ultimately gain control of the banking,entertainment,gambling,pornography,and alcohol industries.These Zionists are the point of the spear in the move towards a new world order.They by no means are the reason for all the ills in the world.But they contribute a very large part,considering their miniscule world population.They work behind the scenes masterfully.And have a huge superiority complex.The facts speak for themselves.As their protocols of Zion prove.To say otherwise is to be highly intellectually dishonest.Or massively blind to the actual truths of history.Not the record written by mostly jews.

    1. “I admit I am not convinced aa or na or any rehab facility will work for me.”

      Perhaps try giving Hezbollah or ISIS a shot? I recommend the former; Salafists like ISIS are almost as kooky as AA is.

    2. The Jews are Gods chosen people. Not sure you believe in God. You can thank the Jews for many things. I won’t post all of the achievements they have given us. Long live Israel.

  3. spiritual principles – that simple – which you do not learn in the dumbed down “fool” system. 501 c3 churches are “in bed” with the state and are mandated what they can “preach” at you. Where else does one learn spiritual guidelines? Clean yourself up, and service to your fellow man – FREE OF CHARGE. Rockefeller tried to get his rotten, criminal hands in AA – so you know it works, and not controlled by the state! It’s self-supporting through it’s own contributions. Your beliefs must be based on a paycheck. How sad for you.

    1. It is my understanding that:

      -Rockefeller was approached by AA for funding

      -Rockefeller was a teatotaler know for firing drunks

      -Rockefeller denied funding requests on the basis that said contributions would impede AAs basic philosophy of being self supported.

    1. @ Marilynn-
      So why did you subscribe then? You ” have no time . .” but rather than just unsubscribing, you take the time to announce it. Hmm. You say ” Peace”, but send the opposite message about yourself. You have a lot of internal strife. Did you read the definition of Obsession posted below? It is the attack of the adversary of your soul prior to possession, which means Holding to control. = spiritual battle. AA can’t help with that- they have no spiritual authority. And claiming a ” higher power” of your own creation won’t help either. There is the One Who gave you choice- that you can call on- the One that made you, that can assist you against the spirit of obsession. Seek Him.

  4. addiction myth is sad, lonely, and very very angry.
    leave him alone.
    he has invited you to his arguments on the AA subject and nobody really cares what he thinks.
    stay positive!

    1. You can’t possibly know that – you’re just repeating AA propaganda.

      That you feel the need to accuse a person whose personal life you know nothing about of living the stereotypes taught in AA since the Big Book came out says more about you than it does about Addiction Myth.

  5. Ive met people like u before, I work with some of them. The “i used to drink really heavy and some people told me I am an alcoholic but now I can control my drinking” type who thinks EVERYONE that has a problem with drinking or drugging is exactly like them. That is why our literature says we “NEVER pronounce anyone as alcoholic” they are supposed to decide for themselves, nor are we to ever tell anyone they are powerless, if while drinking you found ur will power was insufficient to control the amount and when not drinking you had an obsession to drink that overpowered any desire to stay stopped and compelled you to pick up the first one even as your own mind was screaming at you not to, then you can diagnose yourself

    1. Much controversy can be settled by seeking a recognized
      authority on this subject. Such an authority would be the PDR-5
      used by all doctors to help diagnose and describe diseases and disorders. This fine book discusses something called substance abuse disorder and it is a real, recognized illness( disorder)
      which has a treatment and a cure.
      Alcoholism can be cured by not ever drinking alcohol again.
      This fact was introduced and proved by AA and it is still being proved today. Our fine medical folks in this wonderful country
      accept the truth of alcoholism as a disease and no amount of doubt and criticism can alter the accepted facts.
      Thanks for letting me share my opinions, Art Sampson Palermo, ME

      1. Alcoholism can be cured simply by realizing that alcohol is not a demon force that will kill you. Then you can drink normally. The PDR-5 does not require abstinence. Have a drink! If you think you can’t then contact me and we’ll figure it out. Otherwise I’ll assume you prefer to live the lie.

      2. @ Art Sampson-

        Abusing a substance and emotional dependency does not constitute a physiological addiction no matter how many humans or error- riddled fat books you cite. So long as gullible unstudied mentally dependant people depend on agenda ridden humans to ” educate” them, they will be subject to all the falsehoods and bondage included. You quote the Bible as to the Truth will set you free. Do you mean that? Or are you just spouting? Because nowhere does the Creator of humans talk about addiction. He talks about taking every thought captive, and making right productive choices that honor life. He does not call sin or destructive choices a ” disease”. So long as men cop out of personal responsibility and personal power by lashing themselves to bondage, they will continue to be in bondage. Bondage does not make up free, friend. Owning up and making new choices on an ongoing basis does that. If you are quoting the Bible, why are you looking to man to make dictations over your life?? You choose, dude. It’s on you- not some big book whether PDR or AA. You want freedom or not? That means you have power, and power to choose the Truth of your choices. You can be as bound as you want to be. Or you can make a different choice. It’s on you. Labels can be ” easier” than responsibility, but the outcome is still bondage. Freedom requires responsibility, requires truth of real choice making. According to the ruse of ” addiction”, you have no personal power over yourself or your choices. That’s a Lie, and Not the Truth. Don’t let anyone rob you of your FREEDOM OF CHOICE BY TELLING YOU, THAT YOU HAVE NO PERSONAL POWER. YOU DO!!

      3. There used to be medical authorities who believed that slaves who wanted to escape slavery had a disease called “drapetomania”. There was a time when medical authorities believed that “fever” was a disease (not a symptom of many different diseases). There were medical authorities who believed that phrenology worked.

        Luckily for people needing medical care today, people in those days questioned those ideas, did experiments, and disproved the idea that wanting to not be enslaved was a disease, proved that fever is a function of our bodies not a disease, and that phrenology, though it had a germ of a useful idea – that different parts of the brain control different functions – also had a major flaw – those differences in function could not be detected by how big the bumps on someone’s skull felt to human fingers.

        In the In the 8 decades since Bill W began promoting his ideas about alcohol with no scientific evidence – even though he pretended to some, claiming the Big Book helped over 100 people before it was published (how? Did he send copies back in a time machine?), there is still not a shred of scientific proof that anything AA (or NA) claims about the functioning of the human brain with or without consuming alcohol (or drugs) is accurate.

    1. this site clearly created by someone who never suffered a severe “mental obsession” for drugs/alcohol. Maybe was a hard drinker/user and detox was sufficient. Also your comment on another page about how “heroin withdrawals are like the 24 hour flu and youve had the flu its not that bad” are shocking to say the least. The illness centers in the mind not the body, hence why an alcoholic feels better on the way to the liquor store or an addict feels their withdrawals mostly gone after just having called the dealer to pick up. I hated aa thought it was a cult brainwashing people all that and I still had the symptoms they talked about, I didnt come in and suddenly believe I was powerless because they told me I was powerless so I went there and found people like me.

      1. @ Dan, @ AddictionMyth-

        Part of social engineering is the redefining of the popular vocabulary, such that we are taught that words have different meanings than they actually have. It’s like bait and switch. The truest dictionary in the English speaking world, Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. Take a wild guess as to the TRUE MEANING of Obsession:

        OBSESS’ION, n. [L. obsessio.] The act of besieging; the first attack of Satan antecedent to possession.

    2. Yes they say it at every meeting: “The delusion that we are like other people must be smashed!” And then it goes on with some kind of ridiculous theory about an allergy.

      It’s not a disease. It’s demon possession. Which you keep repeating and you start to believe it until “your own mind is screaming”.

      I’ve been kicked out of OPEN meetings for not calling myself an alcoholic. Please don’t say you let people decide for themselves. That’s a LIE. You pressure people to do it every day. Except if you think they have nothing of value to offer you, or you don’t like them for some reason, in which case you say, “Are you sure you’re an alcoholic? You need to go back out and keep drinking until you are SURE!”

      1. Demon possession? Please seek help bud, also book specifically states “we do not pronounce any individual as alcoholic” ur mixing up individual opinions with the actual literature.

      2. “self will run riot” and “we thought we were god” = demon possession

        The literature says “we don’t like to pronounce people alcoholic”. You said “NEVER”. That my friend is a LIE. Which of course means nothing to you because you believe your own lies and then deny them and then change the subject.

        Seek help. Best wishes. No apologies.

      3. I don’t understand how someone who is part of an organization that makes one of its foundational elements to go out and “share” this with others and and “live its principles in all our affairs” – an organization that cooperates with criminal and family courts sending people to that organization as part of criminal sentences or child custody arrangements, an organization whose claims about the nature of human beings has infected so much of our society that FBI agents talking about serial killers claim those criminals are “addicted to killing” can also claim that participation is “voluntary”.

    3. Big Book “We Agnostics” p 44

      alcoholism “is an illness which only spiritual experience will conquer.”

      (The Thesaurus counts illness as one of the synonyms for disease)

  6. Addiction Moth said, “By next winter that idiotic delusion called ‘addiction’ will have been tossed onto the scrap heap of history and people will focus their energies on better things.”
    The reality is this and it is fueled by drugs:
    When I first went to San Pedro Salu , Honduras , it was a sleepy little seaport. Today it is one of the most dangerous places in the world because of drug addition. There are many countries in Latin America that, like you, do not buy into the “Disease theory” of alcoholism and drug addiction. Like you, they believe it is just a matter of choice. You should go there, they will agree with you. Of coarse, a sniveling little keyboard warrior like yourself would not survive a night on the streets of Bogota or any other of many drug infested barrios of that part of the world. It is better that you stay home , hiding Anonymously behind your monitor and running your little hate site that will, like you, never go anywhere.
    As for me, drugs and alcohol were started as a recreation that turned into a full time job and then addiction . A major stumbling block but I am over it and they are no longer in my life. And now I am heading out for another adventure at Burning Man and then back to sea where I am at home.
    So, I leave you here to your petty and nonproductive mission and to your pathetic “life of quiet desperation”.
    (‘quite desperation’,…because your cyber sobbing and screaming amounts to less then a whimper in the real world)
    Adios Amoeba, Pirate Steve

    1. Not because of drug addiction. Because drugs are illegal. If the drug trade were legalized this kind of violence would evaporate. The same thing would happen if wheat or corn was illegal. Of course your monumental selfishness blinds you to this fact. You prefer the violence so that you can justify your absurd delusion of powerlessness to justify your shameful history of mischief.

      1. The parallels between drug prohibition and alcohol prohibition are so instructive, yet people still believe the government/rehab industry claims that it’s the drugs that cause the violence, when it’s really the black market that does.

    2. Redundant bravado, sophomoric and foul put- downs: Calls himself ” pirate”.
      Here’s what the dictionary says:
      2. One who preys on others; a plunderer.

  7. Addiction Moth For some reason it does not surprise me that you would bring up sodomy in your conversation, I am sure it is on your mind a lot. Look, it’s OK that you are gay, just don’t be such a smug fag about it.
    I might not have the formal education that you feign but in the decades that I have sailed, 55 countries I have visited and thousands of night watches in the wheelhouse , I have read and learned a few things. Men like you are cut from a common cloth and their lot has been around forever. Mark Twain summed you up perfectly in his classic book, “Life on the Mississippi”.

    “You take the lies out of him, and he’ll shrink to the size of your hat; you take the malice out of him, and he’ll disappear.”

    PS I set my alarm for next winter because you said. “Next winter AA will be a crumbled heap,” and I want to see if there is any more truth in that statement then there is in the rest of your bilious drivel.

    1. Indeed! By next winter that idiotic delusion called ‘addiction’ will have been tossed onto the scrap heap of history and people will focus their energies on better things.

      “The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a man only tells them with all his might.” Mark Twain

  8. Addiction Moth,…do you know what is really sad? Your first response to my post about staying clean and sober in difficult situations. Wow, you completely unraveled like a frothing madman. Of coarse, after you regained your composure, you came back and cleaned it up to hide your ranting tirade.
    I would have thought that your anger would be directed at my example of using AA to beat ‘powerlessness’ and thus shooting yet another hole in your already flimsy tale. But no, it was about women. Obviously, you are awkward around them and very frustrated. It was painfully clear that your resentment for women not finding you interesting or attractive has evolved into an anger that is seething with bitterness. Sorry, but the bad news is: there is no cure for being a natural chick repellent.
    So it just riles you to know that soon I will be at Burning Man, happy free and sober, and in the company of lovely ladies while you are in your dark little apartment reigning over this cyber closet kingdom that really just amounts to another “I hate AA Anonymous” . ( I added the second anonymous because you show no pictures of yourself here or on the facebook site,…..and because You are still stuck in Their rooms) Whereas I am REAL and out in the daylight. You can find me at Black Rock City via Centercamp Info: I have Dead Reckoning Camp, ask for Pirate Steve.
    It must piss you off to no end to know that next winter me and a shipmate will be living clean & sober in the Caribbean on his sailboat with pretty little senoritas whose mothers are the same age as some of my motorcycle leathers. And you will be home, still peddling your ineffective trivia and masturbating.
    I will be practicing my addiction to life, the world and Adventure,………….. and you will be spanking your monkey.
    Have a nice day mate, Pirate Steve

    1. Thanks for demonstrating so many manipulation techniques in one post! Newcomers are definitely getting wise to your tricks. Next winter AA will be a crumpled heap, thanks in part to Pirate Steve. Which means, you can drink to that! 🙂

      1. Oh was that you? Because I don’t think it was the demons. I heard they’re planning a trip to Burning Man to have a little chat with a butt pirate who doesn’t seem to know when to cork his holes.

        Well at least they’ll return with an entertaining “example of using AA to beat powerlessness”.

    2. @ Seagypsy, quoting him- “Obviously, you are awkward around them and very frustrated. It was painfully clear that your resentment for women not finding you interesting or attractive has evolved into an anger that is seething with bitterness. Sorry, but the bad news is: there is no cure for being a natural chick repellent. ”


    3. lol
      whats burning man?
      i feel bad for addiction myth. i’m 9 years sober & know they either want it or they don’t. imagine how he spends his days and energy writing about something he doesn’t believe in! pitiful and sad. whats also funny is that one day when/if he or a family member walked into one of our meetings, i would introduce myself and sit next to them. he must be very lonely and think negative attention is the only kind. the name “addiction myth” certainly invites people in. those that want to change his mind maybe. but he is not wanting help. what he wants is an argument. what would he do with his time at the computer if noone disagreed with him that day? you’re prob right about what you said at the end!.. lol

  9. I have been in many rehabs but in all honesty its nothing but a money making farce, the torment you to your wildest imagination (or theirs i should say), i have wasted much of my time in meetings and rehabs, you know what i am who i am. i can’t see people getting rich for something i do but do not bother anybody, if i choose to drink so be it

  10. Im Glad to know others feel the truth about a brainwashing cult, for onethey have to many stupid myths if i drink alone i am an alcoholic, please comeon whats the difference if im at home or in a bar, club or wherever, they try to take controll of your mind and life to to many hospitals and rehabs shove this program down your throut i have seen one to many foneys at the meetings i myself deal with my life the best of my abilities, i really am not doing so bad asthey may think.

      1. Wow, what a wonderfully intelligent and articulate class of followers you attract.
        The drunken and stoned sound of many if those who agree with you pays no credit to your sad lies.

      1. @ Addiction Myth, I’m beginning to see what you mean. Wow. And third grade antics to boot, antics they’re so very proud of. They must’ve been the bullies in school. All they can do is ” dump”; they have nothing intelligent to say. ( Headshaking. ) They don’t know or care how idiotic they present. Well- they are choosing their outcomes.

      2. I think I will pass on your drink offer Addiction Moth. One drink will not kill me but it will set off a neuro-chemical chain reaction that will take me places I do not want to go. Today I choose to ride one of my motorcycles, a Blackbird 1100XX. An extreme machine capable of 190 mph, so drunk driving is a bad decision and I have the power to make the right choice. Tomorrow I am going to start packing for Burning Man, The biggest party on Earth and the coolest city in the world. I am going there clean and sober because inebriation messes with my photography and drugs retard my creativity. As an alcoholic who is comfortably addicted to beautiful women, I have the power to stay sober in a place where the bars are open 24/7 , all the drinks are free and they are often served by stunning topless girls. Next winter I am bound to meet up with a shipmate who is living on his ketch rigged sailboat down in Central America. We my even sail down to my old haunts on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, a place where I can have ANYTHING, an addicts dream, and a nightmare waiting to happen. But I have the power to choose travel adventure over staggering stupidity,….even when gorgeous South American beauties are part of the mix.
        I learned and developed this power while in the company of other addict/alcoholics in AA. So I have a hard time understanding your obvious loathing and resentment for the comradely of a bunch of drunks getting together to help themselves and each other find a way to break the brutal, life threatening cycle of chemical dependency. I do not care what you think or say (and defend your right to say it) but it would be sad if some of your exaggerated tactics were to scare some hopelessly suffering person away from what might be their only hope. AA does not work for many and many of their notions do not work for me, but the comradely and shared longing to plot a better coarse in life worked for me and many, many others. Why do you not focus your energy on helping others with your intellect, developing a working solution and putting it to work,… rather then using it to discredit a program that has saved many?

      3. And the simple truth is that you spent a lifetime staring at the ‘topless beauties’ and then got drunk and had your way with whatever was also drunk enough to tolerate your weather beaten ass, and then claim ‘blackout’ because you prefer to believe your own embellished fantasies. And now you claim ‘sobriety’ because even the drunken cows lumber away when you approach, and the chase leaves you sweaty and out of breath. So what’s the point of getting drunk anymore? Keep staring at your beauties and reciting the tired old stories of your ancient conquests. Maybe someone will believe you. Or maybe not. Explains why no one ever seems to want what you have.

        The only thing AA did was teach you to tell yourself and your AA ‘friends’ stories of consolation for your wrecked lives, blamed on ‘powerlessness’ to alcohol (and some neurochemical fantasy some guy who claimed to have a science degree once explained during a break at a meeting). This lie is not the source of my loathing and contempt. It is because your precious drinking club brainwashes and exploits vulnerable people into powerlessness and self-destruction to justify your empty mischief. As I have explained many times.

        Of course you already know this perfectly well but feign ignorance because much to your chagrin you never quite figured out how to brainwash people on your own, despite articles like this that lay it out on a silver platter. So instead you strut and brag and hurl childish insults, thinking someone will be impressed by your BlackBird and trips to Burning Man and run up to you begging to know your secret. Really it’s just sad.

        Perhaps you just need a new HP? Feel free to trust your will to my care. At least you can write me in as heir. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that bike. I don’t know what it is but it sounds pretty cool. Please don’t bang it up too badly. A leisurely ride through the hills just might help dry my ‘crybaby tears’. 🙂

      4. @ Seagypsy
        Ditto to the quote below-

        ” LOL @ all the bragging Gypsy. Who are you trying to impress here?”

        Himself. He’s trying to impress himself.

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