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There is a multi-billion dollar medical industry dedicated to studying the science of ‘addiction’.  However, this is an exercise in futility.  There is no such thing as addiction (defined as an uncontrollable compulsion to drink/drug).  All they can show is that parts of the brain light up when people who use drugs see pictures of them, e.g. cocaine, etc.  Surprise, surprise!  I’m sure my brain would light up when I see a donut.  But I’m not addicted to them.  (Well maybe a little.)

“Homeless people with Alcoholism drink less when booze is allowed”

“The occurrence of delirium tremens, or DTs — potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms — also declined by more than half”

This study shows that identical twins have nearly identical brain abnormalities that predispose them equally to addiction, but only one develops the addiction.  The addictive personality is possibly caused by lying — a symptom of lack of impulse control.  One sib is able to control their lying, and the other isn’t.  It would be interesting if they compared the early childhoods of these twins on sociopathic tendencies.  Compare this brain syndrome to schizophrenia, for which there are characteristic brain abnormalities.  Conclusion: Cannot be concluded that addiction is a disease.

“Studies find that most people who struggle with alcohol and other drugs in their 20s “are out” of their problems by their 30s, typically without treatment.”

“No experimental studies unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of AA or TSF approaches for reducing alcohol dependence or problems.” – Addict Science

This web site  is dedicated to a neuroscientific explanation of addiction.  The person who created the web site claims that he was an unsuspecting victim of a disease that took over his life unawares.  However, he provides no details on his personal life that would show how he was systematically emasculated by his wife, and how this lead to excessive drinking.  He also does not reveal any details of his sexuality.  Often, closet homosexuals become excessive drinkers since they find that it is easier to suppress their desires by drinking (or act on them with the help of the facially challenged).


Hopefully the Myth of Addiction will be exposed soon, and we can get some relief from the annoying self-righteousness of AA Big Book thumpers.  And end the stupid War on Drugs.

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  1. I have this new friend that has been attending a a for several years. This recovering alcoholic thinks he has all the answeres for every situation. He preaches to me all the time about how I react to lifes every day problems. Constantly telling me how to better my life. My question is I dont understand AA and can not figure him out I feel like I am being attacked 24/7 how do I deal with his recovering addiction and his new found attitude.

    1. tell that mothafucka I seen u hiT Rock bottom so don’t be coming at me fuckin druggie ur the one with the problems

    2. hes always had a 2nd addiction in him hes clean but he gets his highs by trying control u n ppl in his circle

  2. “The addictive personality is possibly caused by lying — a symptom of lack of impulse control.”

    Well, AA does say that “rigorous honesty” is an absolute requirement, and that lying and dishonesty is likely the main guarantee of lack of recovery.

    Alcoholism and addiction *IS* a big fat lie. It’s a Lie that the addict “lives”. Then there’s physical addiction, avoiding sickness, and psychological addiction to the feeling of anything from “normal” to “euphoria” which seems to occur as the result of drug-taking. Then there’s the various states of mental confusion that arise during active addiction which may even cripple normal reasoning.

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