CVE Propaganda

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most gracious.

My brothers and sisters, I am sick and tired of seeing my Muslim Brothers and Sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. Seeing my fellow Muslims being tortured, raped and killed in Burma led to a boiling point. I can’t take it anymore.

America stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak, We are weak, remember that.

If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace with “Dawla in al sham.” Make a pact or a treaty with them where you promise to leave them alone, you and your fellow apostate allies.

By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.

Stop the killing of Muslims in Burma.

Btw, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America.

And, a message to the Muslims, don’t listen to celebrity scholars who sold their deen. I am talking about the likes of Yasir Oaphi, Omar Sulieman, Nouman Mufti and the list goes on. Beware of Al Maghreb institute listen instead to our hero Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Let me as you this question if the Muhammad peace and blessings upon him and his Sanaba were here today wouldn’t the western media call them terrorists?

To conclude by Allah, I am willing to use a billion infidels in retribution

12 thoughts on “CVE Propaganda”

  1. “If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace with “Dawla in al sham.”

    Cool! You into “lone wolf attacks”? What do you have in mind?
    Okay, you can’t tell us that, but don’t forget to Tweet your latest attack.

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    One of my friends came over an hour ago and brought his new girlfriend with him.

    She was decent looking (not fat or pasty or pimply or wearing a KAWAIILOL shirt) so I greeted her nicely and we all just hung out for a while, talking about this and that.

    About thirty minutes after they arrived my two cats wandered into the living room and the girlfriend lets out this scary as hell shriek. At first I thought she was horribly allergic or something, but then she grabbed my friends arm and started babbling about how cute they were and that they’d make SUCH A PERFECT COUPLE IF THEY WERE CATPEOPLE IN HER MANGA and which one she’d make “uke” and “seme” (one is a big gray monster of a cat and the other is a sleek little brown spotty tabby). Well, she said more in a less intelligible way, but that’s about what I got from her spiel.

    She stopped babbling after a couple minutes and just looked at me, giggling. I stared back for a second and before I could stop myself I said “Get the fuck out.” I didn’t yell it or anything, but I sounded pretty cold.

    The incident ended with her crying and my friend calling me an ass and storming out of my apartment, dragging her along behind him.

    Should I be feeling bad right now?

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  5. Dear AddictionMyth,

    I need some help. I’ve been going to this game shop to play cards for a few months now, and there is this girl. Neither of us are strangers there. She often plays Warhammer, I don’t as much, but she knows the rules and so do I. So, I sat down with her the other day talking about race strats after the few opponents before had gotten up to leave. She was pretty annoyed by it, as she hadn’t finished a game that day yet. I decided maybe I could make a move on this, realizing she’d enjoy a fully committed game she couldn’t get from any other guy. Anyways, we played for a few hours and stopped for lunch. I had so much fun with this girl, and she was vibrant and open… I loved it, and she was giving me some nice hints too. I hadn’t felt this way before, and I wanted to tell her… I wanted her to understand. As far as I knew, she had had some pretty rough relationships in the past. I know how this feels, and wanted to let her know that I wasn’t (if given the chance) going to let her down, lie to her, make her cry, and even in the harshest of times I wasn’t ganna give her up.

    This kept up, us playing at the shop for some time, we’d known each other for so long it seemed. I could see in her eyes, that her heart was aching but she’d been too shy to say it. We both knew what was going on, and even though we still played Warhammer, we played a different game too – and we both knew it. Even though you’re a morbidly obese virgin, do you how can I tell her how I’m feeling? How can I make her understand?

  6. lmost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism, so a discussion of the psychology of leftism can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general.

    But what is leftism? During the first half of the 20th century leftism could have been practically identified with socialism. Today the movement is fragmented and it is not clear who can properly be called a leftist. When we speak of leftists in this article we have in mind mainly socialists, collectivists, “politically correct” types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists and the like. But not everyone who is associated with one of these movements is a leftist. What we are trying to get at in discussing leftism is not so much a movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather a collection of related types. Thus, what we mean by “leftism” will emerge more clearly in the course of our discussion of leftist psychology.

    Even so, our conception of leftism will remain a good deal less clear than we would wish, but there doesn’t seem to be any remedy for this. All we are trying to do is indicate in a rough and approximate way the two psychological tendencies that we believe are the main driving force of modern leftism. We by no means claim to be telling the whole truth about leftist psychology. Also, our discussion is meant to apply to modern leftism only. We leave open the question of the extent to which our discussion could be applied to the leftists of the 19th and early 20th century.

    The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “oversocialization.” Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.

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    “What, did you?” I asked, pulling up my jeans.

    “You got me very wet,” she sighed, staring down at her lilac knee socks.

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    Turned out she had a cock and raped me in the ass. I cry every night about it. But I guess that’s life. Should I get help?

  8. This may sound odd, but I think my dog is Gerald Jay Sussman. It all started when I came home from work one day to find my computer with Emacs running with lisp.; Odd because I turn my computer off when I leave for work. The next I came home, my computer was off, but my dog was on my couch reading SICP. I swear, he was lying there with the book open. I don’t even own a copy. I took it from him and he tried to bite me. A few days later, I got a letter in my mail sent to Gerald Jay Sussman. Some university wanting him to teach a class on lisp. Another strange thing, is that when he barks, it almost sounds like he’s yelling ‘cudder’ for some odd reason. He also somehow burned a CD with ‘We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells’ song. When ever I have to take him in the car he has to play it. Can someone help me?

    1. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or what. Can you please just tell me what you mean here and the facts to back it up? Kinda tired of trying to interpret everything. Thanks!! I really appreciate it.

  9. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or what. Can you please just tell me what you mean here and the facts to back it up? Kinda tired of trying to interpret everything. Thanks!! I really appreciate it.

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