Don’t promote the myth!

Don’t promote the myth!

You are not an alcoholic. Drinking is a choice – not a compulsion or disease. When you say, “I’m an alcoholic” or “I am powerless over alcohol” you are perpetuating the Myth of Addiction.

You drink because it’s fun, not because you’re an alcoholic. You stop because it’s not fun anymore, not because of AA. The truth is really quite simple!

Hard-core” alcoholics have a history of lying and aggression that precedes their first sip. These psychopaths take refuge in AA when it is convenient and relapse when sobriety no longer appeals. They are not really addicts – they are sadists who use drugs and alcohol as an excuse to hurt people. (They may reform in old age.)

Here are more simple truths:

The alcoholic says: The truth:
I drink because I am addicted to alcohol. It’s a disease.” I am excited to drink because I am excited by the mayhem I plan to cause when I am drunk.
Thank God my mother was there to give me a place to live. Otherwise I would probably be on the street.” I am punishing my family for injustice during my childhood. I will drain their resources, and my siblings must fend for themselves.
I’m sorry I hurt you, but I couldn’t control my drinking at the time.” I hurt you because I didn’t like you but I was using you for your money.

AA offers meaningful fellowship but its philosophy is deeply flawed:

  • Character defects” are human nature. They are not caused by alcohol and cannot be removed by God through prayer. AA employs the same strategy as gay reparative therapy: lots of prayer.
  • Amends” are empty apologies. In AA, there is no obligation to prevent harm, only to apologize quickly when it happens – a common trait of psychopaths, who recount stories of their misbehavior with pride and glee.

As you sit in this meeting, consider:

Stories are embellished to exaggerate the power of ‘addiction’. In truth, every sip of alcohol is taken freely and with one’s full consent and awareness of the consequences.

Before his first sip, the psychopath has already planned the destruction he will cause.

‘Addictions’ are easily interchanged and even suspended for long periods with little effort.

The Myth of Addiction deprecates self-control and promotes the cycle of relapse – recovery.

The Myth of Addiction and the “disease model” harm families by diverting precious energy and resources towards futile attempts at ‘treatment’.

The Myth of Addiction promotes drug use among rebellious children seeking danger.

A war is being fought for the sake of the ‘addicts’ sitting here – right next to you! People were sent to prison for selling drugs to them. Innocent blood is spilled in foreign countries – creating more psychopaths in its wake. All for the sake of the ‘addict’ sitting right next to you!

You are not an alcoholic. Don’t promote the myth!

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6 thoughts on “Don’t promote the myth!”

  1. substance is ceased, the body goes into wildwrahats because it cannot remember how to function without that substance.Basically anything can be addictive in a psychological nature. Treatment for a video game would probably be just psychotherapy, whereas a drug addiction often must be treated with a combination of psychotherapy and rehab.

  2. First look up what is offered in your area, then ask what they spciealize in and ask what there success rate is, most clinics, do every thing, because a drug is a drug beer, pot, cocaine, opiates, it is all the same in the long run because they all make you dependent, also find out about insurance info. most places even have a program set up for after you leave, like, out patient care, and temp. housing that houses addicts that are now clean, so as to provide a safe haven good luck

    1. Anything you do to excess, whehter its gambling, drinking, using drugs, over-eating, playing video games, can be considered an addiction. If the thing you are doing is taking over your life and causing you to not do the things that you normally do, its an obsession or addition. So to answer your question, yes it is.

  3. Rarely have I come across such a bizarre collection of half-truths, pseudo-science and unsupported conjecture masquerading as the “truth” about addiction/ alcoholism!

    This site seems to harbor everything from angry former members of 12-Step fellowships to perhaps bitter former friends or relatives, whose only unifying theme is that the “addict”/ “alcoholic” is somehow getting away with something by describing him/ herself as one!

    The so-called addict/ alcoholic is presented instead as a Personality-disordered” sociopath, who knows exactly what he/ she is doing and has absolutely no genuine remorse for their actions.

    The sad irony in this point of view is that attempting to treat someone w/ a genuine personality disorder is even more difficult and unlikely to succeed because it is generally accepted that they simply do not have a functioning “conscience” or “super-ego”.

    Throughout these various post are also incredible distortions of what the 12-Step approach suggests. This ranges from stating that the AA/NA “disease model” somehow exempts the recovering addict/ alcoholic from accepting responsibility for their past actions, to equating the act of making amends to merely offering “empty apologies” instead of genuine changes to their behavior!

    Nowhere in these relentless screeds however are any new and effective substitutes for treating this supposedly “mythical” addiction disorder”, other than the utterly useless demand to “just stop using dammit”!

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is a personality disorder/psychopathy/lie/brainwash (take your pick). I think if you examine your own addiction honestly, you would come to the same conclusion.

      I have no advice for treating psychopaths. I think it’s much better to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

      “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

      Let’s remove ‘drug addict’ from the list of career options.

      1. well it starts as a chocie but then becomes a disease cuz when u take it u fell good but instead of going back to the normal line u go below it and thats where addiction starts and you want more idk if i explained it good but thats my opinion

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