Foiled Again

Scooby Doo – where are you????

Israel is awash in foreign funding and Trump just promised to increase the budget of the Palestinian Authority even as he slashed foreign aid to all other countries.  Israel is addicted to foreign aid.  They receive about $4B a year for their ‘defense’ budget to protect them from the Palestinian ‘terrorists’ among others who are funded by the US and the UN and other countries, even as they use the money to incubate ISIS to attack Europe (and which recently apologized for accidentally attacking Israel).  The Zionist Christians in the US fund the Zio-fascist settlers who invade Palestinian land with impunity; and the rich Jewish elite, like Sheldon Adelson and the Kushners, fund ulta-orthodox yeshivas to teach kids nothing but the bible and contempt for ‘goyim’ – which includes non-observant Jews.  They spend their days studying Torah and can produce nothing of value and are extremely fragile and dependent even though they are reassured that ‘G-d will protect you’ and having stoked resentments for decades, they will be the first to be slaughtered when the spigot is turned off.  (Don’t worry — ‘I am that I am’ promised ‘Never Again’.)

The groups co-operate to stifle dissent even as the resentments and animosity grow between them – just like the Pharisees and the Romans of millenia ago (anyone remember how that turned out?).  At the same time, each group must aggressively protect and defend its free lunch, and this requires foils: people who pretend to be their enemy who they can ‘fight’ against and cry, “Look at those against us – send us more money!”  And we respond, thinking that we must or they will surely die from the evil scourges of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and terrorism and BDS and all their other imagined boogeymen.

Of course, there is some hate from stupid and harmless people, e.g. the KKK.  But some of it is more potent and dangerous, and much of this is Russian propaganda.  But not from the Russians – it is from US ex-pats in Russia who learn the techniques of Kompromat and Aktivnye Meropriyatiya (Active Measures) and export them back to the US. was a Russian group that thrived in the last decade.  It was run by Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames and “Hannah Katz” and their bailiwicks included crapitalist conspiracy, e.g. railing against the greed and corruption of Wall Street, Addiction ‘science’, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism ‘awareness’.

Addiction Fiction

The same techniques were used by addiction industry proponents for decades.  When an article about a death from overdose came out, they piled on with nasty comments like:

  • Drug users deserve to die
  • Anyone who does drugs is scum
  • Let Darwin sort them out

The purpose is to instigate a sympathetic backlash:

  • Drug users should be treated with compassion
  • They want to stop but they just can’t, bless their soul
  • It’s a disease that must be treated

Of course, neither side was correct, but the result was a classic countercyclical: the rise of addiction theology.  This is the belief that “I want to stop but can’t no matter how hard I try” – the Craving Lie.  And the rest is history.

Behind the nasty comments were drug users and 12 Step members and addiction industry shills drumming up business.  And what a business it was.  Now, they get free methadone and buprenorphine, which are opiates marketed as ‘treatment’ – even when in jail! Sounds like fun, right?

Zionism = Anti-Semitism

The most venomous anti-Semites are in fact the Zionists themselves, and Zionists have a long and sordid history of it – the purpose is to scare Jews out of their home countries and get them to move to Israel. Then come the fascist white nationalists like David Duke and Richard Spencer, who stoke anti-Semitism to boost Zionism which they see as a template for their own neo-Nazism (and which was to be exploited by the now failed Trump-Bannon-Flynn agenda).  And then comes the SPLC to legitimize them. The anti-Zionist group IfNotNow started with good intentions, and now should be fighting this, but instead is becoming an anti-Islamophobia training front group to combat the fake Islamophobia from the Russian-educated trolls and AIPAC.

So yeah, we got the Russian ‘meddling’ thing completely backwards.  It’s not the Russians but the Westerners who go there to study their techniques and export them back home to undermine American freedom, just as we export US technology to Israel for them to refine and perfect and export it back to us to ‘protect’ us from the ‘extremists’ who were created by this arms trade and just as most of the top ISIS leaders are either westerners or trained by the CIA.  We are our own worst enemy.

Trump wants to send more money to Palestine because he understands that you can’t pay people to make peace – handouts will only engender resentments and conflict – just as they result in home-grown terror throughout the socialist welfare states of Europe.  The goal is all-out war with Israel, which the Senate backs 100%.  However, this plan will backfire just like all his other hair-brained schemes.  Ironically, his presidency proved to America that we are resilient and resourceful and are not incapacitated by insults and hate and treachery and we don’t need big government to protect us from ‘carnage’.  Now it’s time for Israel to learn the same lesson.

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    “KGB disinformation campaign focused on the Protocols. Code-named Operation SIG—an acronym for Sionistskiye Gosudarstva, or Zionist governments—it was designed to seed anti-Semitic antagonism to the United States throughout the Muslim world.”

    ‘the goal was to “whip up their illiterate, oppressed mobs to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and America would flow naturally from the Muslims’ anti-Semitic fervor.”’

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