Trumpkins-in-Denial and Libertarianazis


  • Say: “The Bill of Rights is meaningless without the Second Amendment.”
  • Insist that dropping bombs is not as easy as it looks.
  • Go off on a long tangent about ‘marginal yield’ in oil production ending with “but I have no dog in that fight.”
  • Show symptoms of Fregoli’s.


  • Threaten to feed federal judges feet first into woodchippers for ruling properly on a law they find objectionable.
  • Call Weld ‘Republican-lite’ because “he refused to swear eternal allegiance to the party.”
  • Lose their shit if you suggest Flemming Rose is a patsy for the Danish Secular Caliphate.
  • Think McAfee’s Libertinism would “really appeal to millenials”
  • Applaud children’s mischief no matter how disruptive.
  • Try to convince stupid people that signs prohibiting firearms in public venues have been repeatedly ruled unconstitutional and are widely ignored.


6 thoughts on “Trumpkins-in-Denial and Libertarianazis”

  1. why did you delete most of the archive? Now I can’t go back to review what I learned from you three years ago

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