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By the sweat of thy brow shall ye toil in sorrow all the days of thy life until ye beg for death.

If you commit a sin at the Kotel such as not wearing a kippa or praying too loudly, a black hat may approach you with a reprimand. If they persist, a simple “Go away” usually works and if not then yelling at them will do the trick.  They are actually pretty timid and will scatter at any sign of disturbance.  Nevertheless, the secular Jewish community is terrified of them because their children will give them a vicious side-eye and may even call them blasphemous names and this could quickly escalate to getting stoned to death in the center of the plaza.  Therefore secular Jews are going directly to the government to demand that the IDF crack down on these religious extremists who are more dangerous than ISIS.

The ultra-Orthodox men don’t work.  They study Torah all day and honestly I don’t want to know what else.  Who pays for this?  Primarily the taxpayers of Israel, in an effort to preserve the ‘Jewish character’ of the state for the sake of the Jewish diaspora and to maintain voting prominence with respect to the Arabs and Christians, and also by American Zio-fascist Christians and the Kushner family.  The recent decision by the government, under pressure by Haredi leadership, to cancel negotiations on a section for non-Orthodox at the main Wall was a huge and unforgivable betrayal by our ‘reliable partner in the Middle East’ and ‘loyal ally’.  (Not to mention, the ‘one true democracy’.)  In fact due to cult brainwashing the ultra-Orthodox despise us as ‘goys’ and literally believe that we will become their slaves when the Messiah returns.  (According to their eschatology, they have been freed from labor – the curse of mankind.)

Now the FBI is sweeping through New Jersey, arresting ultra-Orthodox government benefit scammers.  This practice was rampant and now families are pleading for mercy.  The secular Jewish community is feigning shock and outrage.  Perhaps they assumed their lavish lifestyles and numerous children were paid for by their work in the diamond industry and B&H Photo/Video.  In fact the level of vindictiveness and gloating about these arrests proves that we knew about the problem all along – yet we said nothing.  Now, we want all these people put in prison – so that they still don’t have to work and so that New York State can continue to feed and clothe their children.  (Or maybe some of us have other ideas that I don’t want to know.)

Meanwhile in Israel, thousands of Palestinian men from the occupied territories sit in jails, often getting sentences of several years for ‘stone throwing’ and for suspicious Facebook posts.  Their families are entitled to benefits from the Palestinian Authority, which is great because unemployment is very high anyway.  Kushner tried to cut them off – but this is impossible.  Too many families are dependent on this aid, and it would be impossible to police it anyway.  The absurdity peaked recently when Trump joked that they reached a deal on this issue.  If benefits are cut off then Israel must release them from prison so that they can work. Neither side is thrilled by the prospect.

US foreign aid to Israel – $4 billion per year – is greater than all other countries combined.  That number will fall sharply as a result of the Wall debacle, and this will force Israel to cut back on security services and terrorism propaganda.  Nikki Haley recently announced that UN aid to Palestine was similarly cut.  People will now be forced to – god forbid – get a job.

Liberalism/socialism is idolatry of man – Government-as-god: “We can overcome the fundamental human condition by electing a government (of humans).” However the betrayal by the ultra-Orthodox, coupled with the rising prominence of BDS, proves again that our faith in a ‘Jewish State’ was misplaced.  As 1 Samuel 8 explains:

Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us; That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.
Adam & Eve expelled from the Garden. Masaccio, Masolino and others, 1425. On the walls of the Brancacci Chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence.

The rejoicing and glee in the downfall of our brothers – due to dynamics that we created and enabled – is abominable.  In fact, we are our brothers’ keepers.  But we are not their jail keepers: calls for the government to ‘crack down’ on them will quickly lead to radicalization in prison if not widespread slaughter (the level of anti-Semitism in both directions is off the charts, as exemplified by recent skirmishes with the IDF in Mea Shearim).  If we really are to play G‑d faithfully, we must mete out the harshest punishment of all: work.

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  1. Today I went to a Shabbat rally in Mea Shearim. Yes it’s Thursday night – the rally was about the outrage that some stores were open during Shabbat. The streets were packed with black hats by the thousands. Why are they doing this? They are trying to stoke resentments against them because their rabbis are hoping to see them get slaughtered for some reason. I was one of a very small number of goys. It is obviously a cult because they kept asking me to leave and then the guy called me ‘ugly’ and then said – in perfect American English – that I’m going to hell for being gay. I guess they didn’t appreciate my performative dance rendition of the rabbi’s speech. Anyway I spoke to some London boys after the rally and explained that they don’t work they study all day, to which they said that is work, and I laughed and reminded them that “You must work 6 days a week.” Which actually makes this rally pretty darn ironic. Anyway one of them conceded and the other just got angry and kept asking his friend, “Why are you talking to him? He doesn’t observe Shabbat!” and then he just got sullen.

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