Who Wants to Win a Nobel Prize?

It’s getting harder and harder these days to discover a cure for a deadly disease that’s worthy of the Nobel Prize.  All the ‘easy’ ones, like polio and measles, have already been taken, and all that’s left are the thorny ones, like cancer, heart disease, and AIDS.  But there’s still a juicy one ripe for the pickins: Addiction.  If you can find a cure for that, then you might as well start writing your acceptance speech.  I mean, if you can cure addiction, you’ll save millions of lives and rid the world the world of the scourge of drugs.  Yes people may still do drugs, but they won’t destroy their own lives with them.  They’ll do them for a time and have fun and move on.  Or not, but at least they’ll have to admit it’s a choice not a disease.

Well ok.  As you know from the site, addiction is completely fake: it’s a cult religion in which you convince yourself that you are powerless to drugs and alcohol, and then embark on a decades-long journey to ‘peace and serenity’ fraught with ‘relapses’.  So curing addiction is akin to curing someone of Christianity.  Not only won’t it work, it’s likely to backfire as people proclaim their powerlessness all the more strenuously.   Still, it wouldn’t be hard to show that Addiction Education, AA, and 12 Step programs are the cause of drug addiction and alcoholism.  Did you know that the DARE programs of the 80’s actually increased drug use among children?  That’s why they’ve been discontinued in most places.  Or that ‘wet’ houses are much safer than dry houses for homeless drinkers?  And yet we still demand sobriety.

One could investigate the relationship between drunk driving / poisoning death rates and drug education / AA attendance.  Or, why is there an epidemic of overdose deaths among middle age women who have a history of AA experience?  If this hypothesis is true, it would explain why the alcohol poisoning death rate in the US is many times higher than other countries that aren’t infected with the 12 Step virus.  (Step 1: Admit you are powerless.  Step 12: Convince others they are too.)

Perhaps there are side-by-side counties with different DUI policies: one requires AA and the other community service.  What is the long term difference in traffic fatalities and drug overdoses?  Perhaps it turns out that popular youth alcohol education programs like AlcoholEdu reduce binge drinking temporarily but increase it long term.

And my personal favorite: measure the correlation between those who self-identify as alcoholics and the history of childhood lying and sociopathy preceding drug/alcohol use.  Are you still so eager to believe their claim of powerlessness?

Of course, the government should be investigating stuff like this, but NIDA and the NIAAA wouldn’t want to jeopardize their multi-billion dollar budget (or disappoint their friends at AA who transform humble newcomers into crucial statistics).  And I’m too lazy to do it.  So I leave the exercise up to you, dear reader.  Have you always wanted to win a Nobel Prize?  Now’s your chance!

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8 thoughts on “Who Wants to Win a Nobel Prize?”

  1. Truth is, many who enter the rooms of AA, never DO the program of AA, and thus, stay sick and totally oblivious of what it really is and how it really works…

  2. Dude you are obviously in fear. Fear of change, fearful to self reflect, fearful to admit the real problem (you). My favorite part of AA is that it help me realize I was the problem, I didnt have to be a victim anymore, and I could stop blaming others. Whatever works. But most importantly…its about attraction, not promotion. AA is not forced on anyone. Its a choice.

  3. Fact: I have been sober for 25 years ,I could of never had done it without AA, I tried everything, even Shick Shadel and that only worked for 5 months before I said %$#@! it again,. Drinking and using is a choice, but if you need help like I did. AA is the only way to really get true Sobriety.

  4. What you are really too lazy to do:
    1) actual research
    2) find out what you are talking about
    3) make sense
    4) be honest

    1. The only thing I can know for sure from this site is that you know nothing about addiction. I and a lot of friends could tell you all about it. Suspect you are too closed minded to listen.
      Why don’t you start a blog on bullshitting, you are pretty good at that?

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