Soros vs Sembler

George Soros is a multibillionaire and anti-Drug War crusader.  He is the primary funder of the Drug Policy Alliance and various pro-Marijuana Policy initiatives across the country.  More than anyone, he can take credit for the progress made in drug decriminalization.  At the same time he promotes expanding treatment for addicts: “Addiction is a disease.  Let’s treat it that way.” Sounds pretty good, right?

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Mel Sembler is the founder of Straight, Inc., a chain of teen drug treatment programs that flourished in the 80’s and 90’s until they were shut down for abusing their patients.  The program was originally derived from the Synanon cult of the 60’s which was an offshoot of AA, and now flourishes in new forms: Phoenix House, Employee Assistance Programs, and Drug Testing programs.  Kevin Sabet was an employee of the Semblers, and is currently one of the most outspoken opponents of pot legalization.  The Semblers have directly funded many anti-legalization initiatives such as Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF), going head-to-head with Soros and losing big.  Pot is being legalized across the country and nothing seems to be able to stop it, despite hysterical claims that “Our children are getting addicted and dying!”

It would seem the Semblers will be the losers in the War against the War against Drugs.  But really?  They have long focused their efforts on coerced pharmaceutical treatments and drug testing for ‘addicts’.  Soros also promotes spending more money on ‘treatment‘, which of course you now know actually creates addiction via 12 Step cult brainwashing and drastically increases suicide risk.  Are they really fighting each other?  Or are they working together to kill anyone crazy enough to challenge their insane doctrines — and using those deaths to promote their interests?

Church Lady schools Soros on the dangers of drugs — brought to you by DFAF:

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  1. The city where I live has just passed the 6 month mark since legal marijuana has been for sale at a store on Main Street. As far as I can see, there has been no increase in crime. The frequency of hearing police sirens go by has been no greater, none of my neighbors has suffered any burglaries. If you walked down the streets of our city in 2013 then went into an 18 month coma, and walked down those same streets now, you’d see no difference.

    But thanks to the city getting sales taxes on marijuana sales, and the decreased spending on investigating, prosecuting & jailing marijuana users, all the streets in my neighborhood have been repaved and new were planted at the bus stops along the line that runs near my house.

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