The Somalian Candidate

The Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by military and oil industry operatives whose goal is to discredit the party by equating it with hedonism, libertinism and anarchy.  This was made obvious at the LP convention this past weekend in Orlando.  People jeered the candidate for supporting the state’s right to issue drivers’ licenses, and a fat guy strip-teased down to a thong.  The party’s philosophy can be summed up as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal”.  Yet these displays were cartoonish parodies of the principles for which responsible party members have fought for decades.

This campaign to undermine the party is not new, and has succeeded until now to discredit the party and prevent it from achieving national status.  In 2012, Gary Johnson received just 1% of the national vote.  Now he is already polling at 10%, and with the help of conservative Gov William Weld from MA, he is poised to do much better.  Yet many party members were unhappy with the choice of VP, and tried to scuttle the ticket by electing a wacko sad-sack my-mother-is-an-ex-felon named Larry Sharpe, who actually received 45% of the vote.  They failed, but just barely.  Johnson is reported to have expressed the greatest relief of his life.

The goal of these agents is to validate the common trope against Libertarian principles: “Sure let’s get rid of all the laws and we can be just like Somalia.”  Well, there are so many things wrong with that statement starting with the fact Somalia is a basket case primarily because of ‘humanitarian intervention’ by western powers.  And Libertarians don’t want to abolish all laws, just the ones that restrict freedom, democracy and prosperity.

This year’s Somalian Candidate was John McAfee, whose answer to every question about every issue was “Legalize it!”  He was offering a self-described ‘radical and crazy’ campaign that was supposed to appeal to and excite millenials.  His campaign videos were throbbing, violent, hedonistic propaganda with the tag line “Live Let Love”.  The commentariat at went wild for them, and critics of the campaign were bullied with insults such as “retard” and “Euthanize yourself”.  And the other members simply piled on.  They despise Johnson and Petersen (who is ideologically pure but is just 35 and has never held elected office).  Their goal is to undermine the party and validate the Somalian trope.

McAfee claims to be a lifelong defender of American Constitutional principles.  Yet he bought a home in Belize in 2008, then acted outraged and disappointed to be accused of the murder of a neighbor.  He seemed somewhat dejected and annoyed during the debate – perhaps he realized he could no longer conceal his perfidy.

Many of the candidates at the convention chanted angrily, “Taxation is theft!”, each growing louder and redder in the face.  However they failed to stop to consider the hypocrisy that taxes are the policy of the legitimate government that they are trying to peacefully convince their fellow citizens to vote out of office.  Their message will appeal to no one.

After losing his bid for the nomination, Austin Petersen endorsed Alicia Dearn for VP.  She was a particularly treacherous operative, who after claiming to have given her heart and soul to the party, proceeded to endorse Sharpe for VP and demand that Weld publicly state that he will ‘never betray the party’.  She suggested that Johnson remain ‘fired up’ throughout the campaign (i.e. clownish).

The military-industrial complex plants operatives to discredit the party because the LP’s non-intervention principles jeopardize new opportunities for war.  Oil industry types infiltrate Libertarian ‘think tanks’ such as the Cato Institute to support fake free speech crusaders in Europe who provide cover for the Western Secular Caliphate’s thick web of ‘hate speech’, libel and blasphemy laws that are at the root of much of the conflict and strife there and in the middle east.  They also use ISIS as a pretext to bomb oil facilities to lower production to inflate energy prices.  Freedom and peace have many enemies.

Now that Johnson got his desired VP pick, the future looks bright for Libertarians.  There will be many attempts to discredit the party by ridiculing the behavior of some of its members.  These will be easy to discount.  The irony this year is that for the first time, the Libertarian candidate will be more sane than his rivals.

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