We Tried Everything

The young Jews of Never Again Action say that they must block streets and federal buildings because “We tried everything and nothing worked.” This is a lie. They never tried the most basic tactic: free speech.

Never Again Action blocks ICE headquarters, Washington DC

Instead they immediately block all fascists and even anyone who expresses a whiff of dissent. If you suggest that civil disobedience is misguided in this case, they will cry, “Bootlicker!” They will hurl endless abuse and insults, following by blocking. Here’s the problem: If you block people online and then block their street or federal building to demand they listen to you, you will end up in the concentration camps you are protesting. Americans are good people, patient and tolerant, but there is a limit. You have to at least try to talk to the opposition before you insist that they are irrational zombies bent on your destruction.

The whole point of America is that we can speak out without getting arrested. This is why the country was created in the first place, and why free speech is baked into the Constitution. These protesters are betraying the values that formed this country and made it great, and that a million brave Americans fought and died for.

Never Again Action is actually a cult. This is obvious from the videos of them reciting speeches and chanting brainlessly. Their core doctrine is: “Anyone who disagrees with us is a fascist arguing in bad faith and we must block them.” As a result they radicalize in their echo chamber and have no way to know they’ve gone off the rails.

How did it get so bad? In large part this is because of the Holocaust indoctrination these kids received in Hebrew School. They were taught, “Fascists are irrational and will surely destroy you. The only way to fight them is with force.” However this is terrible advice. I fight fascists every day online. It requires intellect, perseverance and bravery. But it works. You wear them down over time. But if you think the only way is to fight them in the real world, then they will win. Because force is their game.

Fighting the fascists on Twitter.

Trump trolled these kids brilliantly by accusing the AOC squad of ‘antisemitism’. An activist responded: “Donald Trump and Republican leaders only like Jews as long as we are their human shields. As long as we are the excuse for their evil.” This only emboldened them and confirmed the righteousness of their cause. But America will not stand behind them. Even their own party will disavow them.

Why are these kids so self destructive? In fact in many cases Zionists are cynically radicalizing them to get them into trouble (because they are anti-Zionist). I see many such cases on twitter. When I try to warn these kids about the danger of an arrest record (you can’t get a job or rent an apt), the Zionists (and crypto-fascists) will jump in and say that it’s no big deal, and “It’s a good thing John Brown didn’t worry about an arrest record.” We are sacrificing our own children to molech again. It’s an abomination.

Cult compliance enforced by relentless bullying.

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  1. This comment was a response to a comment on the Forward about MLK and civil disobedience. It was on this article: https://forward.com/opinion/429387/young-jews-protesting-trumps-camps-are-reminding-the-jewish-establishment/ The specific comment I replied to is here: http://disq.us/p/23pxe7h
    It was removed with this message: ‘Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.’

    You dangerously misunderstand basic legal principles. I hope you will talk to a legal expert before making more ignorant pronouncements. MLK fought for freedom so that he he could speak out against unjust policies. He broke only unjust laws, such as segregation laws and marching without a permit. I would break them too if they existed today! But you can’t break one law (like trespass) to protest another, no matter how righteous your cause. Instead you use free speech and equality – which MLK and his followers fought and died for so that we could have them – to advocate for our position. Not so that we could sit down in the street and have a temper tantrum and chant brainlessly. You are a disgrace to the memory of the people who sacrificed for us. And I wouldn’t care except that vulnerable people might read your comments and think they were justified to break the law. They’re not, and they will regret getting a criminal record. You can’t change people’s minds by force or insults or laughing at them or calling them ‘loon’. Only by free speech, intellect and bravery.

    If you can’t convince me on your tactics, then how will you have any more success with the Jewish establishment, which will say you don’t speak for the Jews? How will you have any success with America? You are on a suicide mission.

    I fight for equal rights every day for both the US and Israel. I do so with free speech not force. This is how MLK would do it too. And if I didn’t have free speech I would gladly break the law that banned me, as MLK did, and if marching permits were given out unequally, I would gladly march in the street without a permit like MLK did. But neither is the case here. You are welcome to protest as much as you want. People in Russia and Hong Kong are dying for this right. But you spurn it. You should be ashamed.

    The way to help immigrants is to post our open borders policy so that Americans can decide whether to support us, and then do the hard but necessary work of convincing them and getting them to vote for the politicians who support this policy. This is true of all policies and how the country works. Whereas if we sit in the street and block traffic they will send us to the concentration camps. You are repeating the doomed history of the Bundists 100 years ago. Let’s not keep making the same mistake.

    And yes giving yourself permission to break the law is a step away from terrorism. We’ve already seen terrorist attacks on ICE facilities. These are wrong and I condemn them. You must condemn them too.

    1. This is my reply to this comment – http://disq.us/p/23qer2g:

      Yes they are non-violent but still they use passive force, which is illegal and can result in a misdemeanor if not a felony. You dismiss this possibly and discount it and say it won’t wreck anyone’s life. Of course it can and hiding this fact is deceptive. Fortunately people can now see it and think twice.

      MLK got beaten in the street and arrested so that we don’t have to. He sacrificed so that we could protest freely. He vindicated the promise of America. You excoriate it.

      Childish speech is fully protected. My claim of course is sitting in the street blocking traffic is illegal. But you knew that.

      I have a psychological need not to repeat all the same mistakes of the past and get slaughtered again.

    1. rusty53: ‘”The way to fight antifa is peacefully online like I do every day” Spoken like a person who supports Antifa and does not want any harm to come to them. You are the problem.’ http://disq.us/p/236a4d5

      This was on a different article (https://www.dailywire.com/news/49659/cruz-cassidy-introduce-resolution-take-action-ryan-saavedra). It’s a little terrifying to be called ‘the problem’ right before you are banned. A similar thing happened a couple years ago on Reason and The Atlantic right before I was banned, as I describe here: http://addictionmyth.com/pearls-before-swine/.

      1. Or it could be that I posted this (sarcastic) tweet reply to me in the DW comment board as an example of the way antifa thinks. “Let me know when Mr. Hammer totally comes around to your point of view after reading your excellent comment, you brave anti fascist firebrand”

        Both sides believe the other is incapable of rational thought or peaceful persuasion. They are mirror images of each other. But it’s kind of absurd. Basically they both have to sell a lie (socialism or Zionism) to get support, but ultimately the lies collide.

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