A Conversation with UCLA Drug Policy Expert Mark Kleiman

Mark Kleiman is a professor at UCLA and an expert on Public Policy specializing in drugs.  AddictionMyth recently sat down with the retarded asshead for an intimate interview conducted by email.


Hi I saw you said that Volkow will win a Nobel Prize for curing addiction. I’m sure you don’t believe that. 

I’d be curious to know what you think about my crazy theory:

  •  AA is a mischievous cult that brainwashes vulnerable people into powerlessness and then challenges them to prove it
  • These people are then abused and exploited by the cult and sometimes kill themselves
  • AA reports the deaths back to NIAAA and NIDA
  • These divisions publicize the deaths as a health crisis
  • These divisions create junk science propaganda about drug use and impose it on impressionable young people in the guise of ‘educational material’
  • These young people then do drugs and believe they are addicted
  • They are sent to AA/NA and repeat the cycle

Mark Kleiman:

Didn’t say that.
Don’t think much of your theory,
Do you have a name?



“She’s going to find the drug that cures [cocaine] addiction and get a Nobel Prize for it,” Kleiman said, referring to Volkow. “Everything about NIDA has been distorted to that end.”

Sorry you don’t like the theory. That’s ok, just wondering.

Yes I have a name. You can call me “AddictionMyth”.


Where’s that quote from? That’s my view of what she wants, not what she’s going to get.


The link to the quote is right there.   Of course you don’t see it.  You made a career off ignoring the obvious.  And then denying it when it’s right in front of your face.


[No response.]

One thought on “A Conversation with UCLA Drug Policy Expert Mark Kleiman”

  1. AA and NA are useless organizations, but far more useless is you, making the counter-AA/NA position seem like a lunatics outpost. Great job asshole. I hope you fracture your spine and get a debilitating oxycodone addiction. That would only be fitting.

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