A Conversation with UCLA Free Speech Defender Eugene Volokh

Eugene Volokh is a Professor of Law at UCLA and a vigorous defender of Free Speech.  AddictionMyth recently sat down with the slimy hypocrite for an intimate conversation.


Hi I received this letter from HHS.  It concerns the following 2 satirical posts on my web site:


Should I be concerned?

Eugene Volokh:

I’m afraid that I’m not likely not licensed to give legal advice in your jurisdiction, and I also can’t give such advice based on just a casual e-mail – you should talk to a lawyer who can give the matter the time and attention it deserves.  You might call or e-mail the Electronic Frontier Foundation and see if one of the lawyers they work with might be interested.

But, just to make clear, the letter is real, yes?  Or is it just another satire on your part?


Just another satire.  Good eye.  😉


Aha, thanks.

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