AA makes me feel so free!

I’m a young guy with 45 days sober. My last binge was when I got upset with the gf for going out with her friends. So I stayed home and got really drunk. Then when she came home we got into a huge fight. The next day I realized that she threatens my sobriety when she comes home with alcohol on her breath. So I moved out and checked myself in to the very next AA meeting. Here I am 45 days later, still sober.

I love AA! It makes me feel so free! AA works great for me!

7 thoughts on “AA makes me feel so free!”

  1. Nobody listens you AddictionMoron. That is whay you have to fabricate these poorly written fabrications to the “My Fake Addiction” portion of your blatherings.
    The only fake thing here is you!

      1. Fabrications designed to harm others are never “cute.” You are a serial liar, and beneath contempt. I would never share information with you. No point giving you grist for that insane little mill atop your shoulders.

      1. You are as big a moron as this blogger. Lies can never be made to serve the truth.

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