AA works great for me

I can’t stand the nagging wife and the whiny kids. So I just get really drunk after work and stay out as long as I can, hopefully after the kids are in bed (though how they can sleep through my drunken bellowing I don’t know). The old lady tells me to go to AA, so I do that whenever she throws me out on the street, and I do a couple steps, and apologize and promise to abstain, and then everything’s great for a few months, but then she does something to annoy me and I can’t help it but it makes me start drinking again. So I start drinking and staying out late. But that’s fine because I can’t stand them anyway, like I said.

AA works great for me, and in fact it’s the only thing that ever worked!

2 thoughts on “AA works great for me”

  1. The only thing that ever worked! Yes, classic. Repeated each meeting almost as many times as, “it was my own best thinking that got me in here.” Heard that so many times that I became convinced thinking was a bad thing. After a decade, I’ve started using my brain again. I’m glad it still works, but it will take some exercise to get it back in good condition again. thanks, steppers!

  2. Your creative writing skills really would be much better suited to children’s books.
    Or perhaps fantasy novels.

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