AA: The American ISIS

Both Alcoholics Anonymous and ISIS believe that alcohol is evil and makes you do bad things.  Of course, ISIS bans alcohol for that reason.  But they are raging hypocrites, and their leaders engage in all the prohibited ‘evils’ including drinking, drugs, rape, and homosexuality, while forbidding those behaviors to the masses.

AA is a drinking club and blood cult of mischief with a similar dynamic.  The leaders (aka ‘old timers’) are normal drinkers, but they insist on complete abstinence for the ‘alcoholic’ masses under threat of death (“If we drink we die”) as they exploit them for fun and profit.   Their hero Bill Wilson was the master of the ’13th Step’.  Similiarly they massacre on a grand scale.  Not with knives to the neck or bullets to the back, but with prophecies of doom to the vulnerable: “You have a disease that is going to kill you.  You are a danger to yourself.  You obviously think you are god, and your pride is going to destroy you.”  And on and on like that.  Many thousands of people kill themselves each year believing the lies.

And we as the general public stand by and watch as they do this, thinking that these people really have a disease.  And yet the ‘old timers’ always seem to do fine, despite their many ‘close brushes with imminent death’ as reported in their weekly drunkalogs.  Wow they really have us fooled.

AA has already made great progress in imposing its own caliphate, as many judges sentence drunk drivers to AA instead of jail or community service.  Of course, this only makes the problem worse as the offender learns only that he is (or will become, or can later claim to be) powerless to the demon alcohol (“subjects of King Alcohol” – BB p 151).  Also, criminals can get diverted to drug courts if it is believed that their crimes are the result of ‘drug addiction’.  This will obviously only make the situation worse.  But that is great news for AA, who will reap the flow of new recruits and whose members will continue to transgress with impunity.  As long as you have attended an AA meeting, you have a good chance of escaping punishment with a claim of ‘addiction’ and being sentenced to ‘treatment’ which is actually more harmful to young people than no treatment at all!

And even our own government is assisting in the effort with its own propaganda campaign to make young people believe that they too can be victims of demon possession by drugs and alcohol that will make them do things ‘they wish they hadn’t’.  California’s “Yes means Yes” rape bill means that women can easily change their mind about whether an encounter was consensual by claiming that their drunken assent was invalid.

Drug addiction is a dangerous lie.  But it justifies all kinds of abuses by government and police which take away our freedom and sometimes our lives.  Sadly, we give it up willingly.  Every day we are inundated with propaganda that says our brains are highly susceptible to manipulation and we don’t have free will.  And that everything is relative and there is no true right and wrong.  If we continue down this path, we will find ourselves living in a caliphate more oppressive than anything dreamt of in ISIS’s philosophy.

AA members defend their precious drinking club with a religious zeal that is motivated by the same kinds of delusions and fantasies of power and mischief as members of ISIS.  Both groups are magnets and havens for liars and criminals, which we know to be true of AA because the admission of it is frequently how they start their own drunkalogs!  We are too quick to believe the claim of addiction from someone who boasts of his ability to lie so well that he sometimes even fools himself.

AA members are quick to criticize Western culture, policies, and religion, and reluctant to criticize ISIS.  Well now you know why.  Go to your local AA meeting and see for yourself.  Don’t be surprised to hear expressions of admiration for the group!

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30 thoughts on “AA: The American ISIS”

  1. I did AA for four years. It worked but at the expense and loss of a lot of things in my life. My nazi sponsor made me do the step 9 making amends to people and businesses whom didn’t have a clue I “did harm” – it was a bunch of bull crap. Those stupid amends ended up hurting my reputation and my family members reputations in a town I have lived my entire life. Those stupid amends I was forced to make ended up ruining my life. I won’t do AA ever again. Nazi religious fanatics.

    I can drink responsibly. I like my high quality blanco vino, a microbrew or a nice mixed drink in moderation. I’ve changed my life with joining a health club, doing pilates, yoga and tai chi, and changing my diet. I don’t want to be fat, so I don’t drink to excess. My reward will be a new wardrobe and a long Caribbean vacation where I will be in my bikini on white sand beaches enjoying a tropical mixed drink. If I could go to a posh “treatment” center, I’d go for the pampering and go to one that talks about drinking in moderation. Thinking about never taking a drink of my favorite wine, going to a party and drinking seltzer wAter, being a bore, is not for me. AA sucked for me. I really do resent that nazi sponsor bee atch who insisted I make those stupid amends. It was really unnecessary. The 4th step? How stupid to regurgitatate everything in my past to anyone. Unnecessary and meant to humiliate.

    I also lost my long term marriage because I decided to go to AA. My former spouse did not approve but the AA nazis brainwashed me. I spent more time at those stupid humiliating meetings than being a wife and mother. Also there was a Lecherous creep there with decades of AA sobriety who insisted I leave my husband and children. He did this to one other woman that I know of as well. AA is a cult. A family wrecking, psyche smashing, dangerous cult. It brainwashes people that they don’t have a choice but to attend as many meetings as possible, to fully accept all they say, attend their functions, associate only with members, and put money in their basket every meeting. I fell into it bad and it was bad for me, my family, my relationships, my kids. I’m still paying the price for all the bull crap AA did to me. I should of went to family counseling with a real professional and not a bunch of creepy drunks telling me what to do with my life. My ex and I were partying a lot, and I wanted to tone that down and I fell into AA. A decision I will regret forever. AA takes the power out of a persons own ability to believe in themselves, makes them dependent hapless sheep going to the slaughter.

  2. Not a fan of AA…but the disease concept is the only hope of treatment.
    This sounds like an insurance mis-information ploy….possibly related to healthcare.gov……Steven K

    1. You want to talk about hypocrites and liars, this post is the top of the chart for lies. I have been 100% clean and sober for 26 years without a drop of alcohol. Yes I am considered an old timer. I have a friend who has been 100% abstinent from alcohol for 42 years. You people are going to kill alcoholics with these lies.

  3. Yikes, live and let live, is right! Does it matter how anyone beats their addiction to drugs or alcohol, as long as it works? No.

    So why disparage a program that has clearly worked for millions? If people come to AA and don’t find it helpful, they’re free to leave and they do. Others have stayed and found it to be a good solution. Its free and it works if you work it.

    My question is: Why not let go of whatever AA resentment you’re feeding and offer up some alternatives to AA that you’ve found to be as helpful.

    AA is the ONLY tried and true solution that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. For free. Name ONE other solution that exists in every country in the world and is free for everyone. I challenge you.

    I hope you find some peace and some more interesting and rewarding ways to spend your time. Like, made doing some service, helping someone. You know. Something positive.


    1. AA doesn’t beat addiction. AA beats powerless. If you say you’re not an addict they tell you you’re lying and in ‘belligerent denial.’ Then say ‘go out and keep drinking!’ AA creates addiction. For millions.

      You are much better off attending your local church. ANYTHING is better than AA.

      Beware the person who repeats “happy joyous and free” and warns you not to leave ‘5 minutes before the miracle happens.’

      1. “AA doesn’t beat addiction. AA beats powerless. If you say you’re not an addict they tell you you’re lying and in ‘belligerent denial.’ Then say ‘go out and keep drinking!’ AA creates addiction. For millions.”

        Exactly how many AA meetings have you actually been to? Perhaps you have been to some and couldn’t actually get sober. Well that is on you not on the program.

        “You are much better off attending your local church. ANYTHING is better than AA.”

        That is a blatant lie. Religion does nothing but promote the very kind of hate you are espousing right here in this post. If church was the be all end all then why has it not worked? In the early 1900s they locked addicts and alcoholics up because they thought they were insane. Religion didn’t help one iota yet AA came along and proved that the alcoholic is not insane per se but suffers from a disease of the mind or as they say a spiritual malady.

        “Beware the person who repeats “happy joyous and free” and warns you not to leave ‘5 minutes before the miracle happens.’”

        Why are you afraid they are right? What is it about you religious types? Why do you hate competition so much? Your vitriol sounds like it comes straight from the Westboro Baptist church’s main talking points. Talk about arrogant hypocrites.

  4. I find it hard to accept many of the the opinions because the facts or so vague. exactly how if possible did some of these Wrongs form AA happen. I hate people that doubt me as well but how can I support you other wise. please go with Gods blessing on what ever path you choose.

  5. AddictionMyth. It sucks that you were raped and sexually abused by an alcoholic. Hope you aren’t still letting that happen.

  6. Heres my AA experience: drank too much for too many years. Had a very regrettable drunk. Joined AA. Quit AA because AA was more of an obsession than I had time for. Drank some more, regretted it. Joined AA, got a sponsor. Started reading the books and working the steps. For almost a year I collected sobriety chips, read the books and worked the steps…. While drinking the entire time, lying to my sponsor. Im not a bad person, I continued with it hoping this program would “click” for me. It never did. I wanted to give it one last real try. I confessed a relapse to my sponsor, not the entire truth but enough. She was PISSED. Not because I put my “sobriety” at risk, but because the feather fell out of her cap. So, I fired my sponsor, quit AA, threw away the books, sobriety chips etc. . And tadaaa! My obsession was removed. Ive known many many unsuccessful AA members and one successful member. Grow up, the party is over. Just MY experience.

    1. Thinking and drinking has not proven helpful.
      Thinking without drinking has given me hope.
      Changing my attitudes and actions is a beginning to a happier life for me.
      Best of good fortune on your journey!

  7. Any one in the medical community and anyone with any sense at all would agree that alcohol and drug abuse or addiction is definitely a danger to human life. So is ISIS. Anything that can be done to stop the spread of either is a good thing. AA does not work for all, just as diplomacy doesn’t always work on terrorists. To compare the program of AA that has saved the lives of countless alcoholics and their families to a terrorist organization shows a complete lack of any real perspective. I’ll tak my chances in AA

  8. How are you comparing AA to one of the most dangerous terrorist groups? Known for reports of beheadings, massacres of prisoners, and attempts to exterminate communities and about whom the UN stated:
    “We are gravely concerned by continued reports of acts of violence, including sexual violence against women and teenage girls and boys belonging to Iraqi minorities. Atrocious accounts of abduction and detention of Yazidi, Christian, as well as Turkomen and Shabak women, girls and boys, and reports of savage rapes, are reaching us in an alarming manner.”
    The UN also estimated that as many as 1,500 Yazidi and Christian persons were forced into sexual slavery and tens of thousands have been forced from their homes.

    1. How many people have you brainwashed into powerlessness and how many of them are still alive?

      Just post your drunkalog and read it. Then you will understand the comparison to ISIS.

      1. OK I will post your drunkalog:

        “I was raised in a family of alcoholics. I was abused sexually and emotionally. My mother did nothing as my father got drunk and crept into my bedroom late at night.

        Now I am an alcoholic myself and I understand. Because the alcoholic is an example of free will run riot. Once drunk, they do whatever they want, even abuse their own children. Plus they are selfish and deceitful. They think they are god! Now I see that they were simply possessed by the demon of alcohol, just like I was. They had no control over their behavior. Just like I had no control over my own drinking, which is the only way I can explain the horrible things that happened to me.

        I have apologized to them and made amends for being a target of their perversions. I should not have struggled so much against them and I should have loved them more and not been so selfish and angry. I hope they can forgive me.”

        Wow, thank you for sharing. It is even worse than ISIS.

      2. Contact me when you’re ready to talk. I’ll be here. You don’t have to suffer the abuse any more. Just one thing: please don’t tell others that they must suffer the abuse like you did. Together we can fight and end the tyranny of the American ISIS. I mean that!

  9. Another group that is harmed by the ideology of AA is people with medical conditions that cause pain. Our medical establishment has become so infected with AA ideology about addiction that they put more effort into minimizing pain medicine use than into minimizing pain. Law abiding chronic pain patients are forced to submit to urine tests to prove that they actually take their meds, show ID to pick up their prescriptions at their neighborhood pharmacies, sign contracts agreeing to never get pain medicine prescribed by anyone other than their designated doctor (picture being in the hospital after surgery and the surgeon won’t release a patient without pain meds for use at home, but the “one doctor” is on vacation out of the country…)

    Worst of all is the suffering of small children. Here’s examples from 2 recently aired TV shows: A girl is being treated at a US hospital for severe facial/skull deformities (requiring that her skull bones be sawed into & repositioned) & her care givers are told “we”ll teach her how to handle the pain”. A girl is in India having a partially-forme conjoined twin when her parents are told by the surgeon, “She won’t have any pain. We have drugs for that”.

    1. If I’m in the hospital in pain I want my pain meds! Anyone who says they got addicted to drugs prescribed by their doctor is a liar. More likely they faked a medical condition to get drugs in the first place.

      1. Even though there’s no evidence of otherwise law-abiding people going to doctors or emergency rooms pretending to have painful medical conditions in order to score some pills, law-abiding people suffering painful medical problems are treated with suspicion by medical professionals.

        And if that’s not bad enough, there’s the scare campaign about how innocent, unsuspecting people who’ve had surgery or an accident that requires treatment of pain that will recede as healing goes one will turn into lying, cheating, work-shy, lazy con artists because of the drugs. A dental practice near my home makes anyone who asks for nitrous oxide sign a paper that acknowledges the danger that nitrous might cause the dental patient to develop addiction – a claim for which there is absolutely no evidence, just old claims made up by failed con artist stockbroker pretender Bill W’s cult followers playing top-this-scare-story (aspirin can “trigger a relapse” – no mouthwash, etc)

  10. This is not the AA I knew. Of course anything touch by man can be corrupted and any works for good can be labeled otherwise by a corrupt mind. Many have been killed because of it. Jesus is one example.

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