SAMHSA’s New Blood Drive

Listen up children.  Alcohol will make you do and say things you’ll regret.  Here’s foxy dad to explain:

Sorry I promised my dad I wouldn’t drink.”  Wow.  Talk about saying something you wish you hadn’t.  This brilliant new multi million dollar public awareness campaign is brought to you by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)  — your government advertising good old fashioned demon possession.  Here’s another:

“Alcohol can lead to so many things, none of them good.”   Well mom newsflash: sometimes kids do things that they know they shouldn’t, and sometimes they take risks that will lead to trouble.  Kids are rebellious by nature.  Why give them another excuse?

Obviously the purpose of this campaign is to heighten children’s fascination and fear of alcohol as a demonic ‘forbidden fruit’ to ensure a steady flow of ever younger newcomers to AA, the drinking club  / blood cult of mischief, and to create more robot zombies to drugs and alcohol and mind controlled slaves to the New World Order who will kill themselves on command.

OK seriously I don’t know the exact goal.  But really the conversation wouldn’t be much different if the kid was talking to the devil himself.   (Watch it again and see.)  This line from the Big Book comes to mind: “The alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot, though he usually doesn’t think so.”  Clearly the government has been infiltrated by the 12 Step cults, and they thirst for the blood of your children.

Call me crazy.

Anyway.  What should the parents say instead?  How about first of all talk to the friend’s parents and make sure they’re not AA members.  And then tell your kid: “You are responsible for your behavior whether drunk or sober.  I don’t ever want to hear the excuse, ‘The devil made me do it.'”

We tried that one before and it didn’t turn out well.  This may not be the Garden of Eden but I think we have it pretty good, and I wouldn’t want some idiot messing it up for the rest of us.

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14 thoughts on “SAMHSA’s New Blood Drive”

  1. I feel so sorry for whoever wrote this. What a backwards view point. They don’t really know anything about AA. Sad.

  2. A dangerous cult? Really? Though I am not an alcoholic, I live with 2 who are and thanks to AA, they are sober, happy and alive today. Say what you will, the proof is in the millions of people who are sober today because of AA. Do your research about alcoholism and what it was like for the alcoholic before there was an AA.

  3. AA Does as much to destroy lives an families as alcohol. It’s a gathering of selfish, sociopaths. A group of absolute assholes and fuck ups telling each other their horrific behavior is ok. Alcoholics whether dry or drinking are all sociopaths and are the exact same asshole they will always be whether drunk or sober. So they meet up and refuse to take responsibility for their actions and go fuck each other and spread disease.

    1. Alcohol doesn’t destroy lives or families. That’s a lie the drinker learns at AA: “Alcohol was going to destroy me and family until I discovered AA. AA worked for me and it’s the only thing that ever worked.” Of course what they fail to mention is a history of rejecting AA for decades and then getting drunk and neglecting their family and all their other sociopath behaviors under cover of ‘alcoholism’.

      And then of course they finally join AA and try to convince others they are powerless to the same demons. And make commercials like these to attract a younger crowd.

      This is equally true for NA/drugs.

  4. This has got to be a joke, right? Talk about insanity. Don’t worry, most of us were there too, at one time. Then we turned our will and our lives over to the care of a loving and merciful God. The obsession was lifted. We started to take responsibility for our actions, and clean up our side of the street. Miracles started happening in our lives. We used what we have learned, to help others. If you do not suffer from addiction, then consider yourself lucky. Although the ranting’s on this post, indicate you too are touched by this disease in one form or another. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you. We may not like you bashing a program that has saved so many of our lives, but we will still welcome you to the rooms when you’re ready. We’ll save you a seat. God Bless!

    1. Congrats on finding god(s) and finally starting to take responsibility for your actions. That’s super! Sorry no one taught you to do that when you when you were a kid. But no need to repeat the cycle.

    1. Whoever wrote this garbage is probably a dry drunk. Been sober 29 years, in AA since age 26. The vast majority who have achieved sobriety are leading happy successful lives. This guy has no clue.

      1. I too am living a life beond my wildist dreams! thanks to my god and the people in the rooms that are there to serve and love u !!!
        P.S. never promised me to be a great sprller!! lol

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