AA Goes Balls Out in Newburyport, Mass

Here is an example of AA in action and working brilliantly.  Bill W would be proud!

From http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/addiction-in-society/201308/beware-aa-members-cant-help-being-pigs/comments:

I’ve lived in my area a long time. 30 years ago there was a group of people locally that abused drugs and alcohol. They hung out as a group, and used drugs and alcohol as a group.

In 2013 that same group hasn’t changed much. However, they’ve changed locations. Instead of the bar or people’s basements, they get together once a day to attend the NA meeting. It’s a massive meeting in a large meeting hall. The group has the same cohesiveness and petty bickering as they had 30 years ago. I know a few members of this NA cluster and they tell me what goes on.

First and foremost, several members of the group still drink and still do drugs. They like the social aspect of the group so they like to attend meetings to see their friends. The group is also used as a pick-up location. New members are always being sought for sexual relationships. Women reeling from addiction recovery and broken romantic relationship are actively recruited by seasoned members as easy targets for quick sexual flings.

Contractors looking for cheap labor also attend the meetings, looking for new members that might be homeless, recently released from prison so they can hire them at under-the-table sub-minimum wage rates.

Everybody in the group is well aware this is happening. Mind you, if AA and NA work for somebody I think that is great. I am sure that many NA and AA meetings are well-run and above board. But not all meetings are quality meetings. I have no idea whether anybody from AA audits what is happening. I certainly wouldn’t recommend any friend or acquaintance join up. I’ve seen and heard too much.


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  1. Contrary to rumors 12 step programs are not cults, nor rehabs, nor prisons. Nobody HAS to do anything, including following the suggestions. There aren’t any “rules” at all. Nobody HAS to stay clean and sober. Nobody can kick someone out, nor keep someone in. It’s voluntary. Even working the program is voluntary. Members become members when they decide they want to be a member.

    In fact, AA is so loose that the qualification “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking” was changed. It was originally “… an honest desire to stop drinking”. It was changed because they realized that many newcomers couldn’t really be totally honest about anything. So it is perfectly acceptable for someone to attend AA, (or NA), have mixed feelings about stopping, and be a full fledged member in good standing. 12 step programs aren’t jails or churches. People can come, go, work the program, not work the program, get better, not get better… whatever.

    And Bill Wilson had nothing to do with the program NA. That’s not to say he opposed it, but like AA he seemed to have no opinion on issues outside of AA.

    1. “many newcomers couldn’t really be totally honest about anything”

      The truth is: most members can’t be totally honest about anything. Your comment is a pretty good demonstration of that.

  2. Stories, stories, stories. So much of your horseshit reeks of ego defense from failed members if these types of groups. Like yourself? Get a life, bozo!

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