I don’t know what I’d do without AA

If I get tired of the guy I’m dating, I don’t reject him. That would make me look bad. I’d have to explain why I started dating him in the first place and make up some story to avoid hurting his feelings — messy. Instead, I get really drunk and make an ass of myself in front of his friends. If that doesn’t scare him away (i.e. if he’s the ‘caretaker’ type), then I get really drunk and piss in his bed. If that doesn’t work (yes, some guys are crazy), I tell him that I have an alcohol problem, and the relationship threatens my sobriety. I need to focus on myself, but hope we can still be friends. Not much they can say to that.

Then I go to AA for a couple meetings and talk about how alcohol ruined my last relationship, and how I need help, and blah blah. Everyone is instantly my friend. And then in a couple weeks I’m back on the club circuit looking for my next dude. I figure I can keep up this game through late-middle-age. At least, that’s the sense I get based on the old-timers’ stories.

3 thoughts on “I don’t know what I’d do without AA”

  1. Everybody knows that the “AddictionMyth” guy that runs this blog writes these things, right? Does he try to deny it or is he honest about his creative writing exercises?

    1. Imdeed this guy is. He sees liars everywhere. It is sort of like driving a new Volkswagon. You see them everywhere. And that is why “AddictionMoron” sees liars everywhere, because he is one!

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