How to Cause Another Holocaust

The key to instigating a genocide against one group in a society is to stoke resentments in all the other groups so that they are polarized against the target and align with each other to destroy the ’cause of all their troubles’.  This was of course, how the Nazis killed the Jews in the Holocaust.  Beyond that, fomenting division and infighting within the target group weakens it so that it cannot defend itself.  The Jews were significantly divided into many factions, such as Zionists, bolsheviks, haredi, and liberal, and thus were unable to ally to protect themselves.  In fact they despised each other much as they do today.

Jew Hatred 2018

How is it possible to stoke such widespread resentment and anger to cause a massacre?  The key is to restrict freedom.  A hundred years ago, top Nazi propagandists were prosecuted under Weimar blasphemy laws originally intended to protect the Jews from the ‘blood libel’.  While sitting in prison for these infractions, they were radicalized and were then able to incite the wider society to hate the Jews.  Thus, our attempt to protect the Jews backfired and ended up causing their destruction.  Today the Jews are demanding restrictions in freedom that will instigate the same resentments and cause a repeat of history.

Jews vs Europe

Just a year ago, the greatest threat to the UK was supposedly Muslims.  Today it is either Jews or ‘antisemitism’, depending on which side you’re on.  How did things change so quickly?  The reason is that the Zionists launched a witch hunt against ‘antisemitism’ in the Labour Party.  Any whiff of disrespect for Jews or Israel is now an unforgivable sin and must be fully and completely purged, or else antisemitism will spread like wildfire.  The party is besieged with hundreds of complaints that must be investigated.  For example:

The Labour Party have told The Times … that they didn’t investigate my complaint because it “concerned Mr Williamson’s attitude to anti-semitism rather than alleged acts of anti-semitism he himself had committed”.

This is clearly a witch hunt, where you can kick someone out of the party because of their ‘attitude’.  It leads directly to responses like this:

Also, the Labour Party really needs to take seriously the threat of Israeli influence and subversion, and launch an investigation into Israel’s campaign of psychological warfare against the party.

The UK doesn’t have freedom of association, meaning parties can be banned for ‘extremism’.  The goal here is to ban Labour.  Many people in the party don’t care much about Jews or Israel either way, but by attacking so many of its members with the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude, Zionists deny the party’s right to exist, thereby inciting resentment against the Jews.  “It’s like Jeremy Corbyn has declared war on the Jews,” lamented another tweeter.  But the fact is, Corbyn is an idiot and his ‘antisemitism’ is only one of many of his problems.  Again we create a crisis where there wasn’t one and polarize people against us.

Furthermore, the UK Zionists are arrogant, contemptuous and rude.  If you disagree with them they immediately block you.  If they really were concerned about antisemitism they’d be trying to make connections with potential allies.  Instead they are isolating.

Even worse, this behavior is forcing an alliance between the extreme left and the extreme right.  This is the British equivalent of the Nazis – and again we have only ourselves to blame.

Throughout Europe, there are cases of Jews killed by Muslims, and people come out and demonstrate en masse against ‘antisemitisme/antisemitismo/antisemité’.  But in fact if you look at the cases, they generally are people who know each other.  For example, an old Jewish woman in Paris was killed by a Muslim kid she knew his whole life.  A Jewish girl in Germany was killed by her Muslim boyfriend.  A Jewish gay teen in California was killed by a neo-Nazi former classmate.  Thus these are not cases of random ‘Jew hatred’ but opportunistic crimes that merely suggest having better judgment in who you hang out with.  Unfortunately some Jews are demanding new policies to monitor and ‘root out’ antisemitic groups.  But these will not help.  Laws can’t protect people from themselves. In fact, they will only make the problem worse by stoking wide scale resentment against the Jews.

Even as Jews in Israel and the diaspora hyperventilate about Corbyn, they are now allying with the right wing in Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary, Austria and Ukraine.  The goal is to fight the ‘common enemy’, the Muslims.  But in fact this backfires by empowering both the neo-Nazis and Muslims against the Jews.  The goal of the Zionists has always been to frighten the Jews out of Europe to immigrate to Israel to be exploited as cheap labor.

The Nation-State law recently enacted by Israel serves the same purpose.  It re-dedicates Israel as the ‘homeland of the Jews’ (even as it insists that insinuating ‘dual loyalty’ is antisemitic).  Thus groups in other countries will ally with each other against all Jewish factions, from secular to ultra-religious: “Go back to your homeland.”

These are all ways that the Jews instigate resentment in the wider society to attack us that lead to genocide.  We did these things 100 years ago and are repeating all the same mistakes today, and more.

Jews vs US

In the US over the past year, many religious Jews have been bashing black people, Muslims and immigrants, alienating them even though they are a natural ally against the real threat – the alt-right and Trump.  For example, the hysteria about Farrakhan will stoke resentment in these groups and they will turn against us.  Fortunately we were able to prevent permanent damage to these relationships.  Let’s not forget, black women saved us from Roy Moore in Alabama.  And let’s not forget, neither the blacks nor the Muslims caused the Holocaust.

Jews also use Frankfurt School techniques to undermine cherished American institutions.  For example, invite a homeless man into a McDonald’s and then get a video of the interaction with the police and the post the video and bash both law enforcement and the company for their ‘intolerance’.  (Invite local black youth to meet you at Starbucks for a ‘business meeting’, and arrive 20 minutes late.)  The SPLC declared Maajid Nawaz an ‘anti-Muslim extremist’ and then forked over $3 million to Quilliam, his foundation.  Americans will naturally resent the people who employ such tactics.

The ultra-orthodox are a special case because they are very insular and isolated.  They have no desire to interact with the world, yet they use up lots of state benefits such as Section 8 and Medicaid.  This naturally stokes great resentments from the wider society.  In the past if anyone complained, we would shout ‘antisemite!’.  But these days we are more willing to be critical of their sex abuse cult.  In fact this has actually gone too far.  Now we are demanding that the government enforce secular standards for high school education.  But the haredi will die before they let outsiders dictate their curriculum.  Thus, we are effectively instigating genocide against our own people.  We could just walk into the no-go zones in Brooklyn or Monsey and talk to them but we prefer to ignore them.  We are our own worst enemy.  This sinat hinam – baseless hatred – has destroyed us many times over.

In Israel, there are weekly protests by the haredi against conscription which quickly turn violent.  If Nazis didn’t exist, we would surely have created them.

Nazis in Bnei Brak – Aug 6 2018

Holocaust Museum Cabal

US government and industry both have pretty strong tolerance for offensive speech.  The recent push to ban BDS seems to have lost steam.  However there is a new push orchestrated by the worldwide network of Holocaust Museums to ban ‘Holocaust denial’ on Facebook.  However, banning such people will only push them underground and radicalize them and make them more dangerous.  As we know from experience.  It’s ironic because the Holocaust Museums of all groups should know this.  It’s also ironic because the institutions dedicated to preventing another Holocaust are actually causing it.

However the main problem with the Holocaust Museums is that they push propaganda that Jews have a unique propensity to be murdered because of a completely irrational baseless hatred characteristic of “goys”.  First of all, there are many groups subjected to genocide, and secondly by teaching people that Jews are hated for no good reason, actually makes people hate them for no good reason.  Thus the message is counterproductive, not unlike the discredited DARE drug education program in the US.

They suggest that antisemitism is like a virus or a forest fire that spreads quickly from person to person, and thus it needs to be ‘stamped out’ completely.  As if to confirm this dynamic, anguished Jews cry to their leaders the unanswerable question: “Why do you hate us?”  Or they shout “Fucking antisemite!”  However the fact is, most antisemitism has a real, valid cause, as in the examples above.  Thus ‘fighting antisemitism’ is attacking the symptoms not the disease, which only makes the problem worse.

Another dynamic they encourage is “Nazi hunting”, as glorified in the recent movie Operation Finale, which is about the capture of Eichmann in Argentina and his execution in Israel.  The belief is that if you can destroy top Nazis then you can destroy the movement.  But of course this only radicalizes the followers.  This is exactly the mistake in how Israel deals with political groups in the occupied territories, and which fuels endless strife.

The UK Jews are now trying to export their antisemitism witch hunt to US shores.  After the capture of a Nazi in the US, a prominent UK Zionist tweeted: “Great! Next to remove @DrDavidDuke & @RichardBSpencer from U.S.”  Again, these words are calculated to incite hatred against American Jews.  It results from the kind of misconceptions that the Holocaust Museums propagate: if only we had jailed and executed more Nazis.

A hundred years ago, the prosperous, liberal Jewish middle class was attacked by their brothers: the Bolsheviks from the left and the Zionists from the right.  This weakened civil society and led to our destruction.  We are doing the same thing today.  For example, the Zionists attack young, liberal American Jews as ‘self-hating’.  The Bolsheviks threaten state control of industry while hoping to attract Jews into their protective arms for when the Nazis come.

This behavior will guarantee another holocaust.

Learning from History

So if this how to start a holocaust, how do you prevent one?  Simple: enact full freedom of speech, religion, press and association.  This is why the American founders left Europe – because they wanted to escape the witch hunts and wars caused by government restrictions.  In the past century, over a hundred million people died from war in Europe.  The same number in the US is less than 1 million – despite the similar size population.  Strangely, few appreciate this staggering historical fact.

We need to be a lot more skeptical about the accusation of antisemitism because that is actually what creates it.  Primarily people resent having to prove that they are not afflicted with race mania and actually love the Jews: anything less vindicates the charge.  It is also too quickly wielded to deflect from bad behavior such as sexual abuse among the ultra-orthodox and bad guys like Roy Cohn and those on the president’s staff.  Jews in the US are no longer immune from criticism, and this is a very good thing because otherwise all Jews would be held responsible for their misdeeds.  The myth of antisemitism is being debunked.  The UK needs to follow our lead if they are to avert catastrophe.

Recently a couple Arab lawmakers were elected in the US: Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, who is Somalian, and Rashida Tlaib in Detroit, who is a Palestinian.  Even though they are socialist, this is a very good thing, because it shows that everyone in the US can live together in peace and prosperity, because we have freedom.  Then we will naturally demand the same of Israel.  We must reduce aid to both sides, Israel and Palestine, because it is really just effectively paying them to fight each other.

Far from destroying the Jews, the Muslims are ironically saving us from ourselves.

And now that we are safe in the US we must renounce the right of return since it only puts us at risk, and as an inspiration for European Jews to demand full freedom and do the same.

Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.  – Leviticus 25:10

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