Sick of Whiny Jewish Goblins

Just got suspended again on Facebook.  This might be a permanent suspension.

White goblins harass a little Asian girl, and then cry when she calls them white goblins? Sorry I have no sympathy. This happened years ago and if you didn’t speak out at the time then you need to just stfu. #sickofwhinywhitegoblins #sickofwhinyjewishgoblins

So many things wrong here.  I am being targeted by Zionists as proven by the fact that they are gloating on my timeline, and I can’t even respond.  They use fake ‘burner’ accounts to bully and harass people and when you respond they get you banned.
Why do I say ‘Jewish’?  Because this comment was on an article by a Jew complaining that it’s OK to fire Sarah Jeong because Jews evidently are the experts on ‘hate speech’.  (Even though they have a long history of getting massacred.)
I will update this post.

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