Lie Like the Wind

So you want to attend AA but not sure if you’re really an alcoholic? That’s ok.  You don’t have to know for sure.  All you have to do is lie. That’s what everyone else does.  Confess your powerlessness. Say that you want to stop drinking but can’t.  No matter how hard you tried. Who knows what that even means?  Maybe it’s really true.  Embrace your alcoholism.  Wear it like a badge.  Re-evaluate your entire life in this new context.

And if you’re still not sure, just lie.  Lie like a rug.  Lie like a Louisiana hooker.  Think of a stupid thing you did and then blame it on alcohol.  It’s easy:  I <insert sin here> because I drank <insert alcoholic beverage here>.  For example, “I lost my job because of rum.”  “I yelled at my wife because of fuzzy navel.”  Don’t worry the stupider it sounds the more everyone will believe it.  And the best part is, you can always resume ‘denial’ as soon as you step out the door.  Remember, AA is a drinking club.  Go to the bar and have a drink.  In a weird way, it actually proves your lie — just be sure to call it a ‘relapse’ and remember it’s a normal part of ‘recovery’.  Congratulations on your shiny new disease!

If you do this, if you perpetrate this simple lie, I promise you, the scales will fall from your eyes.  A new world will open up in front of you.  You will witness and discover amazing things.

So go ahead, lie like the wind!  And have fun!  Just remember, don’t mix alcohol and drugs!

Then come back and report your findings in the comments below.

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237 thoughts on “Lie Like the Wind”

  1. The 12 Steps of AA are suggestions. We don’t brainwash anyone. Many people in AA have worked the steps and have managed to stay clean and sober for many years. However right in the big book it’s states if you have another way that works we are fine with it. I never go to an AA meeting where there isn’t at least 1 person with over 30 years of sobriety. Most of the meeting I go to have at least 3 or 4 thirty plus year members.

  2. I think the general consensus is that this guy is just some butt hurt troll. Maybe his dad was an alcoholic and he couldn’t be thorough and honest enough to make AA work for himself? The comments speak for themselves obviously it makes sense that the American medical foundation knows nothing about whether or not it’s a disease….. I spent many successful years sober in AA, also as an atheist, do no, you don’t need a Jesus of any kind for AA I also am not an active member anymore, and I’m still sober. That’s just my own personal experience. They’re will always be people that just want to hate on something because it contradicts their core beliefs. The kind of person with no inner peace, that has to fight everything to justify their own existence. If you intended to piss off a bunch off anonymous members, you most likely failed. They are some of the most accepting and understanding people around, and they understand your ignorance, and most likely won’t judge you for it. Who knows. Maybe your child will suffer countless years of alcoholic misery only to one day find relief in this “cult.” We hope that you respect and support their decision.

    1. “They are some of the most accepting and understanding people around.” Actually no. They are abusive, contemptuous, vile, cruel and hypocritical. If you dare challenge their doctrine they call you a ‘troll’ and put a pox on your children. Thanks for the demonstration. If you think you are turning people on to your cult, you most likely failed.

  3. Wow – such nasty comments from everyone – what if someone was looking to this site for help and all everyone does is bash each other in these posts with opinions of what they think is right or wrong – that’s really sad. Whether someone struggles with alcohol / drugs, whatever the case may be – they need to go somewhere else for advise – not here – this is no way to talk to one another whatever your case/ past / problem may be – pitiful that everyone has to attack each other whether you believe in AA or not- works for some – doesn’t work for others big deal

  4. Wow….. I’ve been sober in AA for 35 years
    Not many women hang on to the fellowship that long. I have had a lot of questions the past 5 years. I see that aa has changed a lot and my meetings consist of old men saying the same things over and over and sitting in the same chair day after day. I believe we use shame as a way to control people. I’m not well liked when I say that I believe the lid is going to fly off of oppressive organization. They say we must change in order to stay sober, but the Lita ture has pretty much stayed the same. I go not for me to stay sober but for the new people to know their worth and drinking might get in the way of the creative beauty. So shaming me NEVER work. I say what I like and the others in the meeting can go to the park in their minds if they don’t.

    1. Yeah. 20yrs here.
      I feel much the same way, but I don’t think it’s the whole story.
      This article is kinda crazy one-sided and while those things exist in people and their dogma – it’s definitely not the whole story.
      In any case, I’m a non-believer in shame and the “daddy knows best” finger wagging bull**** – and I make that known.
      I also tell people that are new to read and understand the actual steps and learn how to separate the actual program from AA culture or “dogma”. There’s helpful dogma and not so helpful dogma – but it’s important to recognize that it IS dogma. LOL 😉
      Oh and that park thing? Exactly.

  5. Hey website guy. Thanks for this. I appreciate your time and because of you, so many people have taken the time to pationately respond to your posts. It’s a great way to allow people to reaffirm their thoughts and beliefs through “sharing”. As for AA, it did save me. I was at Rock bottom and somehow, managed to pull myself up. AA got me to understand that alcohol was just a symptom of a me problem. Through the steps, I continuously get to the root of the “me”problem on a daily basis. I still generally suck at listening to my “Higher Power”, but progress is being made in that I am not drunk right now because I don’t want to be. AA, as a program, worked for me and I am grateful for it. It’s okay if you don’t like it and I actually enjoy your rants, shooting holes in every facet of the system. I like people like you, because you make me think. Is AA really the answer? Sure it has its flaws and that doesn’t matter to me. I choose to accept AA in my life and feel confident in that choice. I encourage everyone to try and shatter my belief system, because at the end of the day, it’s my system. Sure, my system got me drunk, but my system can also keep me sober. This with the help and knowledge AA provides.

    1. Your ‘Higher Power’ has a name. His name is Jesus. Please get to know Him as Your personal Savior. My biggest problem with AA was that they fail to give credit to the Savior. I was forced to attend meetings from the court after getting a DUI of barely being the legal limit. It was a good chance for me to bring up that Jesus was the true Savior. I know of people that were saved from alcoholism through AA but destined for eternal torment because they weren’t saved eternally. Hopefully I brought some of them to the truth by my attending and testimony.

      1. You’re the reason people say, “I tried AA but it was too Christian and moralistic. It reminded me of why I wanted to drink in the first place. So I went back out and kept drinking!”

        Gee, thanks!

      2. I’ve been sober more than 32 years and Jesus never once figured into my sobriety. Remember – the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.

  6. This is a very ignorant opinion of whom ever typed this embarrassing article/blog. Aa saved my life. I wouldn’t be alive if it wernt for this simple program. Its a guideline for a mis guided life. Its help for those who can’t function in day to day life without proper guidance and an amazing fellowship of people to go with it. It is support for those who can’t kick the craving of a drink and or drug alone. Aa and helped me find god while god helped me find Aa. I’m very sorry you feel this way so like the program has taught me I’ll pray for you and while I change me.
    God bless.

    1. OH MY!! YES AA has saved a lot of people I know from DEATH!!
      Know what you are talking about before you make you opinion!

      1. Yes, physical death for now, but what about spiritual death? Only Jesus conquered physical and spiritual death. We cannot do that without HIM. If we do not know Him and accept Him as our Savior which we all need, we will die spiritually. Physical death is inevitable. We cannot save ourselves. That is obvious, take a look at this world and we certainly cannot prevent death. So we do need a Savior which we were given freely. What a gift! He is a gift of life and life eternal. Doesn’t get better than that! The alternative, not so much. No choices after death, only lamenting and absence of God. That is why hell is so terrifying. There is no God there. It is a place for people who don’t want God. So therefore, there is no hope in hell, no light, no peace, no love, no God. Only darkness, sorrow, torment, hopelessness, despair, hatred and no escape. It’s forever. That is a sobering thought!

    1. It seems to me that those who indulge in a lot of alchohol tend to be negative about most things.I don’t believe in calling them names because they don’t agree that alcohol addiction is a disease or worse. Alcohol doesn’t affect everyone the same and I have known some who have died from it and I have a nephew who at this time doesn’t seem to want to get over it even though his life seems to be spiraling out of control.

      I was not an alcoholic when I went to meetings but I was ordered to go because I got a DUI. I didn’t say I was an alcoholic at the meetings either but I understood what the process was. It takes an open mind to see how AA works for those who want to quit being an alcoholic and improve their lives. A negative mind cannot deal with it in spite of the fact that AA has helped many overcome alcoholism.

    2. Well im a member of a brother group of AA. And that fellowship is N.A . Ill just say N.A has saved my ass and im seeing some of these comments about our fellowships being a cult ,well if they are then so be it i guess im in cult . Cause me being an addict i get shunned by by the normal people who don’t have any idea of what its like the to be a day in my head the obsession and compulsion to use is running rampid in my thoughts and choices on a daily basis. I give thanks to the A.A fellowship for if they had not been my fellowship would not be here and i would be all alone.

  7. From what you posted I can’t believe you have ever spent any time in the Big Book with anyone who has actually studied it using the Oxford dictionary. Here are some very important understandings that may help you to see AAs principles more clearly.
    “We realize we may know only a little, God will constantly disclose more to you and to us….”, “here are the steps we took which are SUGGESTED as a program recovery”, “Alcohol is but a symptom” “selfishness self-centeredness, that we think are the root of our problems”, “Love and tolerance”, “rarely have we seen a person fail who is thoroughly followed our path” (and my fav), “we are victims of the delusion that we can rest satisfaction and happiness out of this world if we only manage well” .
    I can tell you in the last 22 years that thoroughly have I seen a person fail who has rarely followed our path. I can think of approximately 10 close friends off the top of my head who have died from drug and alcohol related consequences. I don’t blame you for having hangups with AA. There are a lot of people in recovery who have not been helpfully educated with the Big Book. And it’s not their fault because many of them were shown the steps by people who were not properly educated either. It’s like a nasty game of telephone that’s been going on since 1935. Even though we have instructions, people can’t help but throw in their two cents. My first 4 1/2 years of recovery left me in a place of homicidal and suicidal disillusionment. I was never properly introduced to the Big Book so all I did was drink a lot of coffee, screw a lot of new comers and go to a lot of meetings. don’t get me wrong I had a blast! The only problem was that when the shit hit the fan, (my sponsor having “spiritual experience” with my fiancé) I had no tools for living without drugs and alcohol. I had two choices: 1) go on to the bitter-end, blotting out the existence of my intolerable situation or 2) except a few spiritual principles, and follow them up with a few actions.
    You mentioned something in your article about how we blame our behavior on our drinking, and therefore somehow excuse it? No one who has any experience with the steps would blame their behavior on drinking! In the fourth step we “took a search and fearless moral inventory of ourselves”. and in the ninth step we describe to those who we had harmed, where WE were “wrong”, “where were WE to blame”.
    Alcoholics Anonymous is not the meetings. I think that’s where you have been misled. Thank God for the concept of “principles before personalities”! The principles of AA can be practiced when one alcoholic is working with another alcoholic, sharing their experience strength and hope. But in the original six steps of the Oxford group these principles were designed for anyone who was seeking recovery from selfishness. It sounds to me like you could use some thorough breakdown and explanation of the spiritual nature in the principles of AA. I would be honored to walk you through some of the amazing epiphanies that I have been exposed to through the Big Book. No, I’m not suggesting I be your sponsor! In fact I can’t find the word “sponsor” in the big book:) I would, on the other hand be happy to assist you with some spiritual advising. I am not perfect, in fact I “strive towards spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection” but I continue to have shortcomings, (thank God for the 10th step) but my life now is better than I could’ve ever dreamed it would be. I live in a fairytale and I’m happy to be the toad:) I hope you, or anyone for that matter, reaches out to me for help. I can’t keep what I have unless I freely give it away.

  8. Me thinks AddictionMyth has not yet faced the fact that once a person is able to stop changing their brains chemistry by the intake of mind and body altering chemical stimuli ( or in this case depressants ). that they are then able to go on and perhaps become a new person.

    Maybe even change to one who is not quite as angry, and doesn’t resort to name calling when presented with a differing opinion.

    AddictionMyth you are welcome to believe whatever makes your life work well for you. Please don’t ask me to fall for the hate that you bring, I will not.

    I sincerely hope, and yes , even pray that you have reached bottom, and are once again trying to become a loving, active member of some society that does not need to insult others, just to fell better about being self.

    But as we all will, you will do what you think is right, and pay no nevermind to others opinions. Satan wants us Medicated and Separated. I can only assume you enjoy the solitude.

    As for me, I will continue to live this new life, in part thanks to A.A.

    tl:dr Haters Gonna Hate

  9. You’re the myth! What’s your payoff from this scam? How do you explain the millions who are successfully recovering in AA?
    You people sound like chronic relapsers who couldn’t be fearless, thorough, and honest. – Chuck M. (Sobriety date 10.15.76)

      1. This guy is a fucking idiot. Ya I say it like it is. Not hi g you have said or ever said for that matter is based on fact. Do a little research and you will eat your words. What happened to you? Couldn’t stay sober so now you have to blame aa for your failure?

    1. you’re right, you don’t have to.
      the choice is yours. life is about choices.

      handing over your personal power and agreeing
      to become forever dependent on something outside
      of yourself is necessary for that something to have
      full control over you. and it works.

      it has worked beautifully worldwide. it works through
      lies and fear. and addictions. it has changed our world.
      we have all seen it. and it is evil. and it is powerful – but
      only because so many good people have given up their
      power to it. that’s how it works.

      for convenience, i will call this something the united nations,
      as the worst psychopaths on the planet have gathered under
      its aegis, have founded and fund it, to trick people into giving
      up their power and submitting to, even welcoming, world
      government control.

      it might seem too great a leap from aa to world domination by
      psychopaths, but it is not at all. the usurpers have control over all institutions and basic life needs (check out un world water rights). there are UN NGOs – tens of thousands of them – for control of every aspect of life on this planet. including addiction. aa is a un ngo. there is no such thing as a good un ngo.

      remember this quote? – “just look at us. everything is backward,
      everything is upside down. doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, and religion destroys spirituality”. michael ellner
      this is so for the purpose of physical and psychological control and destruction. if you want to completely control six billion humans this is a good plan. if you’re a psychopath.

      drug/alcohol addicts are not special. no special interest groups here – that is divisive and dangerous; it appeals to nicely deflated egos. everyone is addicted to something.

      those perpetrating the crimes against life are addicted
      to control. among other things. they want us all to be addicted as well. they work very hard at that. keeps us occupied. they will make sure you are completely unable to ever recover from addiction. has that ever raised a red flag for you? they have
      convinced many people that, magically, the power of choice and
      change belongs to them and not to you. bummer. : – )

      i never minimize the struggles and suffering of those working to
      overcome obstacles in their lives and live consciously. i have had to overcome much in my life. we all have. we all have.

      that being said and understood, i respectfully and lovingly posit:
      aa has encouraged you to take on a much larger addiction that
      encompasses and holds in place other addictions.
      vis., an addiction to aa.

      i am happy to have come across your website. thank you.

      sovereignty, creativity and much love to us all –


      don’t believe everything you think ~ anonymous

    2. Sure Analoumost you just keep referring to what you despise the most In yourself that you see so clearly in others. You get your self some some AAA ok.

  10. The anger and self-righteousness blasting out of some comments prove an important point to me: if we need to attack another’s opinion in order to defend a belief system, how can that belief system ever lead us to freedom? I have been blasted at meetings for questioning some of AA’s cult/religion – like structure. Basically, one is either with them or against them. Coercion and intimidation? Yeah, old school behavioral science. It works, except for those of us who refuse to abdicate our thinking privileges.

  11. In your flyer (The Myth of Alcoholism) you state that drinking is a choice.
    Well, since neurologists have shown us we have no freewill and that we live in a godless, deterministic universe, I guess your whiny little argument just got its ass kicked by scientific method.
    Addiction and alcoholism are very real. Alcohol and drugs are readily available and because people can’t help but watch themselves do that shit, you see addiction is rampant.
    Your one stupid little spitfuck. Maybe you should quit drinking and popping pills long enough to read a credible book. You’re just a resentful piece of shit.
    AA may be ignorant by encouraging faith and conversion but you even more retarded for thinking drinking isnt a problem. LOL Fucking dumb.
    Its especially funny when dumb fuck kids who dont read think they have freewill.
    Like I said, educate yourself you little cunt.

    1. Neurologists have not shown we don’t have free will, or that we live in a deterministic universe, even if some guy who claimed to have a degree in science said so during a smoke break at a meeting. (That is irrelevant anyway.) As for the neurological basis of addiction, that is pure speculation and any scientist will admit to that. (And if you disagree please post a peer reviewed article to the contrary.)

      So if we live in a godless universe then how exactly does AA work by making you believe in god(s)? That is wishful thinking at best and a lie at worst. It is certainly not science. By your own logic. The claim that “I couldn’t stop drinking no matter how hard I tried” or “I couldn’t help but watch myself drink or drug” is exactly the lie that is taught in your drinking club that you now claim not to be a member of even as you insist it did wonders for your loved ones, who were cured by belief in a “lie” even as you insist their belief in their own addiction wasn’t a lie and you accuse me of lying. What hypocrisy.

      Addiction isn’t rampant. The craving lie is rampant. Nor does your stream of vulgar insults lend credibility to your scientific claims. You need to educate yourself.

  12. This web site is not based in fact; some anti AA, anti ” God as you understand him.
    That’s it, probably some militant atheist; some how they are so full of hate when others have peace, hope, love and faith in their lives.
    True AA doesn’t work for everyone and there are problems with AA ; but it has worked for millions; this is medical fact.

    1. Or this web site is funded by the Liquor industry.
      Nice try but it’s easy to see through the web page; pity the addicted fool who believes this web page.

      1. No funded by pro-legalization people; they live in a stoned out stupor and never experience live as it could or would be; but some how think they are the only ones really living life- a very sad lot these addicted folks.

      2. Atheist addict sad hateful troll funded by the liquor industry. OK you got me.

        And you’re funded by the fake disease model theory. Even worse, you convince innocent people that they have a disease (on top of their other problems) and exploit them for sex or money and sometimes get them to kill themselves.

        AA hasn’t saved anyone. But the addiction industry has killed millions.

        Your rebuttal, lol.

    2. but there is hope; my you fine him now.
      LOL again : )
      This web site would be so funny if it weren’t so sad;
      I have to go now, your making me laugh too hard : )

  13. 15 minutes I spent reading this web site ,…………….and the only thing I have to show for it is GUILT of wasting 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back. There is no valid information here, only the semi-articulate bashing of AA and addiction fellowships,…… with no empathy or true caring for other human beings, let alone a lucid solution to a great problem. This is a revenge project built by a desperate little soul. Addiction Myth, what makes your heart beat? I think you are a man who does not really like people ,..but craves their attention. So you went to a meeting and everybody did not recognize your genius and did not warm up to your narcissism,,……..and now you are a little asshole with sand in his vag and not one iota of genuine caring for you fellow man. Get the grit out of your vag, grow a spine, get a life,….and give up being an asshole.,……and I will try not to waste another 15 minutes of my life.

    1. Wow I think I just got schooled on ’empathy’ by a guy who calls himself ‘bush ranger’ and compares others to body parts. Please, tell me more about ‘true caring for other human beings’. You sound like a real expert.

      I don’t know what your ‘great problem’ is, but I suspect that ‘alcoholism’ is the least of it.

      1. Arent we all part of the same species? If so, seems like this debate is off point. We ALL have sinned. Ok, for those who dont like that word, I have no other way to say it. Even if I dont have a drinking/drug problem, that does not make me better than anyone else. I am still a sinner just indulge in different types of sin but it’s all the same! Sin destroys lives. Just don’t rest in AA/NA, seek God, Jesus and He will take you to heights no meeting could ever do. Trust Him, find a good church and He will do the rest.
        God bless all of you.

  14. AA/NA does save lives. Even tho I don’t currently attend, N I used to hate going to meetings, my life use to have meaning when I did, and it was SO much better, and I regret the day I caught a resentment and stopped attending over a year ago. I’m in active addiction and life sucks. Whoever the fuck this person is down talking fellowship is a total dickface n must have a miserable existence to just shit on other peoples miracles, n should really check there own backyard. Remember Misery loves company. It must of really struck a cord inside this bitch at whatever meeting they went to, n they just might be suffering from some type of addiction or sickness to feel the need to belittle anyone else’s way of life. It’s real easy to be a internet tough guy, especially to people of fellowship, who will do nothing but kill you will kindness, but I won’t. Notice the AA’s replies are full of compassion and understanding for your stupid ass, while the person badmouthing AA, is just a dick n “trying” hard as they can to punch holes in ppls. responses, and I haven’t seen a hole yet. I’d love to punch a hole right in your face. Only reason I even bothered to post a reply is because these people are just being WAY to nice about it. What truly pisses me off is that no matter how much you put down the fellowships, you’re still Always welcome to any meeting you attend, yet you obviously don’t welcome anyone’s real life responses on here, even tho you asked for ppls. drunkalogs. I assume it was just so you can get your rocks off by trying to make fun of their stories. Addiction/Alcoholism is a Disease. And if you don’t agree you might not be an addict, or maybe the drugs or alcohol has washed away any common sense you USED to have. You’re welcome AA/NA people.

    1. So you’re in “active addiction” because you “caught a resentment”. Exactly my point. Addiction is not a disease. It’s a drugging club for losers like you looking for any excuse to drug and stir up trouble. And then go back to AA when they start to get on your case and claim you couldn’t help it because you have a disease and you’re powerless to drugs. Even though you admit you are just feeling resentful! Wow you are an idiot.

    2. Hey Casper. U hit the nail on the head…that person who wrote the article is a huge DICKHEAD! Not to mention proving his lack of intelligence and his remedial ability to develop an educated original opinion. But this world is full of dickheads. We can’t kill them, so we just have to continue our own journey and give them the same freedom to continue down theirs. As we say in our fellowship (“cult” lol) live and let live. But any person calling AA a cult is proving that they r an idiot. A wise man once told me, “when u argue with an idiot, u can’t tell who the idiot is!!!”

      1. Yeah, that’s how researchers in the medical sciences demonstrate the merits of their data – by calling other people dickheads.

        Charming and oh so convincing.

    3. I really appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness in your posting. How are you doing?! I hope you read my posting and consider some of what I reflected. Your life is very precious and I hate to see such a soul suffer. I would be happy to walk you through the resentment that lead you away from recovery. I found peace insobriety after my sponsor fucked my fiancé and subsequently separated our young family with a six-month-old baby! I’m absolutely positive I can help you!

    4. This whole conversation is meaningless. Bottom line is A.A. has helped more people recover than any other program or treatment EVER. This is not opinion this is fact. Don’t talk about a program if you do not understand the program. A.A. does not tell you that alcohol is an excuse. It teaches you to take responsibility for your actions and gives you a program to recover from your disease. Science has proven that true alcoholics (not the people who use it as an excuse to keep drinking) process alcohol differently than “normal” people. There have been numerous scientific studies which support this fact. Look at the programs success record over the years and don’t discount it because of some people who are ignorant of the program as a whole. “All that is required for membership is a DESIRE TO STOP DRINKING:.

      1. I have observed that the program pushes people’s buttons until they kill themselves and then says they just couldn’t get it. “Constitutionally incapable of being honest” and meanwhile the biggest liars are running the meetings!

    1. I am at the end of two years sober in AA and was drunk for decades before. Never thought I had a drinking problem until my daughter asked me to stop drinking and join her in AA. I Didn’t understand why I couldn’t cope without drinking everyday. As I practice the program I am beginning to see how I can live a better life. Thanks AA

      1. That’s so weird – you yourself, in your own adult life, didn’t think you had a problem – but your daughter says you do and you go off to AA meetings and believe what they say about you is true?

  15. This site is ridiculous. It ranges from aggravating to asinine to useless. As a member and supporter of AA since 2008 (as well as someone who has “relapsed” but keeps coming back because I know there’s a solution to living life better around the tables), I will say I sort of get what the web site author’s trying to communicate…every crowd will always have its share of people who give a bad name…but, I really don’t understand the point. Why blast the program and a way of life that has LITERALLY improved and SAVED countless lives. If you have a problem with it, fine—then just don’t come to meetings and drink to your heart’s content. Nobody in AA will (or should) tell you that you shouldn’t drink if you’re an alcoholic…it’s actually the most natural thing for an alcoholic to do. But this crap about alcoholism not being a disease and the program being a cult is just ignorant and makes you sound stupid. I’m no doctor, but I believe the millions of doctors who agree with its diagnosis. Scientifically, while treatable, it is involuntary/genetic (in most cases, people don’t “ask” to be addicted to alcohol and its innate sufferings), progressive (it almost always just gets worse rather than better without some form of treatment), fatal (alcoholism WILL kill you if you don’t respect it), and it is not curable.

    I get that there’s controversy around this topic but try to be sensitive to the volume of people who have died or lost loved ones to this insidious, powerful, cunning, and patient “condition” (if disease is too strong a word for you). It doesn’t really matter…the cause and effect is what’s important. If you think you have a drinking problem then you likely do. I would suggest perhaps dropping the false bravado and at least having the courage to try out a meeting or two…you may find you like it. You may eventually find your life is improving, people actually genuinely want to be around you, and you might even notice you can be happy and content at things like concerts, ballgames, weddings, vacations, etc. without alcohol being a mandatory companion.

    I honestly would need a 400-pg book to fit my “drunkalog” but with maturity and common sense, most of you naysayers will find the real interest lies in the SOLUTION, not the problem.

    1. AA is not the solution to alcoholism. It is the CAUSE of alcoholism. As your drunkalog would amply demonstrate. Please post, you can have as much space as you like!

      Many people go through a heavy drinking phase and then they get over it. It’s called getting older. It’s not easy. I think that the fellowship at AA is great, but what’s not great is that you have to admit powerlessness. And that makes you drink, and allows some people to be exploited and killed. That’s my problem with AA. As the commend below says, ‘lying is the real cause of addiction’. Which is funny because that’s what you guys say at meetings but you don’t realize that it’s literally true.

      1. You just don’t have a clue. What scares you so much about AA you must have gone to a meeting? Or are you just mad at somebody with untreated alcoholism. AA saved my life I could not stop drinking, believe me I tried everything under the sun to stop the last thing I wanted to do is go hang out with a bunch of drunks. I didn’t have a choice but to go that or die. Sober since 1993. My life is a wonderful happy one.
        I’m sorry you have so much fear in yours.

    2. I applaud your positive and encouraging comment. Many alcoholics tend to be very negative without realizing it and it is usually reflected in what they say or write about anything. Part of improving their lives is to partake in some program that promote positive messages.

    3. Thank you. This article is nonsense. AA saved my life and I don’t believe in god. Alcoholism is a disease. That’s science, bitch. Any real doctor will tell you that. This person obviously didn’t do there research. They must just be sick in there own way.

  16. The lying may be the real cause of an addictive personality which in turn becomes a pathological excuse for being captured by it.

    1. “The lying may be the real cause of an addictive personality which in turn becomes a pathological excuse for being captured by it.”

      Spot on. You drunks get it?

      This site is not a waste of time and if you only spend 15 minutes reading the comments, then you did not read the articles. But if you belong to the cult, then the brainwashing has taken away your reason and sensibility to logically read what matters. My brothers are alcoholics and go to AA and drink. They will always have problems because they refuse to take responsibility for the problems they have and instead go to a place that tells them, “its not your fault, your powerless”

      YOU FREAKING DECIDED TO DRINK! NO ONE FORCED YOU. YOUR ACTIONS DESTROYED LIVES AND MADE OTHERS MISERABLE. QUIT BLAMING THE BOTTLE. YOU DID IT AND NO higher power is gonna forgive you for it. Call god HP, who the fuck cares, it is still not his name and neither is Jesus. The letter J did not exist in the Hebrew alphebet at that time but heck it sounds like Zeus.

      So believe all of their lies, all you do is waste time. Say the following ” I am a mean ass drunk because I cannot control my life because I refuse to accept responsibility for my poor choices and I blame no one but myself” Then stop drinking or what ever you do to hurt yourself or mind and take charge of your life because God will not just because you go to AA. Then you can take credit for all of the good you do after instead of giving the glory to the cult of AA.

      You want to help the world? Discover who wrote the cannon and condemn it. If it was assembled today, there is no way we would let one man (an Egyptian) who could not read Hebrew decide which books to include and let that one man order the burning of the books he did not like. But that is exactly how it was done almost 400 years after Jesus supposed died and came back to life. If your a drunk, it is because you come from a family who has perpetuated this grand old lie somewhere down the line. Millions are killed because of the lie you Jesus freaks! You think you have faith? All you have is Hope, the last evil in Pandora’s box. How is hope evil you say? Hope is evil when man places all of his faith in what others tell him to believe is the truth. Truth is coming and most of you will die of shock when it comes because it will show how much you wasted believing lies. Some will live, but you will sure feel like your on the TV show punked.

      Vanity of vanities, it is all chasing after wind and you will hate yourselves and GOD when you see what you have gone through believing a lie because in a way you made a lot of folks die for defending the cult.

  17. I found this because I have a slight tendency to get trashed every night. It’s not a disease though. Smallpox is a disease. This is just self-pity, weakness, boredom, addictive personality, anxiety, an easy way out from having to think anymore that day. stupid. you don’t have a disease, I don’t have a disease, we’re just a bunch of pussies.

    1. It is a disease and it is genetic. Science has proven this over countless studies with alcoholic and non-alcoholic people. Once again it has been scientifically proven that alcoholics process alcohol differently than “normal people”. Don’t ever hate something that has proven its worth by saving millions over the years. Please know the facts before posting hateful comments about something you do not understand. Remember that they used to use leeches to heal people. Be open minded to the things that are proven to help mankind.

  18. Whoever created this website really needs to get a life….and they sound like a dry drunk! Whew..blessed that I don’t have to live my life that way anyway.

    Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path!

      1. Hating others who find salvation through something they do not understand and cannot understand unless they are alcoholic themselves. That is not a life. A life is being happy that others have found a solution to their problem, whatever it is.

  19. Oh my gosh. I can only assume that whoever created this website is simply unable to get sober. I watched alcoholism kill both of my parents when I was a teenager, and the alcoholism went back generations for both. I am sober 11 years, and I assure you, the only reason is because of AA; I tried everything else. I am just a normal gal, with a genetic & fatal disease, which is now in remission. Good luck to you!

      1. Once again hateful comments from someone who knows nothing about the program. Why can’t you find pleasure over the fact that another human has found a solution to their problem?

  20. AddictionMyth, you keep telling people to post their drunkalogs to prove a point. Here is mine. I look forward to you ripping it apart. Should be fun. Hi my name is B and I’m an alcoholic, thanks to my higher power, a sponsor and AA rooms I have been sober since Oct 31 1994, I have not had a drink or used drugs recreationally since that date. I started drinking in middle school. My first drunk allowed me to get past my social anxiety and a very bad ear ache, and for the first time in my life I felt ok. My lack of feeling ok was largely caused by a messed up up bringing by two loving yet dysfunctional people who were raising 5 kids together. From almost that time on, when ever I drank I seemed to have no power over how much I drank. I had power over picking up that first drink.
    Though the power of will, the desire to please people, get good grades, not puke on people seemed to have less less and less weight against my desire for the relief that alcohol brought me. I was drunk when I lost my virginity, though I will admit it was something I wanted to do, just didn’t have the courage. Most of the bad, self destructive ideas were there before the drink, the drink just took away any sense I had to do the right thing. The more I did the wrong thing, the less I had the will to to do the right thing and blah blah.
    Eventually shortly after my 21 birthday I got an OWI (DUI for Iowans). I went to a counselor, told her about my childhood, she told me she would of drank too, and that I was probably not a alcoholic, but the court required me to take this test anyway. I answered the 40 question asked 40 ways with some honesty since she had told me I wasn’t an alcoholic. I went on to court got a deferred judgement and a probation officer. Here was my get out of jail free card, as long as I completed my year of probation with no issues, this thing was gone. My probation officer said “your of legal age you can drink, but if you get any arrests, drunk and disorderly etc this deferred judgement is gone. ” So I set out to control and enjoy my drinking. Here was the catch, I couldn’t control and enjoy my drinking. I could have a beer and then sit around irritable and white knuckling it – or I could get drunk and enjoy it.
    My honesty on that test got me treatment, outpatient due to lack of insurance, and up until the weekend before I started treatment I tried not to get drunk, and failed over and over and over again. By the time I showed up I was so disgusted with this I was willing to listen. In that treatment group there were a bunch of middle agers – about the age I am now. And most had been there before, and they didn’t make continuing to drink sound fun. Most had lost jobs, families, one guy his fingers. So I decided to give sobriety a chance. I was in a college town so when I finally started going to outside meetings I met ALOT of people my age and younger who were staying sober and enjoying their lives. Going to dances, actually dating (that didn’t involve sex the first night) camping, hiking, all kinds of stuff. They were graduating and getting jobs. Always in the room were the old timers that kept a close eye. The guys stuck with the guys and the girls stuck with girls. You hit on or dated a new comer and it didn’t go unaddressed. I can say almost 20 years later I can count about 20 or so of those young people who are still sober and active in AA WITHOUT RELAPSES. I graduated from college, followed my non AA boyfriend to a different town, and when he left me for a different drunk, all I had was the women of AA to help me. My next relationship could of gone the way alot of the stories I’ve heard here did, but the guy was really into AA and I followed him because that is what I did. At first because I wanted him to like me, then because I saw a change in me. Fired my sponsor because she said I shouldn’t date so quickly. Got a new one and worked the steps, so when that relationship finally died I was able to do this thing without following in his footsteps. Became a member of on my own. I have always been gainfully employed since coming to AA, successful enough to own a nice house in a good neighborhood, drive a newer car. Went to Jamaica to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary with my also AA member husband. I never got into pot but he had, and it was a little harder than he would of guessed, but he refused each and every joint offered. Am I happy all the time, no. Am I always the mother I want to be, no. Is that because I am an alcoholic, no That is because as Louie CK said I am sometimes a fucking asshole. What makes me an alcoholic, is that after all trouble I got into drinking, the years of listening to all the women who come into my home group who tell the stories about DHS in their lives because of their drinking, sometimes there is still a voice that says. A drink would make it better. And a drink never did anything but convince me to do the things my morals told me were a bad idea. I’m powerless over what alcohol does to my body and my inhibitions. I have proved that I am powerless over what happens when I take that drink. These years in AA has taught me that drunks make shitty mothers, bad employees, cheating wives. And I need all my faculties about me to not be those things.

    All AA has ever asked of me, is that I try to pay it forward. Try to share how I stayed sober through this situation or that. Have I had people try to use me for money or take advantage of my time. Hell yes. Are their annoying people who I would rather not associate with, hell yes That also happens at work and PTO too. Because I can’t kick them out, and I never know if there the last ones who can help me, I try to figure out how to have the best possible (not perfect) relationship with them but they aren’t all my besties.

    I sponsor 3 women who have over 10 years each, all are outstanding members of their communities. None were when they came in. I didn’t do that, they did the work, they found a strength, a power that was not of their own making, I just helped to guide them as best I could. There is power that exists in my life today, that if I tune into it, gives me strength to try and be the best person I can be.

    I fully accept that I may die, stand in judgement by some other religions God and be found wanting or that all of this that I do was BS, I accept that. But if I lived my life causing as little collateral damage. Oh well.

    My home group is a woman’s meeting, we exist because women will put on a show for men and yes 13 stepping happens. There is alot of love, laughter, bitching, whining, and sobriety. Women come to hear how other women stay sober through death, motherhood, divorce, and potty training. Do we all like each other all the time, no, do we love each other yes. I skipped many years, a ton of work, and some funny stories but you asked for my drunk a log, there it is. Shoot holes in it, I can take it. 🙂 PS Im not unique where I come from.

    1. Thank you for the drunkalog! What a rare surprise.

      “when ever I drank I seemed to have no power over how much I drank…. the drink just took away any sense I had to do the right thing…. And a drink never did anything but convince me to do the things my morals told me were a bad idea. I’m powerless over what alcohol does to my body and my inhibitions”

      Yes exactly my point. And if you actually list the exact things you did when you lost your ‘inhibitions’ you will discover the true reason for your drinking and the need to believe that you couldn’t control it. Please just don’t claim it’s a disease, and please stop telling newcomers that they are powerless to alcohol, because they just might believe it and kill themselves in a moment of weakness.

      1. Your ignorance is beyond belief! I’ve personnaly seen AA SAVE lives. Do some research regarding the disease of alcoholism so you can know you’re talking about.

      2. Hey asshole; whoever you are with such resentment that you have to trash other people who sincerely want a better life for themselves and their families; if you knew anything at all you would know Alcoholism was classified a MEDICAL DISEASE by the American Medical Association in 1954. You’re a top notch idiot who doesn’t know shit about alcoholism. If you don’t agree with AA, no one would want you there anyway. You’re a narrow minded, short sided, obviously uneducated bitch. Get a life, and leave others to have theirs. No one asked you for your fucking opinion anyway, jerk.

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