Stomp the Steppers

Are there steppers on your favorite message board?  Just post the link in a comment below and we’ll head over to stomp them out!

Some recent stepper stomps:

23 thoughts on “Stomp the Steppers”

    1. It infiltrated my dentist’s office. Before they would give me nitrous for a root canal – after trying to tell me that I could be brave & forego it (Why?), they made me sign a paper that said “I understand that nitrous oxide can trigger addiction.”

      There is no scientific evidence to support this claim – it’s just a claim that’s been repeated in AA meetings &/or social get-togethers of steppers, since the 1950s.

  1. Oh I see you don’t like competition. Gotcha. You are a very dangerous person. If there was a legal way to shut you down I would use it. Fortunately for you there is this little thing called the First Amendment that grants you the right to spew nonsense. Have a blessed Yule.

  2. “You and your followers are sorry mother fuckers. AA has saved millions. Your stupidity is unbelievable. I hope you and your children fucking die now. People like you and your followers are a horrible burden on society and should not exist. Talk about brainwashed. WOW”

    I don’t have “followers” but if I did I would request that they please not stomp so hard you’re making steppers cry.

  3. Actually treating addicts as criminals works great. Science and Reason prove that ‘swift and certain punishment’ for drug use reduces drug addiction:

    And that AA is no more effective than spontaneous remission:

    The claim that “Alcoholics Anonymous has been so successful” seems more like the ‘know-it-all confidence’ of the 12 Step fanatic who tries to impose that belief on everyone.

    Perhaps we just need a 12 Step program for 12 Step fanatics.

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