The Atheist Delusion

And thou say in thine heart, “My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.” But thou shalt remember the Lord thy G_d: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. – Deut 8:17

We have been restored to the Garden of Eden, but this is not enough for the socialist.  He is resentful and bitter for his lot, and looks around and sees the wealth of others and feels entitled to it.  He is certain this is due to unfairness within the capitalist system that was in fact responsible for all the prosperity and abundance of which he is free to partake.  He imagines himself as G_d with all the trappings of wealth and ease.  Yet he denies any such ambition even to himself – this is the delusion of the atheist.  He is genuinely unaware, and only his actions betray his true intention.

Anthony Bourdain traipsed through all corners of the world savoring its plethora of earthly delights.  Outrunning seemingly unforgivable sin early in life, he embarked on a desperate quest to prove his divinity with displays of compassion and understanding for the masses.  He dabbled in occult doctrines such as the 12 Steps, and frolicked with witches like Argento and Aronofsky.  They promised to wash punishment from sin, but in the end offered no expiation.  Ultimately the self-deception became too great to bear.  His gruesome suicide sent back a clear warning from the grave: “Do not follow me.”

Socialists scheme to harness the power of government to become supreme ruler.  They support policies like free healthcare, housing, minimum wage and gun control to give the state more authority over all aspects of life.  At the same time they profess great compassion for the masses and outrage over perceived unfairness in allocation of resources.  They believe their largess will be rewarded with the votes of a grateful populace to propel them into the celestial throne.  However these policies will result only in another bullyocracy like Venezuela or Cuba.  Half the population will be diagnosed with ‘depression’ and/or ‘autism’ and declared disabled, and the rest will be rewarded with the honor of paying for their housing, suicide watch, weapons checks, and round-the-clock care.  If any dare to resist, all will cry in unison: ‘Murderer!’

Harrowing of Hell

A man is judged by G_d’s law to determine whether he is saint or sinner.  The socialist (and fascists and other flavors of atheism) vainly believes he can fiddle with the rules to assuage the judgment.  Elon Musk recently threatened to create a new Pravda to discredit critical news reports.  Ben Shapiro brays about ‘civility’ to shield his fragile ego from open disdain, and Richard Branson stumps for ‘guaranteed income’ to placate the masses.

The delusion of the atheist is compounded by the belief that no other atheist could possibly be so grandiose.  The result is an endless cycle of ascent and purges of vying factions.  Stalin’s reign was infamous for bloody coups, though these days they occur pre-emptively, before the group rises to power.  For example everyone is now bashing Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi in equal measure.  Both seem doomed to irrelevance.

Harvey Weinstein may have fancied himself a creator of worlds.  However he too was taken down, along with other serial abusers who once had the world at their feet.  This trend will only hasten in time.  No group or person is safe.  The socialists are ecstatic after the election of Ocasio, but they too will soon discover that their party’s loyal donkey won’t ride.  Traditional bullying and Frankfurt School techniques seem ineffective.  Also, no man is G_d after all we’ve been through.  The people won’t abide it.

The hand of G_d has delivered us back to the Garden of Eden.  However He has not seen fit to lift from us the curse of humanity – the burden of work.  Not surprisingly, the atheist believes that he alone deserves to bask in comfort as the workers toil and massacre beneath him.  Americans instigate a war on drugs in Central America to ensure a steady flow of cheap labor to demonize, and Zionists inflame antisemitism in Europe and the US so that the Jews will be returned to them as galley slaves.  The result will be the same as it always has been – violence, bloodshed and endless suffering.  If we are ever to be free of the unholy curse, the atheist must be disabused of his conceit and embrace the word of G_d and the possibility of forgiveness.

And the Lord will bring you back in ships to Egypt, a journey I said you should never make again; and there you shall offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as slaves and prostitutes, but there will be no buyer. – Deut 28:68

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