You Got This

Obviously autism is completely fake.  Why am I again the only one to point this out?  Seriously, you can do it.  It’s not that hard.  Just google things like “autism nazi” and “autism causes terrorism” and “autism cuddles guns” and post the links with a little commentary on your blog or facebook page.  Then you can show your grandkids that you were the first one to stand up to the witch hunt.  Here let me get you started:

The Emperor is ‘Quirky’

Also do it now.  Twitter recently started banning accounts for promoting ‘hate speech’ based on ‘serious disease’.

2 thoughts on “You Got This”

  1. “You have a disease of the brain that will prevent you from ever having normal peer interactions but here are some ‘tricks’ you can use to appear less weird.”

    We need to end ‘treatment’ and these witch hunts against autistic kids (aka ‘gun control rallies’).

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