We’re Safe Now

American Jews renounce birthright citizenship in Israel

Birthright citizenship in Israel – the Law of Return – is used as an excuse by both neo-Nazis and Zionists to expel us and worse.  However we have freedom of speech and religion and can therefore protect ourselves here.  We’re safe now and must renounce birthright citizenship – for the sake of Jews around the world who don’t share our freedoms or safety.


The reason we’re safe now is that we have freedom of speech, religion, press and association, along with gun rights.  European Jews have none of these things and stupidly expect their government to protect them.  Of course, that will lead to disaster as it always does.  Thus we must do a better job of exporting our values to Europe (and Canada and Australia), and we must fiercely defend these rights, especially gun rights which are under serious attack from many quarters.  It’s particularly baffling to me why American Jews would abdicate gun rights to an administration that would gladly massacre them.  But fortunately the ‘gun nuts’ in America will protect us.  And ironically will also be sent over to Europe to liberate them.  (Again.)

Two simple rules to avoid chaos. Are you listening?

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